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5 DIY Gifts You Can Do At Home

Making DIY gifts can be both a challenge and a satisfying accomplishment. Even if you feel that creativity is not in your bone, you can still give it a try. By giving it a try and doing further research, you can start the first gift-making at home.

Without further ado, these are five DIY gifts you can do at home.

  • A ring dish made of marble

Do your mother or sister have a jewelry collection? They will possibly love this marbled ring dish. Bake some pieces of colorful clay before pouring the mixture onto the dish. Wait for it to dry before placing rings, earrings, and brooches on it.

heart ring holder dish
This rustic-inspired heart ring holder dish is super sweet. All you need is clay and paint
polymer clay ring dishes
The good news is that the clay used to make this DIY delicacy is affordable and easy to obtain.
diy clay jewelry dish
Adding a simple dark spot can completely transform your white dish.
marble clay jewelry dish
You can create galaxy-inspired dishes that are perfect for holding all kinds of trinkets
clay drawer
This pastel pink dish is sure to add something special to your décor. The satisfaction you will get from creating it yourself is also very valuable
  • A DIY I-Pad Holder

Inspired by a regular, wooden chopping board, this DIY I-pad holder saves your I-pad screen from being splattered by the wet and sticky sauce. As one of the DIY gifts to make at home, you can check out recipes online and keep your I-pad safe.

This stand not only functions as a stand for the iPad but also as a decoration in your home.
This iPad stand is perfect for following recipes online as you cook. It will be a great gift for your mother.
This cool iPad holder is made of old wooden kitchen planks. You can follow the recipes online while cooking easily.
This is the easiest way to make an iPad stand from bookend. You just need to adjust the side of the bookend to the best viewing angle, then snap a pair of binder clips to prevent iPad from slipping.
You should have some unused copper pipes in your storage space. Now you can use it again as an iPad cradle.
  • A washi tape mirror

Any plain mirror will look more fabulous with this very simple trick. Decorate its frame with colorful, washi tapes, and you might choose a rainbow combination. Then, give this to your best friend, little sister, or another family member who might like this.

The first step you have to do is glue the mirror inside the frame using painter’s tape.
Paint the wooden frame from the gold mirror and let it dry. You may need several layers.
If you are following the same pattern, you can use this as a guide to help you draw the lines.
Continue gluing the strips of washi tape, overlapping each section as you do this.
When you glue the cut edges all you need to do is cut along the joined part of the frame to guide you with the x-acto knife and remove the access.
When you have the lines all spaced the way you want you can rotate and press all of them firmly and cut the mirror sides.
  • Embroidery headphones

The wear and tear on the wire cover tend to happen to headphones. Unless you purchase the high-quality version, a neat embroidery to cover the wire will help better. Plus, the headphones will look prettier with embroidery covers and make nice DIY gifts.

When you’re starting out, make sure to choose embroidery threads that have a close variation of colors, using four colors gives a more even transition from dark to light but 3 will work great too.
Place a small drop of glue on the base of the earbuds near the plug, then take the lightest or darkest colored embroidery floss and tie a knot just above the drop of glue.
Hold the loose end of your knot to the cord and start wrapping the thread evenly around the loose cord and thread. This will slip the thread securely.
If you’re feeling brave try making some pom poms. Whichever you choose, be sure to leave about an inch and a half of thread on top.
Lastly, you can tie the embroidery floss here and secure it with a little glue on the knot. Or you can quickly wrap it back into the tassels and tie the thread behind the tassel so it’s less visible.
  • A decorative signboard

You do not have to own a coffee shop or a restaurant for something like this. You can even hang this in your kitchen or give it for someone else’s kitchen. Paint the background and the fonts according to your taste. Choose a famous, inspiring and uplifting quote. It will be the first nice thing to look every morning in the kitchen.

This DIY coffee bar sign project is easy. Anyone can do it. You’ll use a piece of scrap wood, some vinyl lettering in your favorite font, and paint. cat.
If you don’t have a Silhouette, you can use pre-cut letter stencils for this project.
Check out how amazing this DIY signboard looks like. It’s one of the pieces that really puts the entire garage makeup look together.
The great thing about this sign is that it can be placed on a fireplace, table or anything else. And the genius of this farmhouse style reversible sign is that it’s made with two simple pieces of wood.
These driftwood signs can be hung on doors, walls, or even fences as a fun way to bring beach decor to your home and garden.

There are plenty of ideas for DIY gifts like some mentioned above. So, which one you like to make?