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21 Smart Garden Design Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Space Stand Out

Having beautiful plants won’t be enough to create an outstanding garden. Think about adding personal touches and showcasing unique features that draw people’s attention. Need inspiration? Scroll through to discover some brilliant garden design ideas that can make your outdoor space stand out among others.

Display Catchy Decorative Pieces

First things first, display decorative pieces in every corner of your garden. Thankfully, the choices are endless in the market – such as rock cairns, sculptures, and pinwheels. Moreover, don’t forget to pay attention to your lighting options too. Some ornamental fixtures like nan lamp, reed light, moon lamp, and solar flower lights can transform your garden into a beautiful haven at night.          

The statue of the person added to this garden will be a focal point. So that it will create an attractive garden and suitable for you to try. Statue on garden from ofdesign.
One of the important things in making a garden attractive, you can add a golden frog statue on top of the pond. In this way it will attract people’s attention. Golden frog statue from ofdesign.
The garden with the addition of colorful windmills has a unique appearance like the picture above. This is a great idea for an attractive garden decoration. Colorful windmills from housefulofhandmade.
To give an attractive garden appearance, you can add a stone monument like the picture above. Use piles of stones to make your garden even more unique. Stones monument from thegardenglove.
Use modern shape lighting as a lighting idea on your patio to bring a romantic feel at night and make you feel more comfortable. modern shape lighting from loveproperty.
If you want to bring a natural touch to your patio decor, you can install bamboo lamp stakes to make the lighting look attractive. Bamboo lamp stakes from loveproperty.
Lighting is one of the things that influences your decor. You can use run rope lights for lighting ideas in your garden so that it will bring out lighting that looks beautiful. Run a rope light from loveproperty.

Create an Inviting Ambiance with Comfy Furniture

Next, set up an inviting atmosphere with the help of comfy furniture. What about adding hanging or swing chair? Everyone would always love to visit your fresh garden and spend their time in that cozy lounge. Otherwise, you can also create a welcoming reading nook by adding a hammock, bubble chair, or pod chair to your outside space. 


A hammock with pillows will make your backyard decor even more comfortable. Some plants and seating will give your garden a natural touch. Hammock with pillows from blog.gardenloversclub.
Decorating your backyard garden with a red hammock will give it an attractive appearance. The dining table set is added to enjoy dining while in your garden. Red hammock from blog.gardenloversclub.
Garden hammock stand complete with pillows will create a comfortable impression in your backyard. A little greenery will complete the look. Garden Stand Hammock from blog.gardenloversclub.
Installing bubble chairs in your backyard garden will provide a time-consuming decor. Add a blanket for a cozy feel. Bubble chairs with blanket from home-designing.
The swing will create a comfortable impression while in the garden behind your house. You can add more pillows for a comfortable look. Swing from home-designing.
The backyard patio is a place to spend time and enjoy leisure time. You can add a bubble chair complete with cushions to create a comfortable impression. Bubble chair with pillow from roomenia.
Adding a wooden swing complete with pillows will add to the comfort of your backyard patio. You can complement it with some other greenery. Black wooden swing from organicauthority.

Add an Arbor for a More Enchanting Look

Adding an arbor is another best garden design idea you should try. Lucky for you, there are countless arbor styles you can pick – such as Fairfield Grande, Florence, and Brookfield. Besides, you’ll also have the liberty to use it to your liking. Be it as a pretty gate, or as a focal point in the heart of your outside area, all will bring dramatic effects and elevate your garden’s aesthetics.  

The sizable garden arbor that includes this seating area is absolutely stunning. The rose-covered roof provides a distinct decoration. You can add a white iron chair to provide a comfortable seat. Seating Area With Rose Roof from owntheyard.
This simple white arbor will make a lovely look to your garden as it passes through the arched entrance to your vibrant home and garden. Greet them with various colorful flowers. White arbor from owntheyard.
These pillars can be a great addition to the garden area of ​​your home. With a pretty and feminine look of pink rose bush and stone pillar look, it will take you back to ancient times. Pillared Arbor Walkway from owntheyard.
This wrought iron arbor, which is equipped with greenery, will provide an attractive garden decoration, so you will have a unique entrance. Wrought Iron Arbor from owntheyard.
Using iron arbor complete with green plants and wooden benches. This will provide the perfect garden decoration. Iron arbor from owntheyard.
This garden arbor with a white picket fence complements your garden decor. This way it will make your garden more attractive and worth checking out. Garden Arbor With White Picket Fence from owntheyard.
This Rustic Wooden Arbor would make a great garden entrance. Use wood chips for a deeper rustic feel. Rustic Wooden Arbor from owntheyard.

Those are some smart garden design ideas to bring your outdoor space to the whole next level. After all, you’re more than welcome to try your own creative ways to make your garden stand out in the crowds. So, what about you? Have you got your brilliant idea? Are you ready to improve your garden look now?