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A Checklist for Your Annual Home Maintenance

Owning and taking care of a home is a big responsibility. However, for some owners, home maintenance only happens when something goes wrong, which results in having severe damages and expensive services. All of that can be avoided by doing scheduled maintenance. It might sound troublesome to think, but it is worth the time and effort to do it. Here are a few main checklists of what you should do annually (seasonal):


Spring is the season where big maintenance happens, apart from your regular “spring cleaning”.

  • Clean the gutters from leaves, ice buildup, and sediments using a water hose, making sure they are not clogged up. Also, check your home exteriors for any damages.
  • Prepare for summer. Make sure that your air conditioner is ready. Replace the air filter, or have them serviced.

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Summer is the time where the sun is out, creating warm weather which makes it a good working condition to do some home maintenance.  

  • Clean the garage. It is a must-do activity in this season. Doing it once a year is enough, but make sure to clean it thoroughly and don’t forget to oil all door hinges.
  • Clean and repair your deck as needed. A good washing is enough, but you may have to re-stain it for a clean finish.

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During autumn, examine both the interior and the exterior of your home. You need to prepare your home for winter.

  • Clean the chimney. Make sure to do this at least once a year to check that it is working perfectly and repair as needed. You can call a cleaning service for this task if you are unsure about how to do it.
  • Make repairs. You need to seal cracks and gaps on your windows and doors. Test your water heater. Inspect your plumbing and test out your sump pump.

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Winter maintenance mainly focuses on the interior of your home.

  • Check for icicles and ice dams regularly on your home’s gutter and clean as necessary.
  • Deep clean and inspect your basement. Be aware of any leaks to prevent cold air from going inside and potential flooding.

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Those are a few main checklists for your annual home maintenance. Doing them will make your house safe and have a long lifespan. Love your house as you love yourself.