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7 Stunning Outdoor Patio Ideas for Spring

Tired of your boring and drab patio? Want to give your patio a Spring Makeover? Start by replacing those drab, brown and outdated patio furniture; bring in new bamboo or recycled teak outdoor furniture for your porch, including benches, chaise lounge, and Ottoman. Add some fresh flower baskets in great wicker baskets for a spring fresh look and feel.

1. Glamourize The Garden
Bring the finer elements of indoor life, outdoors. Keep table linens, centerpieces and glassware on hand that fits the color scheme of your furniture and plants. Add some mimosas and your backyard will be your friends’ new favorite brunch place.
2. Play with the Shade
Create an escape from sun and insects with a canopy. Because the canopy is self-contained, it is easy to move depending on how you want to use your space. Choose flowing, romantic fabrics for a unique experience or thick canvases for a more industrial feel.
3. Turn it on
Light can make or break your patio. No one wants to have dinner in the spotlight that blinds them from the side of the house. How you use your patio will determine the type of lighting you need.
If you have lots of backyard barbecues where friends flock to every corner of your patio, string lights will easily fill the entire space without getting overbearing.
4. Cut the carpet
One of the easiest ways to present an outdoor space, add color and create cohesion on a patio is with an outdoor rug. Rugs create dimension and contrast to hardscape and can be bold without stealing the eye.
5. Color Punch
If too many colors in the room scare you, allow yourself more outdoors where blending is natural. Even if you keep your patio furniture fairly neutral, there are plenty of places where you can add color. Whether it’s a planter wall, a mosaic walking stone, or an accent pillow, don’t be afraid to look a little bright or bold.
6. Control Pests with Pretty Plants
The overwhelming smell of citronella candles can be off-putting to your outdoor dinner guests. Rather than spray, zap or burn them away, incorporate pretty plants that insects hate into your beds, pots or centerpieces.
If you want to deter pesky insects naturally try growing rosemary, marigolds, lemon balm, lavender or citronella plants.
7. Coordinating Flora and Furniture
If your flower beds and potted plants follow the same color scheme, choose several colors to inspire your fabric and furniture choices. For this patio, the designer chose green as the main color and purple and orange as the accent colors. Like the plants themselves, green is the dominant color and accent accessories encourage visual appeal.

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If you love to garden, consider using ceramic layers in your patio design as well as to create a new living space in your yard that will be the envy of your friends.

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