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5 Easy Kids’ Crafts That Can Be Done In 10 Minutes

Are your kids the impatient type? Introducing them to DIY projects like kids’ crafts might be a challenge. Since some children have such short attention span, you need something quick and fun. How about a creative activity that can be done in ten minutes?

Is it possible? Why not? Here are five easy kids’ crafts that can be done in ten minutes.

  1. Paper Pinwheel

With scissors, pencil, craft or recycle papers in squares, a straw, and a pushpin, you are set. You can use a ruler as an additional tool. Drawing and cutting down lines to make the pinwheels come first. Folding, pinning, and attaching them together, come next. The straw can be used as the pinwheel pole.

Cut your paper into 6 x 6 ″ squares. Use a pencil to lightly “X” from corner to corner on the paper.
You can estimate the distance you cut towards the center as you go. You really don’t need to be exactly as long as each piece is nearly the same length as the other.
Use needle nose pliers to bend the sewing pins. Poke the pin through the hole in one corner. Then stir through the second, third and fourth corners.
Poke a pin through the hole in the center of the paper. Maneuver the paper around the bend in the pin so that the entire pin sticks out from the back.
Use a trowel to punch a hole through the skewer about 1/4 from the end. You will most likely be chopping the wood on the skewer, but that’s okay, as long as you make a gap for the safety pin to enter.
Use your thumbs to hold the bottom of the pin flat against the skewer then use hot glue to cover the top of the pin.
Obviously you need to use your own judgment here, but as long as your kids aren’t completely mean to them, they need to stay safely intact.
  • Hand Banner

Your little ones might love these kids’ crafts because they get to draw their handprints on papers. You need different colored papers or cards, a glue stick, and plain papers and pens for writing. Kids can write their names on the hand banners or other fun quotes.

Maybe you are the kind of nostalgic parent who loves looking at pictures of your children, enjoying every captured moment and sharing them with your family.
We won’t be able to forget how cute this snowflake birthday banner design is for our kid’s birthday.
This photo-centric is perfect for nostalgic parents who can’t believe how fast the years go by. This DIY project is super easy to make and fun.
Glue a layer of burlap cut to each flag flag under the letter, not really stand out, but your rustic chic style.
  • Homemade May Day Basket

This craft for kids is also easy to make. Prepare light-colored papers. Have double-sided tape, paper doily, hole-puncher, scissors, and some colorful ribbons. You can roll and secure the paper into a cone before taping the doily paper on its surface. Create two holes for a ribbon handle.

All you need is flowers, real or artificial, ribbon, a hole punch, and some cute paper, and some sticky tape.
First cut your paper into triangles. We have different paper sizes that produce different basket sizes.
Now that you have cut the paper into triangles, take the tape and start rolling the paper into a cone shape. Use masking tape to secure the back of the paper.
Once the back is securely affixed, decide where and how you want to attach the tape.
Lastly, fill it with flowers or a nice little snack that you think will make someone smile and send it to your friends.
Don’t forget to add some sweet May Day notes to make your friends smile.
  • Flag Bunting

With kids’ crafts like this, you may not even need ten minutes to finish. Prepare flags as printouts, a long ribbon, and a sticky tape. You can save some flag pictures found on the internet. Cut the flags, tape the ribbon along their top ends, then hang them.

Cut the strips into triangles, according to your preference and they don’t have to be all the same size.
Make sure you leave about 12 inches or so before you start so you can tie the end of the flag around something.
As you continue to sew, you can swap out swatches of your fabric, alternating with patterns or randomizing if you have uneven numbers.
This is a very easy sewing tutorial for flag flags which is a quick project to decorate your party or kid’s room.
If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can use seamless glue.
  • Glitter Glue Counting Sticks

Most kids love ice cream, so do not discard the wood sticks. By using colorful glitters, glue, and marker, turn these sticks into creative tools. Your kids will be more motivated when learning how to count.

This DIY project will make your child interested in learning to count. All you need to prepare is a pop stick, black pen, and glitter glue.
Make teaching and learning a fun tactile activity with this super easy and under 10 minute craft of making glitter glue counter sticks.
Try to have your little one ring the numbers in order from one to ten as this will help solve them. The fun part is decorating the ice cream sticks and putting them in the right order.

See? Not everything about kids’ crafts must take a while. Make them as fun and quick as possible.