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5 Easy-To-Follow Fabric Crafts for Beginners

Covid-19 has practically made almost everyone stay home. If that includes you, then you have plenty of time to do something with fabric scraps at home. You can have a DIY project with fabric crafts.

What if this is your first time considering this activity? No worries, there are some examples for newbies. Check out these five easy-to-follow fabric crafts for beginners:

  • The fabric wall art

This is probably the easiest of all here. If you feel that your wall is too vacant, add some fabric wall art. You can place them in frames before hanging them on the wall. Another suggestion would be to stick some fabrics on the wall as part of the wall decor.

If you are strict with square footage, you can still include fabric wall hangings. This type of decoration is perfect for filling in empty corners.
These fiber art embellishments are a trendy way to incorporate this art form into your home. The color variations are endless and will help you dress up your blank wall instantly.
While weaves and other fiber artwork are usually rectangular, you can easily transform them by including things like fans.
There is no better way to incorporate fiber art into your home than through a fantastic and unique wall decoration.
This neutral hanging trio is the perfect way to fill in the blank wall beside the bed.
  • The cooking mittens

Quilting does not only result in nice, warm blankets for you. This is one of the fabric crafts that can also produce cooking mittens. Besides collecting as many fabric crafts as possible, do not forget to add thick, dacron fabric as the filler. Stitch the fabric scraps altogether to cover the dacron filler

For extra thickness, add thicker fabric to protect your hand from its inside.

Calm colors and simple styles make it a trendy and useful addition to the kitchen. Take the jump and gather all the details behind this cutie now.
Of course you’ll love this spring-inspired fruit. It is not only charming and stylish, but will also get the most important work done.
Only a simple pom pom decoration can transform your oven mitt from boring to cool.
You can even use old denim to inspire your oven mitt creation. Just look at this cute and unique part that can make your apartment cool while still getting work done.
Learn how to prepare this in your kitchen and turn it upside down and take it to the kitchen. Cactus is all trending right now so this one is more than relevant.
  • The dog or cat collar

What if there is not enough fabric at home? The good news is, you can still make do with something so few. For your dog or cat, measure their neck before you start creating their special collar with some fabric scraps as the cover.

This collar pattern involves simple stitches and you’ll be finished and ready for Kitty to wear in no time.
Check out this pattern for a padded collar that Kitty might even use as a pillow.
A simple lacing for your cat, with a hook that is easy to tie and remove will make your cat look more fashionable.
This ruff design by Blow Up looks formal but still fun.
Not only will your cat stand out, but you can also use the spare studs you’ve collected in your sewing kit over the years.
  • The pincushions

These cute fabric crafts are perfect for baby shower or wedding gifts. Besides the fabric scraps, you need some printed out, pattern pieces and iron-on adhesive. Do not forget sewing things and fiberfill for stuffing materials.

Simple Sprocket Round Pincushion Pattern
Show off your favorite fabric cut on these cute spherical pads.
Dimples Pincushion Easy Sewing Tutorial
This simple bearing pad is similar to the Simple Sprocket design, but instead of a patchwork circle, the shape is a round square in one fabric.
DIY Toadstool Wrist Pincushion
When you’re sewing, it’s helpful to have a place to grab a pin and take it off again, and the wrist pads can do that.
Spool-Shaped Patchwork Pincushion
Use rags to suggest strands of thread wrapped around the spools to make useful accessories that are also sewing themed.
Easy Autumn Leaf Pincushion
Even though the sample has fallen leaves, you can apply the same idea with a different spring color or an entirely different shape.
  • The fabric necklace and bracelet

Just like with the pet collar, you can do so much with just a few scraps of fabric. This time, you can also create your own, unique necklace or bracelet. Measure your wrist before you wrap the fabric scraps around your necklace and bracelet.

An easy cloth bracelet to make to give as a gift or to keep to yourself.
Make this super easy fabric bracelet in just a few minutes.
This fun and easy DIY necklace is a great addition to a sweet summer outfit.
Inspired by bold African fabrics and designs, this neck strap is nearly weightless and easy to attach.

With these easy-to-follow fabric crafts, you will produce plenty of stuff.