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23 Most Creative Bed Linen Ideas for Every Style

Even sometimes overwhelming and can seem intimidating, styling and designing your bedroom is a pleasant experience, especially the bedding. Follow these bed linen ideas to add interest to your space and cozy up your bedroom.

One Color Scheme

Matching a similar shade for bedding and the wall color is the easiest idea to create a cozy yet eye-catching design. Besides using neutral colors for bed sheets such as ivory, white, and beige, you can play with any color for the blanket—including pillows, even the bed skirt, just make sure they all are in a similar shade.

A fireplace-inspired headboard style to add architectural interest to a plain white wall. The thick cord knit layer over the top layer of the finely striped bed provides softness.
The simplicity of an all-white bed scheme that includes a high iron headboard and white bed linen allows the little decor throw to shine through.
The flea market oil portrait overlooks an antique metal bed covered with bed sheet, blanket and pillowcase that are all white.
Orange in itself is an energetic and enthusiastic color. It’s no surprise, then, that his passion and courage fostered an inherent sense of self-confidence and joy.
Monochromatic red bed linen will be energetic, stimulate, and strengthen the bedroom decor in your home.

Unique Comforters

Add shape to bedding in a unique way; you can look for extraordinary sheets and comforters design with unique edging. Another option is to set a colorful bedspread and comforters with artistic patterns.

Adding a quirky bedspread can not only inject a strong element of color into the focal point of the bed, it’s also a great instant update for a bedroom.
Remember to shake the pillows and blankets well before dressing the bed to even out the contents and add the unique bed linen.
From natural colors and whites, to bright purples and pinks, learning how to incorporate bed linen colors and textures in your bedroom decor can actually bring unexpected results.
Natural and earthy colors in a variety of textures are great for creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere in a bedroom.
Use a pastel color palette for a calm and serene atmosphere. Dusty pink is a warm color that looks great when compared to cool neutrals.

Play with Big Patterns

Big patterns and bright colors are a great pair to create a contemporary look. You can layer the bed linen with a patterned comforter, pillows, and several accent pillows.

The small block print patterns and neutral colors blend in effortlessly, while still bringing lots of personality to the crisp white bedroom.
Almost all prints fit into a linear stripe design. The black ticking stripe in gray tones together and forms the basis of both prints.
Crumpled quilts give off an informal feel when topped with a luxurious percale duvet and soft velvet pillows. The pom pom trim gives a playful, lacy touch to crisp, clean lines.
The current trend in bedding is reversible duvet covers and blending prints. It not only provides two options for the main design on display, you can change the look every day.
The floral print on the soft pink bed sheet makes the whole room feel fresh. Add a blanket in earth tones for an added touch of warmth.

Creative DIY Duvet

Looking for the least expensive option for a comforter? Instead of investing in an expensive duvet cover, make yourself a custom one. All you need is a couple of sheets in the color you like, adjust the size to the bed size, then sew them.

Turn a simple white bedding set into a fresh and modern masterpiece with dyes in your favorite color in just a few hours.
Give your room a boho vibe with this DIY Tassel Duvet Cover. Besides adding interest, this DIY project is also very easy to make.

Flannel Sheets

This material is ideal for the winter season to warm you; it’s affordable, comfortable, and soft. If you decide to buy flannel sheets, pay attention to the label and make sure it says “preshrunk” to avoid the shrinking possibility.

This is a versatile pattern that can be dressed up or down. Keep the more monochromatic accents for subtle imaginations or add some pop for a sense of mission fun.
The great thing about this print is that it is fun and whimsical but only has a touch of color. Imprinted on our soft cotton flannel, the black and white animal in Fair Isle sweaters gives a modern look to a traditional folk tale theme.
If you’d rather give your room an elegant winter look, we recommend this stylish flower in cool blues and silvery gray. The flowers in this exclusive print resemble origami snowflakes scattered over white ground.
Offering all-season comfort, Garnet Hill’s signature flannel bedding boasts a dense, durable fabric.
Riley’s reversible flannel sheet set can be inverted to change color to suit your mood or interior aesthetic.
For optimal comfort, this flannel set is brushed on both sides for extra soft hands.

Besides the style and material, you also have to think about other factors when choosing the bed linen. If the flannel sheets are great for winter, when months of summer are coming, you can opt for the cotton or thermal blankets as they are lighter and allow more air to flow.