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7 Insanely Easy DIY Party Decorations Ideas

Party decorations don’t need to be expensive and hard to make. You can make your own DIY party decorations with simple things you can find. Here are 7 ideas you can follow to make your own décor in less than 10 minutes.

Balloon Cone

The first step you need to do is to blow up some balloons with helium. Then, take several pieces of brown paper and make some lines. Roll the paper under the balloon to resemble ice cream cones. Voila! You get yourself floating ice creams instead of regular balloons.

Simply start attaching the balloon to your cone, covering any exposed wires and creating a nice border around the top of the cone.
Try this simple DIY project for decorating a birthday party, or for a fun ice cream game. With balloons and some paper, you can create any ice cream flavor.
These floating ice cream cones are a sweet way to decorate an ice cream social, kid’s birthday party or wedding or baby shower event.
These balloon sticks look great as centerpieces for parties and the best part is you can send them home with the kids as party favors.

DIY Party Hat

For this DIY party decorations, we’re going to need the same brown paper we used for balloon cone. However, instead of making lines, you can stick some colorful duct tapes. Turn it around, and you just made a party hat!

When you have an entire wardrobe filled with crafts, it’s actually pretty easy to make lots of fun party hats.
Everyone loves a little fringe to jazz up a party, and this party hat is a really fun way to put it together.
This sparkly way to celebrate your child’s birthday is as easy as ever. All you need is two supplies, five minutes, and one happy kid who is excited to celebrate the new year.

Pom Pom Party Hat

Another idea for a party hat is to stick some pompoms around it. This is as easy as sticking some duct tapes around. Use random colors to make it look more fun for the party!

This party hat pom-pom is super easy to make, can be made in three different sizes, and can be customized to any color combination and pattern you like.
These Pom Pom Party Hats are perfect, they can easily be adjusted to fit every child’s unique style and kids will have a party wish to take home when the birthday party is over.
Make a pom pom by wrapping the thread around a few fingers, sliding it off, tying a twin knot around the middle, then cutting the circular ends.
Mini Santa Hats merah dan putih yang menggemaskan ini sangat cocok untuk seluruh keluarga. Sebarkan Semangat Natal pada pertemuan Natal Anda selama periode perayaan.

Lettered Wood Sign

Any party would need a sign to make it easier for guests. Grab a big piece of wood and write anything you want in there. If you want to take it up a notch, paint the wood with chalkboard paint. You can even mix some paints and just decorate the wood however you’d like!

Our Happy Place DIY Wood Sign with pink tulips on black tray
Using vinyl to make DIY wooden signs with Calligraphy Quotes will make the process much easier, faster, and look more professional.
A vinyl stencil on a DIY wood sign
You can make this wooden sign by transferring the design onto the wood by transferring the wood with a pencil.

Decorated Straws

Make your straws cuter by adding some cut-out papers on top. A cute idea is to stick a paper beard on top of the straws, and now everybody’s drinking has a beard!

Made from straw, these decorations are very quick and affordable to make.
Play around with the types of paper you want to use to decorate Printable straws with various effects.

Floral Ice Cubes

Do you have some small flowers lying around in your backyard? Put them in your ices and use those ices to cover a bucket of champagne, sparkling water, or any bottled drinks you serve on your party.

This is the easiest way to up your entertaining game as this gorgeous frozen artwork will make all your summer cocktails and cocktails much more exciting
A pretty popsicle is an easy yet dramatic way to throw a warm-weather party and show off your freshly blooming garden booty.
Jillian Harris DIY Floral Ice Cube
These gorgeous ice cubes cool your bevvie, and leave flowers floating in your drink as they melt.

Golden Balloons

If you are throwing a party for adults, such as sweet seventeen or baby shower, this is the perfect décor for you. All you need are some white balloons and gold paint. You can paint it ombre-style, or splash some of the paint around to create golden marble pattern!

Letters and numbers in silver, copper or gold are very popular for decoration. You can write something you like, a few phrases, words, a name or maybe the age of your child.
This gold balloon decoration can be used for a dessert table backdrop or a surround, wherever you want.

Throwing a party can be quite stressful, so don’t stress yourself too much with too-hard-to-make party decorations. These DIY party decorations are easy enough for anyone to create!