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4 Paper Crafts: Easy for Parents, Safe for Kids

Is this your first time planning a paper crafts project for your kids during the summer? You are probably wondering if it is safe. Not only that, you still need to make sure the chosen idea is not going to be boring at all.

So, how can we be sure which paper crafts are easy for parents, but also safe for kids? Check out these five examples.

  1. Colorful cardboard zoo animals

Prepare zoo animal templates (made of paper), some craft paint, corrugated cardboard, old pipe cleaners, paintbrush, and white glue. Then, trace the templates onto cardboard and cut them out. After that, you can paint the animals before letting them dry. Do not forget the slits for animal legs (from pipe cleaners), so they can stand up.

To get started, all you need is scissors, a pencil and some cardboard. If you know what animal you want to make, you can start by drawing a simple line on the cardboard.
Create a “U” shaped leg that can be placed in place through the two slits that you cut into each body shape.
And now it’s time to paint. Once the base coat has dried, you can use a light-bristled brush to add all the fun extra details like giraffe freckles.
Once you’ve finished painting the cardboard animals and they have had time to dry, you can finally put them together for the final result.
Teaching children about the balance of our fragile ecosystem is very important. Why not combine fun and learning while building your own wild animal together.
  • Birds from cupcake cases

Not only safe, but these paper crafts are also easy to make. Prepare white and yellow papers, two white cupcake cases, glue, and yellow and black felt tip pens. Using these materials, you can start creating birds with your little ones.

First you will need multi colored cupcake liners in different colors, 2 colors for each bird.
Start by folding the bird’s body color cupcake liner in half, exposing the color, then folding it in half again.
Take another color from the cupcake liner to use for the feathers and beak. Fold it in half with a colored look, fold it in half again, then fold it in half again.
With the remaining feather strips, cut small triangles for the beak and glue them between the fronts of the cupcake liners. Glue it on the googly eye.
This beautiful and colorful Standing Cupcake Liner Birds can be an inspiration for crafts that will hone your child’s creativity.
  • Cute, black paper cats

If your kids love cats, they will love these paper crafts. Start by printing out a cat template before tracing it onto a black construction paper. You can cut the pieces out before assembling them according to the directions.

Print the free template on card stock, cut out the shapes, then use a white pencil to trace the shapes onto black construction paper.
Fold the end of the long thick paper strip towards the center as shown below. Glue or glue the two wings together to make a 3D semicircle.
Glue pink petals to black petals to make your cat ears.
Use a single hole punch to make a loop around the cat’s nose, then attach it to the head. Use white colored pencils and eye stickers to make your cat’s face.
Glue the cat’s head to the accordion fold paper strip, then glue the accordion fold to the front of the cat’s body.
  • Collages

This is the most common paper crafts idea. It is also easy and safe. Prepare a template of an apple. From pieces of red and green papers, your kids can glue them onto the template.

Draw a tree with a trunk separate from the top of the tree, or print from this printable tree. Cut tree trunks and shoots.
Use the first tree as a template, trace the outline of the tree trunk and treetops in different colors and textures of paper or fabric.
Cut out the paper background large enough to accommodate all of your trees. Lay your tree down on the paper, positioning a few trees slightly behind to create depth.
Cut out other details such as grass, shrubs, ferns, rocks, or bodies of water. You can use many of the paper or fabric shreds from the previous step.
Paste the details onto your image. Apply glue only to the bottom edge of this piece.
Trim the edges of your tree to make it look attractive and precise.
Draw your own animals or cut animals from old magazines. You can also print this rainforest animal set.
Position the animals in your collage. You can hook them to branches or tuck them behind tree trunks or grass.

These are the paper crafts that are easy for parents and safe for kids.