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24 Best Garden Types That Everyone Wants to Copy

Are you planning to start gardening but don’t know where to start? Then, this article is for you. Here, we’ll break down some perfect garden types to help you plan and design the best planting space in your house. Excited? Scroll through to learn more.

Flower Gardens

Transform your outdoor area into a gorgeous haven by building flower gardens. What’s great is, flowers like Geranium and Lavender can bring pleasant scents – helping you boost your mood after a long day. Meanwhile, some varieties like Coneflower and Lantana can attract butterflies and make your outside space more alive and attractive.

For a more colorful garden border look, you can use several different types and colors of flowers such as pink, yellow and white in one area. Green grass adds a fresh feel and contrasts with the flower color. Colorful garden border from homebnc.
To create a more lively garden decoration, you can plant tulips and combine them with the same annuals and perennials that have a striking color. This flower bed makes the garden even prettier. Combining tulips with annuals and perennials from homebnc.
A deep red color tucked in pink blossoms creates a festive effect in a mixed flower bed. For a more unique look, you can make a flower garden layout in the form of a flower, this idea is easy enough for you to try. Flower garden layout from homebnc.
Hang geraniums on the wall of your garden to give it a fragrant aroma as an idea to improve your mood. Don’t forget to add a rose underneath for a more colorful style. Combination geraniums with rose from homebnc.
The flowers blooming together make for a beautiful garden scene. Especially if the color looks so vibrant and striking. The colorful scenery seemed relaxing and so serene. Flowers blooming together from silviacraft.
Create good things in your garden by planting daisies that are so pretty and lovely, when they are full they look so perfect. Here you just need to provide adequate water and lighting. A field of daisies from silviacraft.

Rock Gardens

If you’re after a more unique scheme, then try building rock gardens using simple materials like boulders, sand, gravel, rock, and soil. Take notes that you should always make enough considerations when picking the plants for this setting. Think about some varieties that can grow well in rocky conditions such as cactus, daffodils, blue fescue grass, and phlox.

Make your path from stone as the main material which is sturdy and coarse textured so that it is stronger. This wooden fence will look more elegant when equipped with hanging flower plants. Stone pathways from homedit.
Combine green grass with stone paths to reinforce a rock garden decor that is on a budget. You can make a stone path to the outdoor living room for a different look. Combine green grass with stone paths from homedit.
You can provide a variety of colors and greenery by planting flowers and grass in your rock garden. Ideal rock garden plants include evergreens and geraniums. Rock garden plants from homedit.
Use the cobblestone paths with green grass between the rocks to create a smoother path. Choose colorful flowers to plant along the stone path to enhance the bold color. Cobblestone paths with colorful flowers from homedit.
Create a fish pond that is made of stone material for a more natural impression and more perfect to blend into nature. Besides that, this splash of water adds to a relaxed atmosphere when you are in the garden. Stone fish pond in the garden from homedit.
The terraced rock gardens provide a big natural explosion for your backyard. You can plant flowers in any garden with stone steps to make it more colorful. Level rock garden from homedit.

Water Gardens

One of the most favorite garden types is water gardens. The best thing is, this type is not only appealing to the eyes but also offers a peaceful ambiance to relieve stress. If you love this style, consider creating a pond as the focal point. Then, add waterfalls, fish, and water plants to create a more natural effect in your outside area.

Make your backyard garden a place to refresh your mind by creating a pool equipped with a waterfall. It will be even more refreshing if you add water plants to the pool so that it will display a natural impression in your home. Pool with waterfall from architectureartdesigns.
The sound of water falling on your waterfall will cause quite a lot of water splashes. It would be better if it was used to water plants around the pond, which of course made it more natural. Waterfall with water plants from architectureartdesigns.
If you have an artificial fish pond in your yard, it is incomplete if you don’t add water plants in it. With water plants it will make the pond like a natural habitat, which makes your favorite fish comfortable. Fish pond from architectureartdesigns.
One way to calm the mind is to return to nature. The easy way is to make a pond equipped with green plants around the pond. Choose plants that are suitable for the moist ecosystem around the pond, for example, aquatic plants. Pond equipped with green plants from architectureartdesigns.
Create a natural feel in the corner of your mini pool by adding a touch of green, for example with plants that require a lot of water in order to keep them alive even in limited land. Corner mini pool from architectureartdesigns.
If you have a small pool behind the house, it is not perfect if you haven’t equipped it with some water plants. With some of these water plants, it will certainly make your pond look more beautiful and cool. Small pool behind the house from architectureartdesigns.

Edible Gardens

For those who prefer a multifunctional outdoor space that both practical and good-looking, why don’t you try designing pretty edible gardens? Start by planting fruits that can adorn your outside area with beautiful colors—such as tayberry, Oregon grape, and alpine strawberries. You may also pick some vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant that can add stunning hues to your garden.

Not only for ornamental plants, your garden will be more beneficial if planted with vegetables or fruits. In addition to greening, planting vegetables in your garden can certainly reduce expenses for buying vegetables. Fresh edible garden from savvygardening.
Leave a little space in your flower garden to plant edible plants such as eggplant or vines provided rattan is a place to grow these plants. Edible plants and vines from savvygardening.
Let’s green this garden again with one small step, namely to start gardening around our house. So that we can enjoy the results of gardening it would be nice if you start by planting various vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits from savvygardening.
To get fresh lemons, you can plant them in your garden. You can also choose dwarf varieties, which are suitable for living in containers. Fresh lemons from hgtv.
Take advantage of your landscape garden to plant some fruits and vegetables to make it easier for you to get. Apple fruit trees make for an edible hedge idea. Apple fruit from gardeningknowhow.
Use the ceiling on your pergola as an area for propagating your strawberries to make them more fertile and fruitful. Here you can eat strawberries without buying. Strawberries on the ceiling from dialaservicecanada.

Those are some perfect garden types you can steal inspiration from. So, have you made your decision? Which style do you like the most? And which setting do you think can suit perfectly with your overall decor taste?