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5 Unique Card Making Projects for Beginners

Need a card as fast as possible? Buying may be easy, but what if you cannot find anything that suits your preferences? Then, you can make one. What if you are no expert in card making? Does this mean you will have to pay someone else to do that for you?

No worries. These five unique card making projects for beginners will help you:

  • Getting it lit

With washi tape, a birthday candle, and a card with a background of a starry sky, you do not have to go far. All you have to do is just glueing the tiny candle onto the card with colorful washi tape. The writing is entirely up to you.

What do you need
-The washi tape
-Birthday candle
Sometimes making a cute card is as simple as … sticking something to the front. Glue a pretty piece of card stock to the front of a blank card, add a message and grab an old birthday candle from your kitchen trash drawer. The perfect (and unique!) Birthday card, in no time.

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  • Using custom stamps

This card making project might possibly interest little children since they may love coloring. With white erasers, ink pad, and a plain white card, you can create your own stamps. Cut the erasers according to the shape that you want, for example, triangles.

What do you need
-White eraser
-Ink pads
When it comes to paper crafts, you can’t go wrong with stamping. This card uses simple triangles to create a geometric layout that we LOVE. Don’t have a stamp? No sweat – you can DIY by cutting a white eraser. If you have a little extra time, use a box cutter or an X-ACTO knife to engrave the pattern on your stamp for extra detail!

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  • Making washi waves

Prepare a plain white card, colorful washi tapes, and scissors. You can either print or stamp your message. Make sure the lettering is not too big. Then, cut the washi tapes in the shape of waves to frame the lettering.

What do you need
-The washi tape
Create this cool design by printing or stamping your message (or, for that matter, message) onto a blank card. Then cut the colorful washi ribbon and use a pair of scissors to make an organic ripple shape. Use this wave to frame your writing, and your card is ready to go!

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  • Choosing an ice cream image

This card making project helps you to choose the design better by focusing on one major image. With a coffee sleeve, tacky glue, nonpareils, and a plain white card, you can create an ice cream to be glued to the card. Cut the coffee sleeve into a cone-shape.

What do you need
-Coffee sleeve
-Sticky glue
Lastly, a card that combines our two favorite things: ice cream and coffee. (Kind of). If your crafting obsession is driven by caffeine, cut old coffee cartridges into cones and stick them to your card. Finish with a few nonpareils, and you’ll have a lovely welcome.

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  • Going glam with glitters

With a glue stick, glitter papers, and a plain white card, you are ready to make this card going glam. The message can either be printed or stamped. Cut the glitter paper according to the shape that you want and paste it on the card with a glue stick.

What are you taking care of
-Glitter paper
-Stick glue
The big, glittery exclamation point is just the right amount of extras. Print or stamp your message on the card, cut out the glitter paper and stick it. As simple as that!

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See? It turns out that there are unique card making projects for beginners. Once you get the hang of this, you will want to explore some more ideas.