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15 Beautiful Small Hallway Decor Ideas

The concept of small hallway ideas can be applied to a variety of different living rooms, not just a typical small bathroom or even a laundry room sized entrance. In fact, if you look closely, you will find that there is quite a bit of free space in your house, which you can use for various purposes. You may be surprised how much money you can save simply by rearranging cabinets, kitchens, and other small spaces to better serve your needs.

If you have a wardrobe in your house, but it’s so small that you can’t use it for storage, then it’s time to expand. There are many wardrobe ideas that you can apply to existing wardrobes. Maybe you can add a shelf unit to the top of your wardrobe so that you can hang dresses and suits outside the wardrobe doors. You can then use this space to store linens, shoes, hats, and other small items. This will make your wardrobes much more organized and efficient. Here are a few little tips that can help you create small space ideas in your own home.

Paired with simple peg rails and attractive baskets, your hallway is instantly identifiable as a place to store clothes.
A simple shelf above the hidden storage unit, provides the perfect place for keys, welcome vases, and family photos to give your little hallway a touch of personality.
Maximize the decorative potential of storage by choosing built-in open units over those with doors.
The area under the stairs would have been a dark and unappealing room if it weren’t for the flashes of yellow wallpaper that refreshed the room endlessly.
Make a bouquet of fresh green foliage your focal point by planting it in a larger lacquer planter than the original.
Combine a touch of wood for a simple yet elegant hallway style. Outline the walls with white washed tongue-and-groove panels to keep the room bright and open,
Use striking blue paint on the steps and draw attention towards them with the tread and a brilliant white background.
For a rustic feel, combine furniture and storage for a look that’s relaxed, not cluttered.
Color the area just behind the stairs in a strong, rich red that’s sure to grab attention, then hang up your collection of prints and framed artwork of your choice.
If you want to create a more dramatic environment, choose a color that brings out a strong immediate emotional response to your hallway decor. Eggplant and deep plums will do just that.
Small hallways don’t have to mean boring hallways, nor do you have to use white paint to make them feel brighter and bigger.
Stripes are a classic choice for homes and can be used to create the illusion of space in the hallway. Horizontal lines will lead the eye upwards and vertical lines will lengthen the area.
It is important to consider the size and length of your hallway when choosing a color palette. If the ceiling is low, you can make it appear taller by choosing a color that will create an optical illusion.
Transform a dark, gloomy hallway with carefully positioned lighting. Directional wall lights can accentuate a beautiful ceiling.
Make sure you choose a smart flooring option and something that is hardwearing. A porcelain tile will help to minimize any damage.

These are just a few ideas. I recommend that you sit down and think about how you want it all to look. After you’ve created your plan, make sure you test it to make sure it fits into the space you’re using. Using some of the lighting ideas mentioned above, you will be able to create the best possible atmosphere for your home. Remember to test it first!