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14 Comfy Home Office Design Ideas

Comfortable home office design ideas are not hard to come by. While the whole idea of a home office may sound great, the entire process of designing, building and furnishing can be time consuming and laborious. That’s why you might want to enlist the help of someone who knows about decorating and furnishing a home office so that you don’t have to spend too much time doing it yourself. This way you can be sure that your office will have the look you want, while saving time and money.

Don’t be afraid to use fancy fabrics, bright hues, and flashy patterns in one place.
Decorate your workspace with quirky accessories like this large paper flower to make it feel completely unique.
Create an upscale and elegant office space with a table over the mirror and framed artwork.
Make your office feel airy and bright by using white throughout.
Add some luxury to your home office by incorporating a magnificent and pretty chair.
Pieces that make a statement, from family heirlooms to throwback kits, give this home office an instant patina.
A salmon colored table used as a table and old church pews furnished with feather cushions adorn this home office.
In this loft office, a torn leopard print coat makes for a unique upholstery, which accompanies a 1920s ebony table.
This charming home office clears storage space with a cedar wood ceiling to create a serene writing corner.
To make the area feel more spacious, choose compact furniture including metal chairs, simple desks and task lamps that don’t take up too much visual space.
Positioned behind a custom sofa in this home office, this pine stained tavern counter doubles as a desk.
The bedroom office area gets a pop of color from vintage soda bottles and the red wall firefighter table. Eames-style chairs are a garage sale find.
Turn a cluttered wardrobe into an accessible workspace filled with inspiration. Choose a chair with adjustable stands so that it slides under the table, which can be made using a metal filing cabinet and a ready-made melamine desktop.
A dedicated table, furnished with a 1940s goose neck lamp and a Thonet chair that makes efficient use of the second floor landing.

The main thing is to figure out what your needs are for a home office. If you need space for your computer, printer, fax machine, and a desk then get those things. But if you need room to spread out and relax with a comfortable chair and maybe a few books then pick a home office design idea that helps you achieve both.