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25 Inspiring DIY Outdoor Firepit That the Entire Family Can Enjoy

When the weather is nice enough to go outdoor, it is time to sit around by the firepit. You can toast some s’mores, have a barbeque and exchange stories. There are various materials and designs to make a good firepit. Here are some of the most popular designs to inspire you.

1. Boulder

It can’t get any easier than this. This type of pit does not need gas to light up. You will only need to put in charcoal and stones. To get the boulder pit, simply arrange several large slabs of stones as the base. And that is all you need, get some woods, and you are ready.

Outdoor decoration may have many variations. But with this decoration, you may be very happy. A boulder fire pit looks great simple. Boulder fire pit from boulderfirepits.
Use a boulder to complement your garden decor. You can use charcoal and wood to decorate an outdoor fireplace. Boulder on garden from landscapingnetwork.
The addition of a fire pit stone will make any outdoor fireplace decor look natural. You only need to add charcoal and rocks to light this fireplace. Fire pit stone from landscapingnetwork.
This outdoor fireplace design has a beautiful appearance. You can use a boulder fire pit so that it provides warmth and safety to the decoration. Outdoor boulder fire pit from boulderfirepits.
An outdoor fireplace can be the decorative addition you are looking for. This outdoor decoration has a stunning combination with a boulder fire pit that makes the perfect combination. Boulder Fire Table from foxnews.

2. The Gravel

Make a firepit with small rocks and gravel ties with cement. The gravel makes an ideal material. Put more gravels surrounding the pit, and you’ll have a nice place to warm up on a windy night.

Adding gravel to the fire pit will give you comfort while enjoying the garden air. You can combine it with a natural stone fire pit for a natural impression. Grevel and fire pit from exoticpebblesandglass.
Combine this outdoor decor with an outdoor fireplace. Then, add gravel to the base and complement it with a simple chair for comfort. gravel on base from redcarpetenterprises.
This outdoor fireplace design has the right combination. Gravel as a base and chairs can provide comfort for you and your guests. Outdoor firepit from evpainfo.
This decoration has an interesting combination using a fire pit and gravel which provides warmth for guests who come and add some woven chairs to complete the decor. Fire pit and rattan chair from homestoriesatoz.
Many people don’t know the nice outdoor fireplace decor. But with this decoration, it can provide knowledge and variations in outdoor fireplace decor. Outdoor fire pit and gravel from thehandymansdaughter.

3. Cinderblock

Who can resist a cheap yet sturdy material when you are designing an outdoor structure? The advantage of using cinderblock is you get a solid material with a modern shape. The square or rectangular forms blend perfectly with a modern home. 

Equipping your patio with a fire pit is a great idea to provide the perfect warmth. A DIY fire pit made of cinder blocks will give you the perfect natural look. DIY fire pit from deliasphotos.
DIY fire pits made of cinder blocks will leave your patio scorching hot. It will also provide the perfect warmth in your garden. Cinder block fire pit from deliasphotos.
Try making a fire pit in your patio so that it provides warmth throughout the curry. You can make fire pits out of cinder blocks to complement your patio for a natural look. Square fire pit from deliasphotos.
You can equip your garden with a cinder block fire pit which will be a comfortable place to relax and gather with your family. Cinder block fire pit on Garden from deliasphotos.
DIY fire pits from a cinder block equipped with an iron will be the perfect source of warmth so that it feels good. Firepit cinder block with iron from deliasphotos.

4. In-Ground Ideas

Basically, you just need to dig a hole large enough to make a fireplace. Some people prefer this kind of structure for safety reasons. The dirt around it can prevent fires from escaping the pit.

The rustic garden design with wooden furniture looks perfect. You can equip it with DIY a round fire pit so it will provide natural warmth. Round fire pit fromowntheyard.
You can build an in ground fire pit to make it stronger and more durable. It will also give warmth to your patio area so you can try it now. In ground fire pit from owntheyard.
If you want to equip your garden with a fire pit, you can do a DIY project. You can make it yourself in the ground so it looks simple but still perfect. Round fire pit in ground from woohome.
Building a fire pit in your garden is an interesting idea. You can choose to make a fire pit in the ground and add rocks around the edges for a natural look. In ground fire pit and rock from morningchores.
A simple in ground fire pit made of bricks will give the perfect rustic look and warmth for you and your family. In ground fire pit from morningchores.

5. Firepit And Seating Area

Don’t you love it when one design fits all? Like having a pit that comes with a matching seating area. You can use bricks, concrete and cinderblocks as the pit structure as well as the seating area.

The addition of a cozy fire pit in the backyard combined with wooden planks and cinder block benches will give an interesting impression. Wooden planks and cinder block benches from homedesigninspired.
Simple garden by adding a fire pit that is comfortable for you to try. Add chairs for more attractive garden decorations. Seating area from homedesigninspired.
A cozy fire pit can be placed in your backyard. Pair it with rock seating ideas and add soft foam to complement the comfort of your garden décor. Rock seating from homedesigninspired.
Apply a comfortable fire pit that is combined with a wooden and concrete bench and add some pillows to complete the decoration in your garden. Wooden and concrete bench fromhomedesigninspired.
A simple garden decoration by adding a cozy fire pit, wooden bench, and some greenery will complete your garden décor. Wooden bench from homedesigninspired.

Highlight your home with a cozy firepit to make space outdoor to gather around. Feel free to be creative with the designs. Who knows you may want to do thing a little differently. Just make sure it is safe and comfortable.