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3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Decorate Your House with Flowers

Flowers are the ultimate decoration of choice, whether it’s for events or your house décor. However, is using real flowers and changing them regularly eco-friendly? This would depend on your source of flowers, but there are 3 ways that you can choose personally to make your decoration more eco-friendly!

DIY Seed Paper Flower

You might have heard that you can make your own flowers out of papers. To make it eco-friendly, choose seed paper sheets instead of regular papers. Seed papers are biodegradable, and there’s a reason why it is called seed paper. This is because if you plant the papers, real flowers will grow out of it! If you only need some paper flowers for an event and are going to throw them afterwards, why not plant them and get some real flowers in exchange?

Apart from wildflower seeds, you probably already have all of the ingredients you need to make your own home-grown seed paper by now.
The first step is to collect scrap paper and let the children tear the paper into small pieces.
Next, place the torn pieces of paper into a bowl filled with water. Let the strips soak in the water for 10-15 minutes so that they are completely submerged and saturated.
Once the recycled paper is soaked, place the pulp mixture in a blender or food processor. If you want to make colored paper, now is the time to add a few drops of food coloring to the mixture.
After the paper dough is mixed into pulp, pour it back into the bowl. Then mix the wild flower seeds into the recycled pulp.
Using your hand or a spoon, spread the pulp as thin and evenly as possible across the screen, pressing gently to squeeze out excess water.
Once the pulp is evenly spread across the screen, allow it to dry. Drying time will vary depending on pulp thickness and humidity.
When the plant seed paper is completely dry and stiff, it’s ready to make Valentine’s! Use the cookie cutter as your template or even just the cut shape you choose.

Recycled Glass Jar as Vase

Glass jars are perfect for keeping your small flowers. In fact, if you arrange them right, these jars can become an interesting decoration as well. If you receive a big bucket of flowers, why not separate them and make several mini buckets that you can spread around the house? These jars can even be decorated as well!

Cute little daisies bring out a fresh summer atmosphere. This DIY project is very easy for you to do yourself at home.
This DIY jar vase will add the perfect touch of shabby chic to your home decor. With a few small pieces of wood and a few small jars, you have a beautiful wall decor.
Give your room a nice touch of glamor with this Gilded Gold Mason Jar Vase. You can make it in under an hour or so and the results will be really interesting.
Pair pink and white flowers with a vintage blue Mason jar to create contrast in this simple arrangement.
Pair a dusty rose with twine or burlap for this rustic decoration. Start by wrapping the thread around the vase and then hot glue it in place.
Apply faux or real gold leaf to Mason jars with a small brush to create a lovely look. Here, imperfections give this jar a more shabby chic charm.
This easy DIY project will take your table setting to the next level.
Lavender flowers painted in Mason jars, or real ones in them are just as flawless in beauty.
Nothing says summer like sunflowers. Work even harder by adding burlap and lace.

Dried Flowers

Flowers are indeed beautiful, but the flower industry might not be as eco-friendly as we think. If you purchase flowers regularly, make sure that the florist you are buying it from promotes the eco-friendly way to grow flowers. At the same time, you can minimalize a lot of waste that you create personally by drying the flowers you receive. Hang your flowers upside down so that the water will come out of the flowers. Let it be until the flowers are dried out, and you can keep it for a long time!

Perhaps you would prefer to arrange your flowers in a way that brings out their beauty in the best way possible to brighten up the place a little bit by reminiscent of the warmer days all autumn.
These stunning homemade coasters are made of thin, evenly-cut branches, using the dried and pressed floral decoupage technique to glue the flowers fairly seamlessly to the surface.
Carefully cover all of your flowers onto the canvas only after you have placed them, so that the edges don’t lift and peel off.
Use dried leaves and flowers to create an exquisite mural of a bird sitting on a blooming branch.
This is an art inspired by stained glass, preserving dried flowers and leaves in some vibrant color between two sheets of wax paper.
Amazingly beautiful door wreath. Without damaging or destroying a single part of the flower that is gently dried.
Monogrammed wall hangers decorated with dried flowers will instantly make your room more beautiful and refreshed.
An easy DIY project by tying a gingham ribbon around a cheese grater and placing a dry bouquet right on top.

If you are aware of the beauty of flowers and saving the environment at the same time, hopefully, those three ideas will help you. Know your flowers and florist personally to promote the balance between the two!