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6 How to Dress Up Your Front Door Into More Dazzling

Your front entrance should make a statement because that is the very first place you welcome your guests. To make your front door more inviting and appealing, you can try to add some style or colors to it.

If you are looking for some easy yet drastic update for your entry, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these six awesome ideas you can steal.

  1. Repaint Your Existing Door

One way to get a new look for your door without having to buy a new one is by giving a fresh new coat to it. If black or red are common schemes people mostly pick, you are welcomed to strive something different, like purple, yellow, or green.

In many cultures, red doors are a way of letting visitors know they are entering a reception room. From a design standpoint, it’s bold and a little bold, and looks great alongside other colors.
This bright yellow is perfect in summer, as it helps bring out the pretty hues of your garden flowers.
If you’re choosing a lighter neutral color for your exterior paint color, navy doors are a great choice.
If most of the bright colors are too intense for you, try green. This cool, soothing shade works well with lighter colors.
If you like the brightness of reds, but want something a little different, orange is a great choice.
If you like the feeling of summer all year round, this bright blue is the color for your front door.

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  • Lighting Fixtures

Do you heart your existing door’s color? That’s fine. Here’s the second option you can try. Front door lightings can make your entryway become more stunning and attractive. You can place outdoor wall lanterns, modern aluminum wall scones, or Victorian clear glass wall fixtures.

Hang elegant glass pendants with metallic trim from your patio or porch ceiling, and enhance the ambient light with a coordinated wall lantern beside the door.
Make sure your entrance lighting provides adequate ambient light around your door. You can achieve this with flush or semi-flush outdoor fixtures, pendants, chandeliers, or wall lamps.
Choose elegant Craftsman-style fixtures for a Craftsman-style home. Alternatively, you can use entrance lighting to showcase your unique design style.

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  • Flower Pots

Flowers will add some colors and beauty that everyone will fall for. Place different florets in several colors. Simply put them in wooden crates, large watering can, or galvanized metal bucket. You can also display artificial flowers which, of course, last longer.

Play with shapes and sizes but use color as a link.
Fresh greens and pastel blues and grays are a nice, modern combination.
A beautiful and chic contemporary entry with an elegant color combination.
Traditional entrance with tree carvings on both sides of the door.

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  • Cute Front Door Signs

One of the easiest and unique ways to dress up your house’s first impression is by hanging pretty wall signs. You will find lots of designs for welcome-to-our-home signs. Combining them with statement-making house numbers is also worth to try.

This house sign with greenery is just one of many options floating around the Internet to provide you with just the right inspiration.
Sometimes you need height and not width and that’s where this tall, slender welcome sign comes in.
It’s a more traditional welcome wooden sign because it is displayed horizontally, can be propped against the wall while sitting at a console table or threaded and hung on the wall or front porch door.
This is just another way to style your sign, with your name and with a lighter stencil depending on your preference.

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  • New Hardware

Does the accessorizing doesn’t meet your style? Well, you can give your door a fresh look by upgrading its hardware. Change your knobs, handles, knockers, and mail slots with something more trendy and chic. This won’t cost you a lot, too.

This modern home features a modern granite gray front door with silver hardware, a letter slot, transom glass, and sturdy side panels.
This gorgeous modern front door is made of stained hardwood with side panels, frames, and trim to match. Stacked horizontal panels form a door construction closed in dark bronze hardware.
The super long post style door handle features a stainless steel finish with a square die bolt to match.
This is a custom-made modern front door with wide side glass panels, a long stainless steel post handle and a square to match latch.

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  • Replace Your Old Door

If you give up dressing your existing door because it is just too outdated and unpleasant, simply buy a new one. When purchasing a new one, make sure that it features safety such as special locks or undetected hinges. It should also be durable and attractive at the same time.

Glass-framed windows and doors are set in beige stucco with Ipe wooden walkways. Add lots of greenery for added warmth and color.
This door has a center post handle that you can’t do with a traditional hinged door.
Modern hardwood front door with horizontal panels and glass side lamps.
Dark gray modern flat panel front door with horizontal metallic strips.

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Give a warm and friendly welcome to your guests by beautifying your front door. A beautiful entryway can also lift a happy mood for the people who want to come in. So make sure that your welcoming door is as virtue as you are.