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Bring Out the Best Look of Your Garden with These 21 Planting Ideas

Selecting plants for the garden can be a challenging and daunting task for some gardeners. Without a proper planting plan, facing gardening fails might be unavoidable. But don’t push the panic button just yet. Here, we’ll break down some brilliant planting ideas to make your garden thrive and reach its highest potential. Read on!

Pay Attention to Your Garden Environment

One of the most important planting ideas is to do enough research on your garden environment. That being said, knowing some aspects like soil characteristics and regional climate should always be on your mind before choosing the plants. Not to mention, you may also pay attention to the amount of shade your garden receives. Remember that some plants may grow in the shade, while others need full sun.    

In choosing plants for your garden, of course, you have to be more careful in adjusting to the theme that is taken. For a garden with a theme like this there are not many choices of plants, it is enough to use grass to fill the empty part. Grass to fill the empty part from ofdesign.
To shade your garden if you don’t want to plant large trees, making an alley with vines is the right solution. Make a long passage for shade. Alley decoration with vines from ofdesign.
Showing a cheerful impression in an environment with a dominant green nuance in the garden is a must. For example, choosing plants that are placed above the ball lights for different garden decoration ideas. Plants above ball lights from ofdesign.
If you have a garden with branching paths, don’t leave any empty spaces between the paths. You can plant it with a variety of greenery on the sidelines of the path. Greenery border from mydesiredhome.
Use a rattan garden bed for a safe place to grow vines in your garden. Also use wooden trellises as a good vines vine area. Rattan garden bed from mydesiredhome.
Leave a little space to plant some ornamental plants next to the house. Use the side of the house that faces the rising sun so that the light needs of your plants are met. Side garden from mydesiredhome.
You can complement a mini garden with a fountain when you have moisture-loving plants. Because the splash of water will make the area around it wetter and moist. Mini garden with fountain from mydesiredhome.

Pick the Right Combination

Next, be sure that you also understand what plants can work well together and create a suitable combination. If you’re a fan of roses, for instance, flowers like lavender, catmint, cornflower, and aster are the perfect companions. Always remember that colors and textures are not the only factors to consider. You should also grasp whether or not every plant you pick shares similar growing conditions and blooming season.    

Combine sunflowers with several other types of flowers to make them look more beautiful and energetic. This method is easy enough for you to apply to small garden decorations, you can imitate this flower planting idea easily. Sunflowers with several other types of flowers from realhomes.
Roses planted in the backyard garden will never fail to enhance the appearance of the garden. You can choose two different colors like pink and white. These roses will bloom simultaneously. Pink and white roses from realhomes.
To give a contrasting color to the garden decoration, planting lavender, pink roses and purple roses is a suitable planting idea. In addition, these flowers will be a beautiful and elegant focal point. Lavender, pink roses and purple roses from realhomes.
Neutralize the lavender plant color with plants that have a white color. Make this plant a colorful and natural border garden. Lavender plant with white plant from realhomes.
Two types of the same flowers have contrasting colors, making the garden decoration more beautiful and attracting attention. Pink and orange are an elegant color combination. You can plant them close together. Pink and orange flower from ginghamgardens.
Use the pot as a container for plants that can be moved easily when needed. Rattan baskets are one of the pots that give a natural impression, this type of pot is easy to find around your home. Container plant ideas from ginghamgardens.
You don’t only have to plant flowers in your garden decoration, you can apply green plants that have unique leaves. This plant is very easy to care for, you just need to provide fertilizer and water it regularly. Green plant ideas from ginghamgardens.

Don’t Forget the Borders

Last but not least, pick the right edge plants to create clear lines between the sidewalk and the planting area. Luckily, there are countless options for planting ideas you can copy. If you’re after a neat and elegant border, opt for plants like boxwoods, laurel hedge, and privets. Meanwhile, some options like zinnias, moss phlox, and begonias are the smart solution to introduce colorful edges.

Use a border plant with a size that contrasts with the plant inside. Suppose with a plant that is slightly taller or lower. Border plant from hgtv.
When you have a large enough garden, maximize it to make greenery around it. Green plants combined with flowers will be more perfect for your garden border decoration idea. Green plants and flower border from hgtv.
Choose a shrub for backyard garden dividers. This shrub is used to beautify garden decorations, because it has yellow flowers that become a pop color. Shrub border from bobvila.
A hedge plant with a stem character that causes lots of dense leaves will make it easier for you to shape it as you like for a fresh garden border. Hedge plant border from bobvila.
In order to beautify the stone border you can use the planting of greenery on the side, this idea looks very interesting. Plants that are suitable for the border of your garden are certainly not woody plants whose roots can damage the border. Stone border with greenery from bobvila.
Lavender flowers along your garden path will greet you warmly. Especially if you plant it all over the edge of the path. Lavender border garden from bobvila.
Plants with towering flowers will decorate your garden to make it more colorful. Especially if you combine it with other plants that are no less beautiful, of course, it will be more perfect. Plants with towering flowers border from bobvila.

Now that you know the best planting ideas, it’s time to try them out and start building your dream garden. So, what about you? Which plants do you think can make the best combination for your outdoor spot? And what about the border? Which option do you like the most?