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5 DIY Wood Projects for Your Home Décor

If there is one thing that quarantine tells you: making your house as comfortable as possible is important. One of the best ways to décor your house is to make your own furniture! In this article, we will be showing you how you can turn your wood projects into something useful for your house.

Cutting Board

This is probably the easiest one to start with. You can experiment with different shapes of your cutting boards! If you already have cutting boards at your house, why not make a wood cheese board instead? It’s pretty much the same, only now you can showcase your favorite cheeses on top of your DIY board!

This 3D DIY cutting board looks fantastic. This cutting board will also serve as a great decor item for your kitchen.
Here’s another fancy cutting board that will add beauty to your kitchen and will work just as well. You can have different colors on you.
The luxurious cutting board on top is made of scrap wood. If you have a country kitchen, making this cutting board DIY project is a brilliant idea.
This is one cutting board that will catch the attention of anyone walking around in your kitchen. This cutting board is made using chopped walnuts and maple.
One thing that is unique about this cutting board is that it has a symbol engraved in the center, which makes the cutting board look more professional.
The process of making this cutting board requires a lot of woodworking tools. You may need some woodworking skills to make this unique curved cutting board.

Side Table

This is also another type of wood projects that you can easily start with. You can make a simple round-shaped table and put some easel underneath. Done! Put some books and a lamp on top, and you’ve added a nice accent into your room.

FH15DJA_554_52_072 end table
The Rennie Mackintosh desk is a great DIY end table project if you’re looking to build something classic.
The living edge table incorporates wood’s natural edges into the design. Find the right wood parts and you can make a stunning DIY end table.
One of the trends in DIY side tables is to start with big old clocks. This DIY side table started out as an old clock and an end table with a battered top.
The simple design and clean lines of this DIY narrow end table project make it suitable for many different living spaces, although it works great with cabin and farmhouse styles.
The project required some in-depth work including careful removal of the bark, sanding and pickling, but the results were unique and eye-catching.
Check out this one made of reclaimed crates and metal pipe frames.

Hanging Planter

Now, instead of giving some legs to your woods, it’s time to hang them! Turn your woods into a bowl and hang them with ropes. Then, add your favorite herbs inside. You won’t need extra space, and you get herbs supplies for you to cook.

This DIY wood planter provides a burst of greenery and color to warm up this space and bring a little life into the room.
This DIY wood hanging planter mixes fun materials to create a modern yet rustic accent for any room.
Rustic Boho meets chic farmhouse with this indoor hanging planter. And all you need as a provision is a sturdy rope and a piece of wood.
Making your own DIY hanging planters is easy, and it adds character to your home or garden by giving you a unique container.

Outdoor Bench

If you are thinking of decorating your garden as well, then a wooden bench would be a great addition. The rustic look from the wood makes it blend with nature, therefore perfect for backyard décor.

Not only will this tutorial give you extra outdoor seating, but you’ll also have a whole new place to store tools or toys in style.
An old door gets a new life in the form of this rustic blue-green park bench, a simple yet unique addition to any outdoor space.
This brick stool is an easy DIY solution when you’ve got a last-minute crowd coming for a barbecue or backyard party.
You can transform an old pair of chairs by adding a bench and a few coats of chalk paint.
You can build on this beauty using park bench plans from the internet. Use reclaimed wood to make this DIY project.

Standing Desk

Not a lot of people have a standing desk at their houses, but standing is as important as sitting! If you spend a lot of time at your home sitting around, you would need to walk around every now and then for a healthier routine. With a standing desk, you can still continue with your work while balancing between sitting and standing!

The cool thing about these legs is that they can be adjusted simply by moving the wooden pegs into different holes, so that someone can make the back of the table slightly higher than the front.
It’s super-simple design and easy to build with supplies you can find at a home improvement center. Since the structure depends on the base 2×4 and truss bracket, the table height can be adjusted as desired.
For this kind of project, it’s important to attach your brackets to the wall studs for a solid finish.
Turning a bookshelf into a home office work surface is a simple, no-cost solution. Perhaps best of all, it doesn’t take up more space than you allow for your bookshelf.

There are so many things you can create for your house through wood projects. Not only it is a great hobby, but your home will be filled with DIY furniture that doesn’t only look good, but functions well! Out of the 5 ideas above, which one would you build first?