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25 Attractive Small Garden Pond for Your Home

Are you thinking about adding a garden pond in your backyard, but only have a small space to spare? These garden pond designs feature various ideas for a small home. Create a nice little pond garden with some simple ways.

  • Repurpose Pond

Making a pond can be costly. But you can utilize used items such as old rustic metal containers and old rubbermaid plastic. You can throw in some rocks and pebbles, add small fishes and green lilies. You will get a gorgeous pond without spending a lot of money.

One of the less expensive ways to make a mini pond, start by finding a style and size of a planter pot that catches your eye. Keep in mind the volume of water and try not to get less than 8 gallons or more.
You can take an old bathtub outdoors and reuse it as a water feature.
Stock tanks can hold water for years without rusting, and make for the perfect pool above, below, or even partially submerged to tickle your imagination.
Make the unexpected and change your plans for your old boat and turn it into a pool. Antique treasures are only worth what they can lend for your decor.
A garden pool serves as a different type of garden bed amongst your landscaping, but this project takes that advice seriously and actually creates a pool box for your garden pond.
  • Waterfall of Rocks

Stones and rocks in different shape and size make a perfect material for your garden pond. All you need are liner, pump and cement. Arrange the rocks in the form of a home; it can be a circular, oval, or uneven shape. Lastly, add a lovely waterfall.

This sleek and elegant waterfall will make you fall in love with the outdoors.
The cascade feature can bring a lot of character to your backyard garden.
Hungry to connect with nature? Bring nature to your property with a water feature.
It may take a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it.
A traditional landscape with beautiful white daisies and a relaxing waterfall.
Make it look like it is part of the hardcape using the hard rock formation.
  • Brick and Wood

A clean pond garden can be made of bricks and shaped in a square or rectangular form on the ground. Incorporate wood pallet as the garden deck. It is an easy structure if you are looking for something more modern.

Creating a pond or water feature from a railroad cushion adds another dimension to your garden.
Think lego or wooden building blocks. Very fast & simple, with few tools required.
koi pond with waterfall
A small koi pond and waterfall with bricks will add movement and life to the city.
Build a simple pool above the ground with wood and a fountain on the weekends. With this design, there is practically no of the worst parts of building a pool or digging into the intestines.
  • Double Planter

Planters are the perfect pond material. It goes well in the patio and other corners of the house. Place them side by side with one planter higher than the other, and make a small opening to transfer water. With additional light, fish, gravels and floating lily, your planter will be amazing.

Place your creation on a bed of low-flower ground cover to accentuate your landscape, or set it up on a deck or patio and relax to the soothing sounds of running water.
For extra interest, consider adding an LED fountain light and aquatic plants.
pond with waterfall feature
This small contemporary courtyard features a concrete basin of water flowing into a rectangular koi pond.
This small koi pond features an architectural planter from which a waterfall flows. This project features blue and tropical plants.
pond with waterfall
Some of the most popular pond plants are water lilies, which grow in colors. The submerged part of the lily becomes a habitat for pond creatures.
  • Zen Garden Pond

Make a miniature garden on a pond with the idea for relaxation. Use gravel and pebbles on a flat surface with some bonsai on the sides. Keep the pond simple with koi fish and other small fishes. Top it off with bamboo water drop, and then it’s perfect.

This one gives the koi plenty of room to swim in and there are moss covered rocks all over the area to complete the design.
This idea combines a rock wall and a waterfall to create a beautiful setting for water to trickle into the pool.
This stone bird cage is designed to give this garden corner a little retreat. Bamboo is easy to use here; made of fences and water taps that flow water into sacred stones.
This idea makes use of the rocks and water to create a familiar location where you can sit and enjoy the sounds of nature. The wall on the other side of the bridge is a great place to relax.
Having a smaller garden area dedicated to Japanese style pruning and accent features means less transformation process is required.

Enhance your home with a water feature that is pleasant to the eyes and calming to hear. Planning the entire ecosystem in a smaller version is doable. Just reflect from the designs mentioned above. A small garden pond can provide the calming nuance that you need.