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6 Pergola Design Inspirations You’d Wish to Have in Your Garden

Let’s face it, what makes you want to spend time in your garden is mainly the decoration. While comfy chair and some plush pillows are cozy enough, pergola takes it to the next level. It doesn’t only provide shade—it provides style as well. Guests will come and see how you take your garden seriously! These 7 pergolas design below can even make your guests stay for quite too long.

Pergola with Lanterns

Pergola decorated with lights are quite common, so be different and hang some paper lanterns instead! White paper lanterns work wonder for not-so-festive feel.

The backyard garden with a pergola lit by white paper lanterns mixed with string lights will make your garden look pretty at night. Paper lantern lamp from onekindesign.
If you’re on a budget but want a big-impact garden lighting scheme, go for paper lanterns. Cheap and cheerful, they look great when clustered together, both during the day and at night. Paper lanterns from realhomes.
White paper lanterns are perfect for really lighting up your garden on dark days. It looks amazing under a pergola or for lighting up your patio right in your backyard. White paper lanterns from melaniejadedesign.
To enhance the look of your backyard, you can add a pergola in your backyard garden. Besides that, you can also use white paper lantern lighting like this one. White paper lantern lighting from diynetwork.

Pergola with Fireplace

Pergola isn’t just about the sophisticated style, but also about its functionality. Imagine getting warmed up while chilling in your backyard!

To get comfort while relaxing in the garden, you can build a pergola that has a fireplace like this one. Pergola with a fireplace also makes your garden look more perfect. Pergola with a fireplace from reshpatio.
Adding a fireplace in your garden pergola is a great idea. Besides being able to provide warmth, this expansion can also provide elegant lighting. Garden pergola from freshpatio.
If you want comfort outside the room, you can add a fireplace to your pergola. With this fireplace you can relax with your family in a warm atmosphere. Add a fireplace to your pergola from freshpatio.
Besides providing a warm atmosphere in your garden, a pergola with a fireplace can also beautify your garden. Pergola with a fireplace from freshpatio.

Pergola with Curtains

Who says that you can’t get more privacy in your own backyard? Installing curtains give you the option to have more private time inside.

Pergola curtains not only add an element of romantic style to your outdoor space but are also practical. The drapes can block harsh sunlight or chilly breezes, hide unpleasant views, create a flexible ‘room,’ protect outdoor furniture from rain, and add privacy. Pergola curtains from shadefxcanopies.
The curtains on this pergola help you enjoy the outdoors in various weather conditions. Even when the curtains are not drawn and simply put together, they add drama and sophistication to a space and make the outdoor feel more inviting. Curtains on this pergola from shadefxcanopies.
Billowing curtains hung from tension rods mounted to the beams of this pergola make for a come-hither bohemian aura. Curtains can be tied back to let in air or sunshine or let down for romance in privacy. Billowing curtains hung from bobvila.
Apart from adding privacy, giving curtains to your garden pergola, curtains can also make your pergola look attractive. Garden pergola from architectureartdesigns.

Pergola on Gazebo

Make your backyard look even more unique by combining gazebo and pergola. It’s not standard, and everyone will gasp at how beautiful it looks!

Pergola on gazebo is a combined building between a pergola and a gazebo as shown above. Pergola on gazebo is perfect for you to use in your garden because it is very comfortable to use for relaxing. Pergola on gazebo from westerntimberframe.
One of the most comfortable places to relax is a garden. You can make a pergola on gazebo as shown in the picture above. A pergola on gazebo from westerntimberframe.
Making a large gazebo and having a pergola in it is a brilliant idea to make the gazebo look perfect. This combination also creates a unique look. Combination also creates a unique from hgtv.
This small backyard offers two outdoor structures on one deck. Having both a covered gazebo and an open-air pergola provides the homeowners with more options for outdoor living. Two outdoor structures on one deck from hgtv.

Pergola with Hanging Garden

Looking at your garden under a pergola can be so calming, so why not hang more plants on it? Small pots of flowers and herbs can totally go up there.

The best idea to enhance the appearance of your garden pergola is to install hanging plants. Choose plants that have bright colors for a fresh look. Garden pergola from homebnc.
Choosing yellow flowers to hang on a garden pergola is a great option. With this flower you will have a more beautiful garden pergola appearance. Beautiful garden pergola from homebnc.
Choosing lush greenery to hang on a garden pergola is a great idea. With this hanging plant you will have a garden pergola that looks cool. Garden pergola from
If you want to use hanging plant decorations in your garden pergola, you must choose a planter that matches your pergola theme as shown above. Garden pergola from countryliving.
A pergola with hanging plant decorations is the best idea to get an attractive pergola look. Besides being comfortable, the pergola also has a beautiful view between the garden garden and hanging plants. Pergola with hanging plant from countryliving.

Pergola with Mini Playground

At last, a pergola that kids are going to love! You don’t actually have to purchase a lot of kids’ toys. Simply dedicate the exposed areas for kids as their play space!

To make your children enjoy playing in the park, you can make a pergola with a mini playground like this one. With a playground like this your child will be very safe playing in the park. Pergola with a mini playground from queuingup.
Making a pergola that has a mini play area on the side is a brilliant idea. You can make a small house next to the pergola for your child’s play area. Pergola with mini playground from diyarchitecture.
Pergola with this swing is perfect for you to make in your garden. Because with a pergola like this your children will be very happy. Pergola with swing from hometalk.
I suggest making a playground area for children in the park next to the pergola, because if you are relaxing on the pergola you can watch your child playing. Playground area from jardineriaplantasyflores.

Blowing off some steam doesn’t mean you have to travel far, far away into nature. Make your backyard cozier with pergola so that every time you need to relax, simply head outside!