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4 Upcycled Crafts To Save Your Planet This 2021

When it comes to doing crafts, we may often forget this one simple question: How does it affect Mother Nature? Some leftovers from our project may go to waste, which is not green-friendly. It is about time that we focus more on upcycled crafts.

Check out these five examples of upcycled crafts to save your planet this 2020.

  • Coffee-can planters

If you buy your coffee in cans, chances you have the empty cans after the coffee is gone. Instead of leaving them unused, wash them clean before filling them with fertilizers, flower seeds, and some dirt. You get yourself some planters for your small garden.

This used coffee can tin bunny is a planter that will look great at Easter and later in your child’s room.
If you love recycling, don’t let your coffee cans come out of the house, you can do amazing things with it.
Wooden stairs and used tins to finish this project are here, perfect for gardeners with limited space.
Hang a string of tins like this, to grow the plants vertically.
The cans are crushed and spray painted for use as planters. The result is something unexpected that will decorate your garden.
Paint cans in the most pleasant way possible, grow plants in them and hang them on a fence, grid or pallet board.
  • Soda-can pencil case

This is one of the easiest, upcycled crafts to do after the coffee-can planters. Just the same, remove the top lid after you finish drinking. Wash the whole can clean before you put some pencils, pens, and ruler in. You can even decorate the surface with some paper crafts and tie it with a ribbon.

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  • Mason jars to store things

Do not ditch your mason jars since they can be used for plenty of other things. For example, to store spices and other ingredients in the kitchen. You can even make them look more beautiful by decorating the jars and the lids. Try to paint the glass jar with acrylic paint and spray-paint the lid with golden or silver spray paint.

Clean the mason jar with soap and water. Dry the jar completely before moving on to the next step to ensure a solid paint finish.
Use this DIY jar to organize kitchen utensils that will brighten up your day in the kitchen.
Your kids officially have no more excuse for messy bathroom countertops with this Mason jar toothbrush holder.
Your home office will be stylish and organized with this easy to make container.
Countdown and save on your next vacation with these DIY banks.
The mason jar is the perfect size to keep the cupcake liners organized.
  • Wall decor from old magazines

Stick colorful pages of your old magazines together into a large flower. After that, tape it on the wall for an upcycled decoration. Alternatively, you can place this decoration inside a frame before you hang the frame.

One good thing about this type of old magazines is the color. It is the perfect medium for creating art.
Just roll up a few magazines and shape different shapes using them and then glue them to the plywood to get this lovely wall art set.
You can also make a clock from a magazine by folding it like an accordion and then adding a clock there. Simple and easy.
Gather all your magazines and cut different words from them now glue them all on the board to make creative and beautiful decorations.
This Basic DIY is super simple. In just five easy steps you can create fun, original and colorful wall art.
Make your home warm and welcoming with a “Live, Laugh, Love” look made from the pages of a magazine in your living room.
Remind yourself to have “Sweet Dreams” every night by cutting letters from magazine pages and pasting them on the wall.

Besides these, any other ideas for upcycled crafts this year?