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24 Modern Garden Ideas for a Small Home

When you are designing a modern home, the exterior should have the same theme for its garden. Especially when you have limited space, you tend to be creative. So, how would you create a modern garden that blends nicely with your minimalist or contemporary home? A garden that looks modern is filled with simplicity and function. Here are some simple examples that fit the criteria.

1. Clean Shape

There are straight lines and shapes in a modern garden. You need to have the trees trimmed to maintain a certain shape. You also need to keep the lawn at a certain height to preserve a certain design. Let us not forget there are also modern planter, pots and foliage made of concrete to enhance certain shape associated with modernity. 

A neat little garden decoration, you can use a large concrete pot to beautify the garden. You can keep the plants tall for a neat look. Concrete pot from thespruce.
Using a garden bed made of natural stone piles will enhance the appearance of your garden. Adding a pergola and wooden deck will complement the decor. Natural stone garden bed from thespruce.
This wooden garden bed adds a neat impression to your small garden. The addition of a seating area will give you a comfortable impression and make you feel at home in the garden. Wooden garden bed and seating area from thespruce.
Vertical plants if you prune them will maintain a certain shape. don’t forget to add a chair complete with a table to get a comfortable impression in your garden. Vertical plants from thespruce.
This neat little garden is equipped with a concrete garden bed painted gray to create a neatly arranged garden. Don’t forget to add a wooden bench equipped with a fireplace. Small Garden from thespruce.
This L-shaped Gaden bed adds a chic impression to your tiny garden. Don’t forget to add modern pekebut with black pots to give it a modern impression. L-shaped Gaden bed from renoguide.
To give it a neat and modern impression, you can add a concrete garden mattress. Add a wooden bench for you to enjoy the fresh air in your garden. L-shaped garden bed from renoguide.
To make a neat and clean garden you can trim the book wood by maintaining a certain shape. Don’t forget to add a seating area and water accents in your tiny garden. Bookwood on small garden from renoguide.

2. Dry Garden

A pond, fountain, or waterfall is not a must in a modern home. Keeping the outdoor clean with a waterless garden is a popular approach to give your garden a modern look. Look into a Japanese garden that uses plenty of gravel, pebbles, rocks, and succulents. You can place a water planter, or a planter bed to represent the water element in the modern garden. They need to have a clean shape and easy to maintain.

To keep the appearance beautiful in a small garden, you can add a water element from a bowl pot complete with greenery. This is a way of presenting your modern garden. Bowl pot from balconygardenweb.
The water palette is made of wine barrels complete with some greenery. This is a great water accent idea to decorate your little garden. Wine barrels water planter from balconygardenweb.
If you are looking for a water accent design in a small garden, this is one of the best answers. Water planter ideas from concrete pots look unusual and beautiful. Finish with some greenery to make the garden a focal point. Concrete pots from balconygardenweb.
Adding water accents is one brilliant idea to complete the look of your tiny garden. Using a large barrel equipped with a fountain and suitable lighting looks so simple and luxurious. large barrel water fountain from bobvila.
Get this look using a pile of stones and a bamboo. Simply add a waterfall using bamboo and the material of your choice to allow directional flow. Stone and bamboo from bobvila.
The use of this planter bed will make the garden design neat. Plant some herbs and vegetables for the natural look of your garden. Planter bed from sunset.
This barrel water planter will grab people’s attention while in your little garden. Put it in a corner of the garden and add a few bottles to crush the water. Barrel water planter from bobvila.
This wooden pallet planter bed will make your garden more tidy and attractive. Combining with a wooden deck and seating area will make you comfortable in the garden. Wooden pallet planter bed from bhg.

3. Repetitive

Trees, bushes and shrubs in the same height and color give a simple repetitive look. This is a common planting position in a modern garden. You can be creative by making a combination of flowering plants in a different color and other landscaping elements. The idea is to keep everything neat and tidy with minimum maintenance.

Grooming the shrubs at the same height will make your modern garden neater. Add lighting under the fence for an interesting look. Shrubs on Small garden from ofdesign.net.
This tiny garden has a slick and interesting design for you to try. You can trim vertical plants for a pretty look. combine with a few other plants to complement your garden. Vertical plants on Small garden from ofdesign.net.
Plant some trees for a neat garden design you can try. Using this concrete garden bed will complement your small garden design. Small garden decor from ofdesign.net.
This neat little garden look will give you the perfect design for you to try. Pair it with a wooden bench complete with a fireplace to create a cozy impression. Greenery on Small garden from onekindesign.
The use of this garden bed will add a neat impression to your garden so that you will get a stunning modern garden design. Garden bed from onekindesign.
Decorating a landscape garden with neat plants will make your garden more organized. Add a wooden bench and a fireplace for an eye-catching look. Landscape garden with neat plants from onekindesign.
Modern garden designs by applying arranged plants are a brilliant idea for you to try. Complete the decor with tree lighting for an eye-catching look. Modern garden with lighting from onekindesign.
These high white pots add to the appeal of your modern garden decor. Adding a round bush and a few chairs will complete your garden look. High white pots from onekindesign.

The modern garden has a specific color scheme, shape to maintain and structure to keep. No wonder it takes serious planning before making a modern garden, especially in a small home. You can use the inspirations above as something to implement at home. These ideas can be the extension of your modern home that you can apply outside.