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14 Cool Bedroom Lighting Ideas

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to bedroom lighting is over-accessories. Often times, what works best is incorporating several types of lighting into your bedroom, rather than having just one piece of equipment or item. For example, by creating different levels of light with sconces, pendants and even chandeliers, you can make your bedroom look attractive without overdoing it. And if you work in a room that benefits the most from natural ambient light, let the room naturally shine (literally!) And the lighting solution takes a back seat? What are some good options for bedroom lighting? There are lots of different things you can do, and more than just hanging light bulbs, that look tacky and cheap.

Take a look at the contrast between traditional chrome and ceramic lamps, they each speak with different design influences throughout the room.
Simple metal sconces provide additional bedside lighting but also blend right in with the white walls.
These sculpted sconces introduce a more innovative, edgy twist to traditional elements and a warm, cheerful color scheme.
Keep that light and airy feeling in this blue and white bedroom by sticking in white scones and a sheer feathery pendant.
The color of this side table lamp is unpredictable, but it works really well to keep the space light and casual for a lake cabin while still being mature and sophisticated.
Hang multiple bulbs of all shapes and sizes for a cool, easy, and unfinished aesthetic. It’s affordable, resourceful, and stylish.
This texture-rich bedroom gets an extra cool vibe from its geometric pendant. This adds a more formal and glamorous feel to the space.
An angled dark green pendant appears in marigold colors and organic shapes.
Installing a lamp beside your bed eliminates the need for a large night stand.
Flank the bed with two sleek floor lamps instead of classic table lamps. This adds height and dimension while freeing up more surface space on the bedside table.
This dramatic three-tiered chandelier in the bedroom is a more pleasing alternative to a traditional chandelier or overhead light.
If you have high ceilings but keep them neutral, this beige pendant is definitely worth the check.
Skip the bright overhead lights and install track lights instead. This will create a softer and more calming atmosphere in your room.
While not overly exaggerated in form or material, this chandelier brings a pleasant sense of drama with its overly large appeal.