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12 Best Living Room Lighting Ideas

If you are looking for new and exciting living room lighting ideas, you have come to the right place. This article will give you some tips on how you can spice up your living room without spending a fortune. Lighting can make or break the feel and atmosphere of a room, so it’s important to make the right choices. Luckily, most of these options are fairly inexpensive and won’t break your budget. In fact, you might find some great living room lights for a fraction of what you pay for at a department store! So, let’s get started.

The pleated lemon yellow lampshade in a multicolored living room is the cherry on top. While the cushions and footrests are fun, the elegant gold mirrors and bright blue walls make for a pleasant space
While only three furniture items are two chairs and a small coffee table, a ceiling light is all it takes to make the whole room feel special.
This blue living room is lit by a modern white chandelier that contrasts sharply with traditional elements, such as tufted seating and chesterfield sofas.
Rice paper shade pendants are very affordable in terms of lighting that also look tall and slim. They also emit a soft glow.
If you have a very large living room, consider breaking it up into two different sitting areas and creating symmetry by hanging identical light fixtures over each.
The extra lighting with sleek black spotlights will make your artwork stand out that will bring the room to life.
In this eclectic living room, the burlap rugs, wood finishes and brass accents especially the inverted drum pendant bring plenty of warmth to ensure a comfortable and inviting space.
Sputnik is great for bursts of energy, because of its shape that makes it seem like it exudes joy.
A beautiful floor lamp adds character, an abundance of natural light also helps to set the color of the room. A window seat is a great addition to a living-room hybrid because it blends into the background.
Add fun and engaging lighting for an extra touch of whimsy, like a pendant in this DB Studio designed room.
Recessed lighting is a good choice for a living room. Consider placing it on a sofa, coffee table or chair.
Recessed lighting is a good choice for a living room. Consider placing it on a sofa, coffee table or chair.
Most rooms serve more than one function. Lighting should be paid attention to when highlighting certain elements of the room.

There are many living room lighting ideas that you can use to make your best decor ideas come true.