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5 Easy Creative DIY Projects for Your Home

It’s time to spend more quality time with your family at home by doing some DIY projects. Many easy projects can make a huge update into your living space. Read more to find one or two to put in your home projects plan.

Fun Update to Boring Backsplash

You don’t need always to invest a lot of money to upgrade your kitchen look. Instead of changing the tiles to give a new look to your boring backsplash, consider using removable tiles. Available in many patterns and colors, you can remove it when you want to do another remodel.

The teal backsplash adds a bright shot of personality to this classic black and white kitchen.
This kitchen is given a vintage makeover with Jadeite-inspired cabinets and stoves. A glass tile backsplash topped it with mosaics like floating bubbles.
This small kitchen uses a variety of textures to make a big impact. The table top is an old chalkboard, a stark contrast to the modern white tile backsplash and stainless steel sink.
A soft blue arabesque backsplash makes an exquisite contrast with accents of rugged wood and stainless steel fittings in this Tudor-style cottage.
Two very different tiles are used to give this small kitchen a lot of style. The tight basket weave pattern accents the hob, while subway tiles in aquamarine glass cover the rest of the wall.
Modern kitchen design with high gloss gray cabinets and sharp backsplash made of black-and-white photo. Orange accents brighten up a monochromatic palette.

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Delicate Yogurt Cheese

Nothing is more satisfying and delicious than homemade creamy cheese. All you need is plain yogurt—that you can make a homemade one as well. Then, prepare a colander, add a few layers of cheesecloth, pour in the yogurt, and drain it overnight. The next day you wake up, you’ll have a yummy creamy cheese.

The consistency of this milk-free yogurt cheese is like whipped cream cheese. It is thicker than Greek yogurt, but not as thick as traditional cream cheese.
This vegan yogurt cheese has a very light taste with a soft and pleasant taste. These should all work well to create a different flavor of spread like this whipped cream cheese.
Yogurt cheese is easy to make at home from plain or flavored yogurt and comes out with a spreadable consistency of cream cheese or thick, tough cottage cheese.

DIY Shoe Holder Planter

This unique planter is one of the easiest DIY projects that work very well in a small space like a balcony. Grow your favorite plants—even the herbs using an old over-the-door shoe holder—and hang it as a unique vertical garden on your balcony or the outside kitchen’s wall.

Hang the shoe mounts over the door on the fence, tucking herbs into compartments for a fun touch on a vertical planter.

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You can grow herbs and greens in the hanging shoe organizer. Now you have your own vegetable shop.

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Place the hook on the post and hang your shoe adjusters from the hook. They carry pretty much all the weight of the plant, compost and water so make sure the hook is very strong.
You don’t have to spend energy on every planter on your balcony because of watering, weeding, and other care. In addition, daily maintenance is as easy as a vertical ladder planter.
If you have a small balcony for wall planting, you should consider making something creative like a shoe organizer planter like this one.

A Healthy DIY Lip Balm

Make the most of natural ingredients at your home to make a healthy lip balm. Add together in a vessel: carrier oil like almond or olive oil, bee’s wax or carnauba, and your favorite flavor or scent. You can replace bee’s wax with honey, too.

You can buy both natural and organic lip balms for cheap, but you can make them cheaper with your own DIY projects.
Measuring cocoa butter is a great example of why measuring weight is more accurate. You can see there is plenty of room for variation when sizing your recipe by volume.
There are so many great options for essential oils in lip balms. There are a few rules to follow when deciding which essential oil for your lip balm.
The skin on your lips is sensitive, and oils like cinnamon, eucalyptus, or cloves can cause a burning sensation. So avoid hot oil.
Homemade lip balms can be customized however you like, so you can create the perfect tube or container of extraordinary lip balm for you.

Paint and Stencil Your Nightstand

Willing to give an upgrade to the nightstand beside your bed? You’ll need an hour or so to create a custom piece using stencils and chalk paint. Choose your favorite patterns and make a stunning update to that boring nightstand.

No tools are required for this rustic looking wooden staircase, which can double as a night stand. It will really beautify your bedroom.
You can repaint your old nightstands that are worn or faded. The playful color of this elegant latticed nightstand is proof that repainting the nighstand a bright color will instantly add interest.
This Craftsman Chest offers great storage, a tinge of red, and a fun accessory to bring room décor to life.
This accordion box on a bench as a nice looking bedside table makes a brilliant DIY nightstand. But it can be easily disassembled when an accordion is needed.
In this lovely bedroom, reclaimed wood is used as a nightstand, which is a great way to save money, increase style, and bring nature out.

These are just some of the easiest over a lot of DIY projects that can be great activities to do with all the family members. So, which one is already on your list?