15 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas You Should to Try

When it comes to creating and designing front yards, many home owners have a hard time coming up with attractive landscaping ideas that really accentuate the beauty of their home. The front yard is usually the view you give your neighbor so you want it to be inviting, welcoming and comfortable to look at. There are many different landscape design ideas that can be used to create a beautiful backyard or front yard that will make your guest visit even more enjoyable. Here are some front yard landscaping ideas that are sure to make your yard a great place to take a walk.

Designing a flower bed for your front yard is a great way to express your personality and creativity. Flower beds can add lovely texture, color and aroma to your lawn.
Mulch can make your flower bed colorful, and provides excellent weed control. Cover exposed tree roots and unsightly weeds that steal the attention of your roses.
If your yard has flower beds, walkways, shrubs, or garden beds, then tracing these spaces with stones, bricks, or a short fence can help accentuate them in the landscape.
Window boxes add charm to exterior windows and give you an incredible view of your favorite flower right from the inside.
You can highlight special features of your property with walking trails, directing people for a walk through majestic oak trees, cottage gardens, or stunning views.
An arbor will add a charming appeal to your front yard and create a stunning focal point.
Boxwood bushes are a must if you want classic elegance and shades of green in your front yard. These shrubs make great focal points, potted plants, privacy barriers, and walkways.
Retaining walls are the best way to control erosion, landscape on hills or slopes, or make trees stand out from the landscape. A retaining wall can help you design a raised flower bed and add an interesting layer to your lawn.
Many shade-loving plants will thrive in the space under your shade tree.
A staircase in the front yard is a great entrance and is sure to make a memorable first impression. The stairs help open areas of the yard that may be difficult to access.
Even if you are using a different material for the garden divider, adding rocks or boulders will break up the profile for an earthy, natural accent.
Landscape lights are inexpensive and most often solar powered. This means you can simply choose a light color you like, stick it on the ground along a walkway or line a flowerbed, and leave it alone to light up your front yard at night.
By simply enhancing or refreshing the border in your flowerbed, it will change the overall look of the plant and the features that are already there.
Plant some Edging Jasmine or annual flowers next to your mailbox. Draw a simple outline to accommodate a little mulch.

In many instances, front yard landscaping ideas using cobblestones can also serve a practical purpose, such as creating a stone spillway for a front road that will prevent excess mud from being washed away by heavy rainfall.