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12 Minimalist Scandinavian Apartment Design Ideas

If you are looking for a home that is simple in design, then the Scandinavian minimalist design may be perfect for you. The Scandinavian minimalist apartment is characterized by straight lines and surfaces. In Scandinavian interior design this type of apartment is more often decorated with one color, black. As the name suggests, the concept of the minimalist design consists of keeping everything as simple as possible. This kind of design is also known as the decoration of simplicity.

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There is nothing better than minimalism than a house painted entirely in white, which is a staple of Scandinavian design. Beautiful in a way that makes the room feel airy.
Add a pop of color to your wall décor, furniture, or accessories in a way that balances the ratio of basic white and accent colors, making the whole setup stand out.
If you have large windows, don’t cover them with heavy curtains that block out the sunlight. Instead, choose light curtains or blinds that allow maximum sunlight in and also give you ample privacy.
Another great way to embrace a Scandinavian style that’s also part of the wall decor and looks really chic is to include typography, which Europeans love for obvious reasons.
No design style blends and matches textures together as well as Scandinavian design. A wooden ceiling, a braided rug and some feathers, throw it all in and you have a beautiful Scandinavian living room.
Warm wood tones are also an important element in Scandinavian homes because of their simplicity. The décor is rarely paired with the warmth of natural wood to give the room a welcoming charm.
You can achieve this look by choosing an accent color and adding colorful cushions, wall art, and lampshades of the same color.
An authentic Scandinavian kitchen will have open shelves, white cabinets and wooden elements such as a wooden countertop. Cutlery is also mostly white, as it creates the perfect flow with the rest of the kitchen.
Basic graphic patterns are a great way to add an element of modern decor to your living room. This pattern also doesn’t need to be too complicated. A simple zigzag design on some curtains or rugs can really bring your room to life.
Due to the minimalist nature of Scandinavian design, bright or intense color schemes are usually unpopular. In contrast, Scandinavian designs often feature neutral colors like grays, beige, whites, blacks, and other muted colors.
Many of these homes are designed to use as little energy as possible and many Scandinavians are also taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint.
One of the unique features of Scandinavian interior design is the light colored flooring. Using bleached colored wood and light tiles is a common way Scandinavians achieve this effect.

Using minimalist architecture in a traditional Scandinavian apartment or house is not something that just appears. This actually stems from the fact that Scandinavians themselves are famous for having very small houses with minimal furnishings, which makes the experience really open and spacious. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that you use the same technique in the design of your own Scandinavian minimalist apartment.