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Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas to Tidy Up your Small Kitchen

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, having a neat, clean, and organized kitchen decor is very important. Even though your kitchen is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an organized kitchen look. By applying smart storage ideas, you can make your small kitchen comfortable cooking space. All you have to do is just utilizing every space in your kitchen for the storage space. Are you still confused about how to get started? In this article, we have some ideas for smart kitchen storage to save your small kitchen from the crowded look.

Under the Sink

If you are looking for a unique way to utilize wasted space around your kitchen countertop, consider utilizing the counter space underneath your sink. Many people do not think to use the area under the sink as a storage area. Even though, this area has enough space to save your pan, basket, or other kitchenware. You can put a rack under your sink and arrange your kitchenware there. So, you will didn’t found your stuff hanging outside in your small kitchen.


Adding storage under the sink will serve to save space in your small kitchen. Don’t forget to add a pull-out shelf to provide extra storage so you can easily store multiple cutlery. Using two levels of pull-out shelves will make it easier for you to store items. Storage under the sink from homemydesign.


Looking for a storage hack suitable for small kitchens by making use of the space under the sink is a perfect choice. You can attach shelves to cabinet doors and some wire baskets to keep your things tidy. So, you won’t find your belongings hanging outside in your small kitchen. Shelves to cabinet doors from homemydesign.

Use Divider to Organize the Drawer

Tidy up the drawer is also important. You can use a divider to organize your spoon, fork, or another kitchen utensil. This divider comes in various shapes, sizes, and materials. You can choose one that suits your drawer size and according to your need. Besides, getting a neat look, you will also easy to find what you need.


Kitchen drawers can hold many different objects but often they are filled with all kinds of utensils such as can openers, spatulas, brushes, etc. To avoid this, divide the drawer into several sections with this wooden divider. So that your drawers stay neat and look attractive. Wooden divider from homedit.


Since it is so common for people to keep cutlery in the drawer, there are plenty of cutlery organizers you can use. Adding this wooden partition will give a neat impression to your cutlery storage. They don’t look cluttered and are worth a try if you have a kitchenette. Wood divider from homedit.

Utilize the Side of The Cabinet

Don’t let the space of the side of your cabinet not utilize. For example, you can install some hooks or small floating shelves on the end of the cabinet. If you have some wine collections, instead of taking up space with a bar cart, you can hang a wire holder on the side of the cabinet. Or if you have another idea about how to utilize the space on the end of your kitchen cabinet, you can realize it and makes your small kitchen getting neater.


Have a wine collection, you can store it next to your kitchen cabinet. Adding a wire stand on the side of the cabinet makes it easy for you to store some wine tin neatly and easily. So you won’t have a messy and tidy little kitchen. Wire stand storage from homedesigninspired.


Don’t let the side space of the cabinet not function properly. You can add an open shelf to create a neat kitchen. Add a few items and ornaments neatly to provide the perfect focal point. This storage will attract people’s attention so you have to save it. Open shelves next to the cabinet from homedesigninspired.

Floating Shelves

Besides the kitchen cabinet, another smart storage idea for the small kitchen is installing some floating shelves. This storage idea is simple and more practical but able to save your small kitchen from clutter situations. You can install them above your sink and even at the corner of your kitchen. You can save your plate, bowls, herbs, and cups by adding hooks under the shelves.


Try adopting this minimalist kitchen design immediately. Let’s see how some of the ornaments, glasses, and other utensils are neatly arranged on an open shelf with a bracket like this one. Apart from that, it complements the kitchen décor with open shelves that look unique. Wooden open shelves from shelterness.


White walls with open shelves look great for this kitchen design. It is inspired by modern home styles. Placing open storage next to this refrigerator will enhance the look of your small kitchen. Open storage next to the refrigerator from shelterness.

Installing Rack Inside the Cabinet

If your kitchen storage is in need of some extra organization, consider installing some new shelves. Adding some shelves to your cabinet gives you an alternate place to store the items you do not use on a regular basis. While this will give you more room, it is also a great way to hide the clutter underneath your dishes, flatware, and other items. Remember when planning your cabinet layout to include plenty of cabinet space for your most-used supplies. One way to do this is to install a set of shelves that run the full width of your cabinetry. In addition to adding extra storage, these shelves will also add beauty to your kitchen.


Storing some of your cutlery in a cupboard with shelves inside is a great idea. let your cutlery neatly arranged in the cupboard so that there are no messy stains and it still looks neat. Cabinet with shelves inside from familyhandyman.


With a fairly open shelf design, this kitchen looks cute. With a wooden cabinet equipped with shelves, it will give a neat appearance. You can give your kitchen a stylish look. Wooden cabinet from familyhandyman.

When you can cook in the neat and organized small kitchen, surely it will boost your mood to cook and serve the best food for your family. Apply those ideas above and get your neat small kitchen decor.