Bedroom Ideas

Inspiring Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas to Make You Feel Cozy

Bedroom is a very important room for everyone. This is the best place to relax and release your stress after a long day at work or after a tiring day. Then decorating the bedroom to become a sanctuary place is that point. To make it happen, you have to determine what kind of bedroom interior design that would be applied. Besides adjusting the style and theme of the bedroom decoration, you have to pay attention to the color scheme of your bedroom. To get a professional-looking interior, all parts have to harmonize. Wall and flooring colors set the stage, but even the art and bedding should complement each other. There are some bedroom color scheme ideas that you can apply to make you feel cozy. Take a look at some ideas below and get your best bedroom decor ideas.

Look Modern and Feminine with Lilac

The first color that you can use for your bedroom color scheme is lilac. Lilac has become a popular color in 2021. The soft and feminine touch of this color will bring coziness to your private space. You can apply this color to the wall and contrast it with white furniture to get a modern look.


One color combination that is suitable for you to use in a modern bedroom is lilac and white. Using lilac walls will make your bedroom look elegant and give it a feminine impression. White furniture was chosen to create the perfect contrast. A faux fur rug is added to give a warm impression to your feet. Several mirrors of different sizes are added to complement the decoration of the room. Lilac wall and white furniture from shelterness.


This romantic-themed bedroom look creates an attractive home decor for you to try. With this classic style, some white furnishings are added to provide the perfect context so that it will inspire many people. This classic crystal chandelier provides dramatic lighting in your bedroom. Romantic-themed bedroom with lilac walls from shelterness.


This romantic tissue room will get people’s attention by applying lilac color to the walls. some white furniture and ornaments provide the perfect contrast to the bedroom. Combined with wooden floors complete with white faux fur rugs, it will give a warm vibe to your sleep. Lilac wall and wooden floor from shelterness.

Perfect Nude Bedroom Color Scheme

Who would think nude bedroom color scheme ideas could be so elegant? Yes, it is right. This color is suitable for those of you who are interested in elegance. You can choose this color for your bedroom color scheme ideas. Make it harmonize by pairing it with other colors that have the same tone. Choosing the tufted upholstery headboard will increase the elegant impression in your bedroom.


Using a nude color for this wall decor gives the perfect look to your bedroom. Combined with a tufted upholstery headboard will add an elegant impression to your bedroom so that it will give a comfortable impression to the room. Using a classic style your room will look even more stunning with the dramatic lighting on this chandelier above the bed. Nude color wall on classic bedroom from homebnc.


This pink blush complements the decor of your bedroom so it will create a warm and peaceful room. adding a tufted upholstery headboard will give the room an elegant impression. The double drapes high to the ceiling in this blush color give it a stunning look. Don’t forget to add a crystal chandelier for dramatic lighting. Pink blush bedroom decor from smalldesignideas.


This nude color scheme provides an attractive bedroom look for you to try. Combined with the subtle white color on the tufted headboard, it will add an elegant impression to your bedroom. The dramatic lighting above the headboard and classic pendant lights will be the focal point of your bedroom. Nude color scheme from smalldesignideas.

Feels Romantic with Turquoise and Dusty Rose

Are you a person who interested in romantic nuance? Why you don’t try to makeover your bedroom color scheme with turquoise and dusty rose colors? Those color combinations are perfect to create a modern look and romantic feel at the same time. Apply the turquoise to the wall to get a sharp and modern look in your bedroom. A dark turquoise accent wall draws the eye while soothing the mind. The dusty rose accent on the bedding and bedroom ornaments will offer a soft contrast that’s romantic but refined.


The combination of turquoise and pink blush will create a modern look while giving it a romantic impression. One of the turquoise walls with a trellis pattern and this turquoise frame mattress really makes the room fresher. Don’t forget to add pink accents to give your bedroom a feminine touch. Turquoise and pink blush bedroom from forcreativejuice.

Calm with Navy and Gray

Another bedroom color scheme idea that you can try is a combination of navy and gray colors. Those color combinations will bring you a calm and warm feel. As this color scheme clearly demonstrates, stormy blues and grays are relaxing without being boring. To give an elegant look, you can add a gold touch to your bedroom decor.


This kama gray and navy color scheme adds a calm and warm feel to the master bedroom. Paint the walls gray and white for the perfect contrast. The tufted navy headboard combined with gray patterned pillows and warm gray blankets add an attractive look to your bedroom. So it is suitable for you to try now. Navy headboard from digsdigs.


A contemporary bedroom with dove gray walls and a graphite gray carpet floor, with dark blue walls and a gray bed will add a warm and cozy feel to your bedroom. The pendant lights on the right and left of the headboard provide dramatic lighting. Gray wall and dark blue wall from digsdigs.


Luxurious gray bedroom decorated with navy blue accents – Roman benches, curtains, drapes, and cushions. The soft gray carpet gave the room a warm vibe. Completing the look with several gray features will provide a harmonious decoration. Gray bedroom with a navy blue accent from digsdigs.

Nice to have cozy bedroom decor. By starting to choose the right color scheme idea, you will get a harmonize bedroom decor ever. Those are some ideas of bedroom color scheme that you can try. Have a nice to try.