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12 Attractive Small Bathroom Design Ideas

There are tons of small bathroom design ideas out there – I’m just about to write a quick article on some of them. I hope I helped you understand how much room you really have to work with, what kind of design you want your bathroom to be, and how much you can do to make it work for you. Small bathrooms are often overlooked and people spend way too much money on bigger bathrooms because they don’t realize how little they have to do. Here are some small bathroom design ideas to get you started:

Light blue zellige tiles and sleek matte black and glass cover make a modern statement. The floating bench adds formal and functional value too.
Wall-to-wall mirrors are a guaranteed way to create the illusion of spaciousness.
A large pendant adds enough contrast but also floods the room with light, which is essential in a small bathroom.
The key is to use a waterproof material so that everything can get wet, then swap the shower head and towel rack securely against the wall.
Instead of cluttering the walls and floor with shelving units and storage furniture, this tiny bathroom has framed prints on the window sill and then adds a small vase.
Full of playful patterns and quirky motifs, this powder room proves that small spaces can shine.
Incorporate built-in shelves and recesses into the wall behind the bath for towels and products.
Natural light is key to making a small room feel bigger. Skylights are a great choice when there aren’t enough windows.
Skip the large cupboards and install a floating sink to save space.
Inspired by the shower in Europe, this closed with a simple curtain and drain saves serious space compared to a traditional full installation.
Lean the ladder directly against the wall behind your toilet to give extra space to hang linens or a showerhead.
Instead of a door on a hinge that when open will take up space in your small room, choose a door on a rail that is always parallel to the wall.

Perhaps the most important of these small bathroom design ideas is all about peeling it all back. Really think about what you want in your room.

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