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10 Inspiring Rustic Living Room Decorating Ideas

Keep things cozy and traditional in your rustic living room with rustic decor. Whether you take inspiration from chalet huts and log cabins, or the cozy, low vaulted ceilings, with ancient exposed wood beams, a rustic living room is second to none. If you start from scratch, the wide vaulted ceilings with exposed wood beams look gorgeous, as do the floor-length exposed hardwood floors that open up to spectacular views. Throw in some rough wood floors finished with a slightly depressed vintage touch and you have the perfect living room – very warm and inviting, with enough rustic charm to make friends with anyone. Paint the walls a rich, dark color that contrasts with your walls and furniture, and place them on a comfortable sofa or love chair for more warmth and fun. Add in some handcrafted wood art and you’ll have a home you can call your own.

1. Accent Wall

Apart from trying to limit clutter and keep things in their original state, you might also want to consider installing an accent wall. They’re great for giving warm rustic style without cluttering up your interior design. An interesting idea is to place one in the center of your patio and one in the back. In this way, you can be sure that the two parts of your rustic patio and living room will complement each other.

There are really fun things you can do with an accent wall in your rustic living room design. Instead of painting it, why not use a wall visualizer? Wall visualizers are a great way to make wall colors match. Just place the wall visualizer on the wall, turn it on, and choose the right wallpaper, wall color, and pattern to match the interior design you want. Then throw your favorite pillow or decoration onto your wall decor.



Besides that, wall decor can also be an alternative choice to decorate your room. Reusing unused windows as wall decorations will certainly make the impression of the countryside even more real in your living room. If you want to look more attractive, you can use a classic banner that supports the rural theme of your home. Don’t forget to hang the wall clock so that your activities are always on time. Reuse unused windows as wall decoration from homebnc.


Another interesting thing is that you can try to make several shelves as a place to hang beautifully memorable photos with your family. By displaying some family photos in the living room will add warmth in welcoming your guests. For a rustic accent, use a touch of reclaimed wood on the hangers and on the frames. This is an option so that your living room looks unique. Reclaimed wooden shelves for hanging frames from homebnc.


Pouring your creative ideas in a rural-themed living room is something interesting. Increasing the classic decoration on the wall is the right choice. It would be more perfect if you add a corner lamp to the room, which will certainly make the impression of the countryside stronger. By showing several collections of documentation in the form of photos printed in various sizes makes it more artistic. Vintage artistic wall decoration from homebnc.


The unique appearance of the living room will make your guests feel more at home. The living room that you have equipped with a TV will certainly take up a little space for you to express your ideas. But don’t be discouraged, this one idea might help you solve the problem. With the TV, you can add on both sides with artistic wall decorations and classic rattan basket decorations. Don’t forget to use an old wooden table so that your rustic look is more perfect. Artistic wall decoration with decorative rattan baskets from homebnc.

2. Using Old Items

Another creative idea for your rustic living room is to use used items. Why not find some decorations you no longer use or like, but that has a function to use? Find a crafty project you want to try reusing like an old ladder, a wooden beam that can be used for coffee table ideas, reclaimed wood that can be turned to create furniture for your rustic living room, or find anything old items around your home that can be used for the decorative item in your rustic living room. Actually, a rustic style is about how to integrate a natural touch into your home decor in a simple and easy way. If you can find it and recycle it in your home, why you have to spend much budget? Easy right?


Another interesting decoration that you should try is to use some old items that you can still use again. For example, by using a table with the main material of large pieces of wood, equipped with a wooden tray for a place to place flowers in a ceramic vase. The living room is incomplete if you don’t use an old sofa that strengthens your rustic-themed living room. Large pieces wood table from homebnc.


You can also apply this reclaimed wood coffee table to your living room. You don’t need to repaint this table for a very striking old wood accent that is perfect for a rustic theme. The addition of a pair of classic glass wax pillars makes it even more perfect. Reclaimed wood coffee table from homebnc.


By presenting wood-touch furniture, you can easily create a rustic living room. Suppose a long, dull-looking wooden table would complement the rustic theme of your living room. Especially if you apply your walls with wooden ornaments as an addition to strengthen the rustic atmosphere, round mirrors help the illusion of a room to feel wider than before. You can try this design idea easily. Old furniture with wooden ornament wall decor from homebnc.

3. Determine the Color Scheme

When decorating your living room with a rustic style, it is very important to determine the right color scheme that identical to the rustic vibe. Rustic style is identical to the natural color scheme. Presenting the natural color for the rustic living room decor will strengthen the rustic vibe. In this case, you can apply a natural wood color or choose a dark color for the wall, floor, or furniture. Your living room doesn’t have to be all-dark, but you can decorate your rustic living room by finishing a dark accent. The important thing is that the element of natural color in rustic decor should not be lost. For the simple way, you can use wood materials for the wall and floor. The color of the wood will bring a warm and natural nuance to your rustic living room. After that, you can choose the furniture that has a lighter or darker color but is still on a natural color tone. Don’t overwhelm with it or making it look too busy because it will make your rustic living room unwell.


An easy way to display a rustic theme in your living room is by giving a touch of wood to your entire wall. Without overloading the existing furniture, you can combine your living room scheme with wooden walls that can be complemented with any color furniture. The wooden walls have a neutral color, making it easier for you to put whatever you want. Wooden walls with neutral colors from home-designing.


If you want a simple and uncluttered view, try to match the wooden roof in your living room with a classic white sofa and an artistic wooden round table. Add a touch of green to the room by presenting beautiful indoor plants. The rattan lamp container also adds a warm and simple rustic feel, open your curtains in the morning to help the lighting in your living room decor. Classic white sofa with calm nuances of the living room from home-designing.


A room with wooden accents in it will make the rustic theme that you stretch more leverage. For example, a wooden floor combined with a wooden wall on this one. It’s more of a perfect rustic theme if you include green on the sofa and some indoor plants. Glass windows provide sunlight perfectly into the room. Living room with wooden accents on the floor and roof from home-designing.

Those are some rustic living room ideas, hopefully, they will inspire you and you can create a rustic vibe in your living room as possible as you can.