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10 Summer Living Room Decoration Ideas

Summertime is the perfect time to get out into nature and breathe in the fresh air and look at the surrounding. This is the right time to express yourself. You can also bring this spirit to your home. Make your home as cheerful and coziness as you can with some summer decoration ideas. You can start by decorating your living room by bringing a summer vibe and make your guests awe with your living room decor. The warm nuance of the summer season will make you feel cozy in your home. The summer weather calls for a little warmth and comfort, and you can provide that in the form of comfortable, summer living room decorating.

For more tips on summer living room decorating, be sure to read this article. You can find some summer living room decorating ideas and get an idea for how you can make your spaces look and feel special. Here are some summer living room decoration ideas that you can try. The possibilities are endless, so start looking at summer living room decorating today and see just how much you can do! Good luck!


Determine the Color of Summer Vibe

To begin your summer living room makeover, decide on the color scheme. If you are looking forward to a summer living room makeover, you must start thinking and planning for a color scheme and style that will suit the summer season. The summer color is consists of red, orange, yellow, pastel colors, or another bright color idea. Apply those colors to the wall, furniture, or ornament in your living room so that it will create a cheerful vibe to your room. Replace a dark accent in your living room then rocking your room with the summer vibe.


To make your living room decor look more passionate, then choosing a bright and bright interior is the right idea. Choose and use sofas, floor cushions, and frames with a dominant pink color. Bright colors will make the room seem more spacious and comfortable so that the room doesn’t feel cramped and claustrophobic. Interior pink color from digsdigs.


Several motifs and colors used in one room will give a lively and cheerful impression. You can make the atmosphere more colorful by procuring wall decorations and some of the furniture that is used. Throw pillows on the sofa for maximum comfort. Colorful pillows and wall decoration from digsdigs.


Welcome summer with colorful living room decor. You can choose striped motifs on several fabrics in this room, such as curtains and pillows. Don’t forget to use sofas and coffee tables in different colors, with this the summer living room decoration will be even more perfect. Colorful striped pattern from digsdigs.


Yellow is one of the brightest color choices to be applied to the summer living room decor. In this room, you can enter white as an elegant blend. The flower vase on the minimalist coffee table is a decoration that refreshes the room. Shades of a summer living room with yellow and white colors from digsdigs.

Patterned Flower Decoration

After determining the color scheme of your living room, the touch of the flower accent can’t be neglected. The summer is identical to the blooming flowers. Then you can bring that vibe to your living room by applying some flower patterns for your living room decorations. If your wall is plain, you can install a flower wallpaper for the cheapest idea to liven up your living room look. Then, if your sofas not covered before, better for you to buy a sofa cover in a floral pattern. The flower pattern will bring happiness and a cheerful impression to your room. So, finishing your summer living room decor with a floral touch is a good idea.


Apart from adding color to the living room decor, colorful flower paintings are also a decoration that adds to the artistic impression. You can choose this painting with a larger size to make a beautiful focal point. Use interior items in neutral colors to match the color scheme of the room. Painting colorful flowers from digsdigs.


You can also apply flower motifs on the carpet and some of your wall frames. This motif makes your summer vibe living room create a vintage impression that is simple but attracts attention. You can apply other motifs to the pillow with several different colors to make it feel more passionate. You can try to put a flower vase as a living decoration. Vintage floral pattern from digsdigs.


Use flower motifs on your curtains and pillows to get a more elegant and minimalist living room. Choose a floral pattern in pink to make it look more real and brighter. White sofa becomes a color neutralizer in a summer decor living room. Match pattern floral curtains and pillows from digsdigs.

Decorative Items

Next, decide on a framed summer living room style that you like. Maybe you need some decorative items. Then you need to decide on a focal point that will complete the look you are going for. Here are some ideas: a vase filled with flowers; a picture frame with summer flowers on it; an overstuffed summer table with summer flowers on it; or a framed painting with bright colors on it. You could also create a special place with summer accents like a hanging basket of orchids. Place a few candles on this basket to enhance the look.


Some photo frame that hangs on the living room wall will work best when paired with the small indoor plants underneath. These two will perfectly complement the summer living room decor. Choose a chair with a peach color to make it look sweeter and more elegant. Combination of photo frame wall decoration with small indoor plants from homedit.


Put some yellow tulips in several places in your living room, for example on the coffee table and side table. The more flowers in the room the firmer this summer’s decor will be. Place this flower in a glass vase filled with water so that it doesn’t wither easily. Yellow tulip flower decorations from homedit.


Take a few flower stalks to place them in a glass mason jar filled with water. Put this flower in your living room as a decoration that helps the room feel fresher. This indoor flower is a beautiful focal point, place it on a small table to make it look taller and clearer. Indoor flower decor from homedit.

Bringing the summer vibe to the home decoration is a pleasant thing. Those are some ideas of summer living room decorations that might inspire you. Have a nice to try and enjoy the summer!