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10 Mediterranean-Style Living Room Decor Ideas

When you are decorating a home, you may be wondering what Mediterranean living room decor looks best on. There are many options for decorating a house in this particular style. The reason for this is that many people who choose to live in this region of the world are used to living here and they have developed an appreciation for the simple things that make their homes a pleasant place to live in. If you’re thinking about adapting to such an environment, here are some Mediterranean decorating suggestions that will get you started.

1. Keep the color light.

Even though this design looks very modern, it sometimes looks a bit rough because most of the colors tend to be dark. Also, it’s quite easy for a room to look cluttered and this is one thing you want to avoid, so minimize clutter and keep in mind that Mediterranean living room decor is all about design simplicity.


To keep the room looking bright and giving a roomy impression, you can use a white color scheme in this Mediterranean living room. Equipped with a white sofa and a carved wooden table, it gives an attractive appearance and will grab the attention of many people. You should copy this design as it will give you a space free of clutter.  White color scheme from home-designing.


Having a neat Mediterranean living room and avoiding clutter is frowned upon by some. Wood elements and some greenery are added to give your room a natural feel. Burlap rugs, pallet walls, and chandeliers will attract crowds. The wooden floors and white tones make the room feel warm and cozy. Wood elements on Mediterranean living room from home-designing.

2. Crib items.

This may sound strange but it’s actually really useful to keep a Mediterranean item or two in each room. For example, you can use beautiful pottery as a lamp on a table or use it to hold a photo that you have framed. This will allow you to choose pieces that you can use in various places throughout the house without having to have everything that fits together.


The base of the table lamp should be at eye level when you sit down. Applying this sofa side table will complete the look of your Mediterranean living room. You can use a clay table lamp painted in glossy white for an attractive and stylish look. Table lamp on sofa side from decoist.

3. Use textures.

One of the most important elements of Mediterranean decor is texture. It’s easy to create a homier feeling in a room when you use different textures. For example, using leather and fabrics on furniture and walls. You can also choose natural rugs instead of rugs that go with everything. This way you will provide not only color but texture as well.


The white tufted sofa set and loveseat armchairs have a white hue that combines with the tall white walls and high ceilings. Completed with a jute rug adds a natural feel to this Mediterranean living room. The walls are decorated with arched entrances and pillars to match the hardwood floors. White tufted sofa and jute rug from homestratosphere.

4. Hanging pictures.

You may want to find a way to hang some Mediterranean wall art in your room. You can find them in almost all types of photo frames. There are even some beautiful pieces you can frame featuring landscapes from around the world. This will make a great conversation piece in your home.


A classic large framed painting paired with an elegant fireplace that features a cream-colored stone coat with intricate designs underneath. Complete the look of a Mediterranean living room with a beige sofa paired with a wooden armchair that has the same beige tint with high walls accentuated by a majestic chandelier and tall windows. Large framed painting from homestratosphere.


This Mediterranean-style living room has a nice color painting over the fireplace. A mirrored coffee table that accents a light gray patterned rug complemented by a gray soft sofa. this room has a white background which creates a clean and tidy look. Abstrac colorful painting from homestratosphere.


The high ceilings of this Mediterranean-style living room coupled with the abstract painting above the fireplace and rows of wide transom windows that match the tall shutters create a beautiful view outside. Equipped with a gray L-shaped sofa to add a comfortable impression to the room. Abstract painting above the fireplace from homestratosphere.

5. Supplies accessories.

Some of the most important Mediterranean accessories include vases and paintings. You can often use Mediterranean items like baskets to hold food containers, flowers, or even small stuffed animals. Remember to use these items with care so that they don’t get damaged. You will love how more attractive your room looks when you take the time to protect and preserve its belongings.


The addition of an ornament to the coffee table will give you an upward look for you to try. The flowers in this vase give a natural feel to the room and you can mix it with some furniture. Orchid on a vase from homestratosphere.


The glass coffee table is a nice modern touch to a classic Mediterranean style living room and doesn’t forget to add flowers in a vase to complete the look of your room. It has a fireplace with a wood coat contrasting against the white walls. This is paired with a white loveseat that is illuminated by natural light from the glass doors. Flowers in a vase from homestratosphere.

6. Inventory of products made from natural ingredients.

You probably already have some of the products you need in your home. For example, many homes have beautifully carved wooden cabinets. You can easily use it for storage and even as an accent for your new Mediterranean-style décor.


Having a carved cabinet gives a Mediterranean living room its own charm. Placing this next to the fireplace makes the room tidy. Pair it with some furniture with other wood elements to give the room a natural impression. Wooden carved cabinet from homestratosphere.

These are just a few ideas for incorporating Mediterranean decor into your home. You can really let your imagination run wild when it comes to buying and using various items. Get creative and think about what items you can buy to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Your home is your pride and joy, so make sure it shows its personality at all times. This will set you apart from your other neighbors!

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