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3 How to Create Your Own DIY Flowers out of Paper

Make your home prettier with flowers. Here is how you can create DIY flowers for any type of flowers that you choose. The possibility is too many!

Flowers are the number one choice of decorations—they just make everything look pretty and lively. However, sometimes you might have some reasons to opt with fake flowers instead. Perhaps it’s not the season, or you want your flowers to be as fresh as possible. Yes, purchasing faux flowers can be an option, but did you know that they cost a lot more than real ones? So, why don’t you just make your own DIY flowers? Here is how you can do that!

Choose the Right Paper

Different flowers require different types of papers, but usually carton and crepe paper are sufficient. If you want a flowy flower, then crepe paper is right for you. However, if you want to create DIY flowers that have a sturdy shape such as hydrangea, we recommend you to use thicker paper instead.

It’s important to use the right kind of paper, so you get great results.
You will need about 20 pages for a large flower.
Using wooden pegs or the tip of a spatula, bend the edges of the petals for a realistic shape.
You can do this by stacking several petals at once. Repeat until all the petals are formed.
Cut a slit at the bottom of the petal on medium, large and x-large petals about 2 inches deep.
Glue two small petals with the ends slightly overlapping. Add two more petals to make a T.
Place the rose bud in the center of the T and continue making rose buds. Each petal should be slightly more open than the previous one.

Purchase Leaves and Stems

Any types of flowers need leaves and stems, so you can buy premade ones. They can easily be found in your nearest stationery shop. They usually are wire and paper that has been created to look like leaves and stems as much as possible. It’s easy to find and not worth the hassle to create from scratch!

Secure the paper to the floral wire with double-sided tape, and cover the entire wire inside.
Rotate the corded leaves onto each flower stem. Gather the stems into a wreath and cover with floral ribbons. Cut the ends of the floral wire with the help of wire cutters.
Finally, wrap the ribbon around the stem of the bouquet to cover the floral ribbon.

Look Up the Template

You can easily find the templates to create a specific type of flower of your choice. The internet is full of downloadable templates that you can print and cut out right away. This will save you so much hassle and get straight to making DIY flowers! If you have some leftover stems, leaves and petals, simply make a wreath with them. Don’t let anything go to waste here!

A woman holding a giant paper rose
Crepe paper in the color of your choice for the petals and green for the stem come together to create a beautiful giant crepe paper rose.
A ombre pink paper dahlia on a wall
Dahlia is one of the most stunning flowers out there, and you can recreate a giant flower to use as a background with this free tutorial.
White, purple, and peach tissue paper flowers
DIY paper flowers to make giant wedding pom-poms out of tissue paper. It is great for wedding photo booth walls and reception tables.
A woman holding a giant paper flower
Template petals from cardboard and then use them to cut flower shapes from Kraft paper and construction paper. You can leave the flowers as they are or spray paint on some of the branches to make stems.
A woman holding a white and yellow paper flower bouquet
You will use cream, yellow, and two-tone green crepe paper to make this lovely paper flower bouquet.
With just a few materials, you can create unique party decorations on a budget.
Paper flowers make an astonishing statement at any event in home decor.

Then, all you need to do is assemble everything together to form DIY flowers. Put it in a vase or hang it on the wall—whatever you like for your need. You can use this for a lot of purposes, from events to home décor.

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