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24 Perfect Planting Ideas You’ll Love for a Small Garden

Having a tiny garden doesn’t mean that you have a limited chance to create a gorgeous outdoor haven. No matter how small your garden space is, you can always design a welcoming and unique outside sanctuary area that everyone loves to visit. Stay with us a little longer. Here, we’ll uncover outstanding planting ideas for a small garden. Let’s dive in.   


Start with the Plant Options

First things first, pick the plants wisely. Think about the physical conditions of your planting space. If your garden is shady, plants like Tulipa Spring Green and Bergenia are the perfect choices. Meanwhile, Geranium and Aster are some best options for a sunny garden.  

To give color to your small garden decoration, applying several pots planted with colorful geraniums is an interesting idea that you can try. You can put it in an area that people frequent. Geraniums container from diynetwork.
Make the aster a colorful garden border. You can choose from two different colors, for example a combination of purple and white. This flower is a pretty focal point. Aster border garden from gardenista.
Take advantage of the empty land in your small garden as a planting area that will instantly change the appearance of your garden to be more beautiful. Aster are the right answer to fill this field. Small garden with aster flower from gardenista.
You can combine tulips with other types of flowers that have contrasting colors. When you have orange tulips, yellow flowers are the right choice of additional flowers, you can try them in your small garden decoration. Combine tulip with yellow flower from nytimes.
Bergenia flowers are an option that can make your small garden decoration more colorful. You can make it as a natural garden border that can make the garden more beautiful. Bergenia flowers border from gardeningknowhow.
When you have a small garden, then growing tulips in a pot is the right idea. You can move this pot anywhere you want, let this flower get enough sunlight. Tulips container from finegardening.

Make Your Walls Alive

Next, make the most of your wall spaces by creating an eye-catching vertical planting area. To do so, you can attach your plants to the wall using tools like landscape fabrics, wall-mounted planters, or plant holders. You may also DIY your own framed succulent to add attention-grabbing wall arts.

Take advantage of the wooden walls that are still empty for ideas on hanging cloth pots containing different kinds of flowers. Cloth pots give a recycled impression that is very useful and can enhance your garden decoration. Hanging cloth pots from countryliving.
Standing wire racks provide a place to hang small clay pots. Here you only need to add a hook for the pot so it doesn’t fall and break easily. Add outdoor furniture for a comfortable rest area. Standing wire racks for hanging clay pots from countryliving.
Bring your garden walls to life with succulent wood frames that look beautiful and fresh. This frame gives a natural and simple impression that you can try. Succulent wood frames from countryliving.
You can reuse the hanging shoe rack as an outdoor pot idea that can grow vertical plants lush. Provide adequate lighting and adequate water and fertilizer. Reuse hanging shoe rack for outdoor pot from countryliving.
You can turn DIY landscape fabrics into cheap and easy vertical herbal garden ideas. You simply hang it on the empty wall to turn it on and beautify it instantly. DIY vertical herbal from countryliving.
Reuse your used cans as ideas for beautiful colorful flower hanging pots. You can simply repaint it blue to make it look more new and elegant. Repaint cans pots from countryliving.

Create Stunning Ladder Gardens

The next excellent planting idea for a small garden is to repurpose the old ladder. By doing so, you can get extra spots for displaying plants and add a catchy focal point to your outside area. For a more attractive look, repaint the ladder using the color you like. Otherwise, you can also turn it into a vintage piece by distressing it. 


Narrow land is not an obstacle to starting farming. Use the old ladder to place the galvanized pots that are connected to the existing steps. Old ladder to place the galvanized pots from architectureartdesigns.
Don’t worry or be confused about making new innovations in the world of plantations. Only by using a ladder that you no longer use to change the style of the appearance of your garden, for example by changing its function as a place to put some baskets that you use as a planting medium. Rest the ladder against the wall from architectureartdesigns.
Beautify your small garden by using a used ladder for a flower pot placemat so that it doesn’t take up space. By arranging them on the steps to make your plant collection look so beautiful. Ladder for a flower pot from architectureartdesigns.
Take advantage of the distressed wooden ladder again as an area to put vintage pots well. You can use a used teapot as an outdoor pot idea that is easy to get around your home. Distressed wooden ladder from architectureartdesigns.
To bring a vintage style to your garden, using reclaimed wooden ladder is the right idea. You can use a clay pot as a suitable plant container for this style. Vintage reclaimed wooden ladder from architectureartdesigns.


Re-paint your old ladder for a more elegant, less shabby feel. You can choose several different types of flowers for each rung, finally put the basket pot at the top of the ladder for a sweet finishing touch. Re-paint your old ladder from architectureartdesigns.

Hang the Plants Wherever Possible

If you no longer have any spot to grow your plants on the ground, that’s alright. You can always hang planters from the ceiling, hooks, or pipes and start building an outstanding hanging garden. What’s great is, you’ll always have the liberty to display your greenery in the most creative ways. From using birdcage, colander, hoop, to light bulb, the possibility is endless.  

By using a used bucket to be used as a pot, it will make it easier for you to arrange it. Flower pots from used buckets can be hung on a unique wooden frame. Hanging buckets pot from shelterness.
Hanging gardens affixed to the walls of your home are the right solution for those of you who only have narrow land but still want to grow crops. With this hanging garden you can arrange it vertically. Wall mounted vertical pots from shelterness.
If you have any unused PVC pipes you can use to create a multi-storey hanging garden. You can also use the terraced hanging garden that you put on the terrace of this house to block out the sun so that it does not directly enter the house. Hanging PVC pipes pots from shelterness.
The old bird cage will be of much higher value if you convert it to grow crops. If you combine an old bird cage with various colorful plants, it will certainly be the center of attention in your garden. Hanging old bird cage from shelterness.
If you have a hobby of collecting ornamental plants but only have limited land, using a hanging garden is a brilliant idea. In addition to saving land, it can also be used to beautify your collection of ornamental plants. Floating vertical plant from shelterness.
Take advantage of the remaining land in your house to create a garden to keep oxygen in your home sufficient. Even though it is limited, with a hanging ball garden it makes your dreams of being able to make greening come true. Hanging ball garden from shelterness.

Now that you know some brilliant planting ideas for a tiny garden, it’s time to try them out in your outdoor area. Good luck!