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15 Beautiful Backyard Pergola Design Ideas

If you want to make the most of your backyard and add to its beauty, then a backyard pergola design is for you. This is especially useful for people who don’t have enough space to accommodate their terrace or pool in their home. You’d be surprised to know that a backyard pergola can provide shelter, a barbecue, a place to relax and a great focal point during those dark winter nights. Apart from that, a backyard pergola can also help you turn your boring backyard into an inviting and fun space. Here are some backyard pergola design ideas that can help you decide how to work on this project.

Special steel joints and careful planning make for a successful outdoor layout creating a comfortable space for homeowners and their guests to enjoy.
Pergola swing beds allow homeowners to sit back and enjoy their backyard. Palm trees were added to give the courtyard a resort atmosphere.
Building a pergola right from the house helps to expand the living space of the house. Pergola also protects the inside of the house from direct sunlight.
The outdoor living area features a custom steel pergola with hanging pendants to shade the dining area.
Two pergolas flanking the pool house to create a pair of outdoor spaces. The distant pergola has a relaxing living area, while the second pergola includes a swinging bed that hangs from the perlin.
This small backyard offers two outdoor structures on one deck. Having a covered gazebo and an open pergola provides homeowners with more options for living outdoors.
A wooden pergola with string lights adds dimension and definition to the dining area with two picnic-style tables and a large fireplace.
The breezy gazebo at the foot of the pool provides an escape after a few laps.
The tightly closed pergola provides shade to the hot tub and lounge area.
There is a cooking area on the left side of the deck, and a lounge area on the right, and the central sitting area is an inviting pergola covered hot tub.
A pergola offers shade, as do the fruit trees towering behind the fence. Pillows and cushions feature an understated palette that blends nicely with the architecture.
This modified traditional Balinese garden provides an oasis filled with tropical colors and foliage, aromatic gardens and Eastern motifs.
A set of pergolas is built over each door to help block some of the bright California sun in this Pacific beach home.
A pergola flows from the inside of the poolhouse to the outside, providing an artful covering for the outdoor shower. This is a great place to rinse your body after swimming.
By combining eclectic pottery and elegant sculptures, the outdoor living area evokes a friendly, personal look.

An easy-to-follow plan is all that is needed for the construction of a functional backyard pergola. There are many backyard pergola design ideas to choose from, but the most important thing to consider is that the design must reflect the style of the house.