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Modern Rustic Kitchen Decoration Ideas

The rustic style of decorating is quickly gaining popularity in homes everywhere. Rustic kitchen decorating ideas are also growing in popularity. If you are thinking about renovating your home or you are looking for rustic kitchen decorating ideas, you may be interested in the rustic look and feel of the rustic style. There are several rustic design elements that you should definitely include in your rustic kitchen decorating plan. You might consider paying attention to the sink, cabinet, countertop, lighting, and color scheme that will strengthen the rustic vibe. Here are some ideas for modern rustic kitchen decoration.


Rustic Sink

Sink is an important item for kitchen decor. To incorporate rustic style in your kitchen, you can choose to install the deep sink. It will work well for your rustic kitchen decor. It works both as a stylistic component and as a truly functional one to finish your job in the kitchen. You can easily clean up your kitchenware and the shape of the sink surely enhance your modern rustic kitchen decor at the same time.


Copper toned sink is one item that emphasizes your rustic kitchen decor. This cooper sink comes with sturdy material and does not rust easily so it is suitable for long-term use. You can choose a larger size for more flexibility when washing dirty dishes and glasses. Cooper-toned sink from homebnc.


Another option for a rustic sink is one made of teak wood, which is less porous and more sturdy. Leave this wood sink in its original color to give a more natural impression to your kitchen decor. You just need a wood sink finish for a smoother, more glossy surface. Use a glass window to keep this sink wood from getting damp easily. Teak wood sink from homebnc.

Rustic Cabinet

There is so much you can do with cabinets in a modern rustic kitchen. Take, for example, oak wood cabinets painted white. You can add modern touches, such as metallic handles, to offset the rustic look. They will help create the look of a modern rustic kitchen. For the paint idea, you can choose a natural wood color for a traditional look or gray and white for the modern one.


Use a kitchen cabinet in a rustic style that supports the theme you choose. The appearance of the cabinet with the main material of wood that looks old add harmony to the rustic theme in your kitchen. You can paint this cabinet in white color to make it look more new, don’t forget to use metallic handles which will add a modern impression that is not excessive. Repainted wooden cabinet from homebnc.


The kitchen floor with a touch of wood will make the rustic look even more memorable. However, there are things that must be considered, namely a white cabinet with a wooden look with iron handles, this cabinet gives a more rustic look to your kitchen. You must try a combination like this. Wooden white cabinet from homebnc.

Rustic Countertop

Another rustic kitchen decorating idea is to get a rustic laminate countertop. A rustic laminate countertop has a very smooth and cool surface that is very hard wearing and durable. You can also choose a solid wood to get the real vibe of rustic style. The granite materials also can be an option for your kitchen countertop. Because a rustic kitchen doesn’t mean everything has to be, well, rustic. You can add in some smooth elements to even out the style, like granite countertops.


Featuring a wooden countertop for a more comfortable atmosphere. A wooden countertop is perfect for placing in a modern kitchen with a strong rustic accent. In this kitchen, you can include neutral colors as decorations that look simple but awesome. Wooden countertops from homebnc.


To give a more modern feel, choosing a granite countertop is the most appropriate decoration idea. Granite in the kitchen will help the room look more elegant and have a high aesthetic. In addition, the kitchen will also be easier to combine with various kinds of additional furniture. Granite countertop from homebnc.

Rustic Lighting

For a rustic look, consider whimsical light fixtures to add uniqueness to your kitchen. In a modern kitchen, pendant lighting is the way to go. You can choose metallic or glass materials to hang above your kitchen island. Installing the right lighting for your modern rustic kitchen decoration will make your cooking space more comfortable and interesting.


Lights are an important item that must be in every room, including your kitchen decoration. Metal lamps repainted with gold color reinforce a modern rustic style that you can emulate. You can hang this lamp just above the kitchen island. In addition, metal materials will never be porous when used for a long time. Gold metal lamp from countryliving.


To add a different impression to the modern rustic kitchen decor, using lamps made of glass and metal is the main lighting that you can use in this kitchen. This lamp is able to highlight the entire room well so that it will help your activities when you are in the kitchen at night. Glass material is easy to clean when this lamp starts to get dirty with dust on the dust. Kitchen lamps that made of glass and metal from countryliving.

Rustic Color Scheme

Last but not least, in decorating the modern rustic kitchen, don’t forget to determine the color scheme ideas. Rustic is known for the natural vibe. You can apply a brown or earth tone color for natural nuance. If you prefer the modern look, white and gray is the answer. Remember that rustic style is one of the home decor styles that easy to mix and match with other home decor styles. So, in decorating the modern rustic kitchen decor, feel free to combine with farmhouse or industrial color ideas and you will get a stunning look of modern rustic kitchen decor.


Earth tone is one of the colors that is suitable for rustic kitchen decorations. You can apply this color to the kitchen island and part of the wooden floor and roof of your kitchen. Choose reclaimed wood to instantly reinforce the rustic style, striped rugs provide a neutral color. Don’t forget to use sufficient lighting by hanging two vintage lamps right above the kitchen island. Earth tone with the main material of wood on furniture, floors, and roofs from countryliving.


The combination of brown, gray, and white in rustic kitchen decor is a characteristic and combination that you can imitate because it has calm, warm, and neutral color tones. An open wooden shelf is a storage idea that makes it easier for you to take or store items effectively and efficiently, don’t forget to use a wooden kitchen island to add space as a multifunctional dining area. The combination of brown, gray, and white from countryliving.

There is nothing a pleasant than owning a dream kitchen. And if your kitchen dream is a modern rustic kitchen decor, those ideas above maybe inspire you.