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Upgrade Your Living Room Decoration with These Stunning Area Rug Ideas

When it comes to the living room decoration, there are many aspects that should be considered. From the furniture, color scheme, style of the living room, and also the interior design. To support the look of the living room, rugs come with their uniqueness and capability to upgrade the living room decoration. A rug is a decorating element you should never take for granted. Carpets add texture, coziness, and aura. If you wondering that your living room decoration feels unfinished, maybe you can consider a rug for the final touch of your living room decor. There are some kinds of rugs that you can use for your living room. Every rug has its own characteristic for a specific purpose. If you don’t already know, here are some ideas.

Keep Minimalist with Monochromatic Rug

If you like a minimalist concept for your living room decor, complete it with a monochromatic rug. Rugs with monochromatic hues and clean lines add simplicity, brightness, and a soothing aura to your living room. The simple design of the rug will not make your minimalist living room looks overwhelming or crowded. And also this rug will create a relaxed feel. When you have arrived at your home after a tiring day, you will feel relaxed with an aura created by a monochrome carpet.



If you have a modern living room design, adding a geometric patterned rug will enhance it even more. This rug does not have a black and white tone to enhance the decor of your room to be more luxurious with its abstract touch. Applying to an industrial living room furnished with a wheeled table seems like a good idea. Black and white geometric patterned rug from decoist.


This monochromatic rug with a geometric pattern looks great for adding a warm touch to your living room decor. Especially if you have an industrial living room style, this rug will complement the look of your room very well. Pair the decor with one of the brick walls for the perfect look. Monochromatic rug with a geometric pattern from decoist.


Are you looking to add something interesting to your living room? A monochromatic rug with a chic geometric pattern is one of the best choices. Apply to the family room to add a warmer atmosphere. It is combined with some modern furniture to give it an attractive appearance. Monochromatic rug living room from decoist.


This rug looks sophisticated for your modern living room decor. Combine it with contemporary fashion to make it look cohesive. A striped rug in a monochrome color will add simplicity, brightness, and a soothing aura to your living room. Striped rug monochrome color from decoist.

Go Bold with a Bright and Colorful Rug

Don’t be afraid will a bold color when decorating a living room. Sometimes, the bold color will make the room looks more stunning and sharp. For your living room interior design, you can choose a rug with bright colors. Brights make us happy. From warm and bold colors such as yellow and red to more soothing pastel hues such as mint, peach, and lavender, colors have a magical power to instantly boost the mood and to create a happy nuance.


Give more color to your room by adding this rug to make it look more cheerful. Whatever the style of your living room, combine it with colorful carpets. However, you should install furniture in neutral colors as well as avoid over-decorating. Green tan is added to give a natural and fresh impression. Colorful carpets from realsimple.


Placing a large, bold color rug in the living room is suitable for creating a happy atmosphere. It’s a great idea for you to decorate your room. Combined with some matching colored furniture will create a cheerful room. Unique shaped chairs, classic chandeliers, and a touch of greenery will complement your home decor. Bold rug color from architecturaldigest.


This living room is striking with a dark, fluffy rug that looks elegant under this sofa. Adjusting the size of the rug with the size of the living room is important to get a good decoration in your living room. Don’t forget to add some furniture, chandeliers, and greenery to complete the room decor. Bold fluffy rug from decoist.

Look Modern with Contemporary Rug

And for the modern living room design, the contemporary rug is a good choice. The modern design, pattern, and materials of the contemporary rug will make your living room more stunning. The geometric pattern is one of the contemporary patterns that you can choose for. Or the simple stripes pattern also a good choice to strengthen the modern vibe. You can choose the rug in neutral colors for the simple and easiest look in your modern living room.


To create an elegant modern living room, placing a contemporary patterned rug under the sofa is one way to do it. Coupled with several sofas complete with pillows, modern coffee tables, floor lamps, and large paintings will make an attractive appearance in your living room. Geometric contemporary rug from home-designing.


The placement of the carpet is an important thing that must be considered in decorating your living room. The use of contemporary rugs with abstract patterns will create a stylish room. Placing it under the coffee table can make the rug the focal point of your living room. Completing the look with white nuances and wooden floors will create a warm and airy impression in the room. Some wooden furniture has also been added to create a rush impression in this modern living room. Contemporary rugs with abstract patterns from home-designing.


A modern living room design with contemporary rugs is a good choice. Soft feather rugs in neutral colors will give your modern living room the simplest and easiest look. Putting a carpet under the sofa can make your living room look elegant. Choosing a white color for the carpet can make the room brighter. Combined with wooden floors and neutral shades will give a warm impression to your living room. White soft feather rugs from home-designing.

Upgrade your living room as stunning as you can with some area rug ideas. The presence of a rug will bring different nuance to your room.

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