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Attractive Kitchen Design Ideas for A Small Apartment

When it comes to the small apartment decor, don’t neglect the kitchen decor. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, so decorate it as interesting and as functional as you can is very important. Especially for the apartment that has limited space. Fortunately, there are tons of small kitchen ideas that maximize storage and efficiency.

If you are a renter or have your own place and are looking for apartment kitchen decor ideas, you have plenty of choices. You could use bright colors and cheerful decorations, or you can opt for elegant and sophisticated touches. When it comes to storage, you have a lot of options. Whether you need more counter space for a kitchen island, want more storage for seasonal items, or simply want to add a few more cupboards, you will find ideas that will make your kitchen an attractive, easy-to-navigate space.

Use A Bright Color

It is very important to use a bright color for your small kitchen in your apartment. The bright color will make your small kitchen has large appear. The brighter kitchen, the larger it can feels. You can apply white paint to the walls and cabinet. Another bright paint also can be used to be applied to the small apartment kitchen.


The nuances of a white apartment kitchen will never fail to bring a modern and contemporary style to the room. You can add another color with a wood texture which is used as a decorative item on your white wall. The patterned tile backsplash also adds to the pattern in this kitchen, you can choose it with ceramic material so that it is easy to clean when it is splashed with water. In addition, ceramic materials are also not easily broken and are very easy to find in building shops. White apartment kitchen nuances from decoist.


When decorating a white kitchen, the choice of stainless steel furniture is the right idea and you can try it. Enter natural materials such as stone on one side of your kitchen wall, wood floors are also environmentally friendly and more natural. The LED under the cabinet provides lighting that can help the kitchen look brighter. White kitchen decoration with stainless steel furniture from decoist.


Splash the color of gold on the chandelier for white kitchen decoration to give it a more luxurious impression. Hang this pendant light parallel for an elegant finish. The dining room kitchen combo saves space to be more effective and efficient. Splash of gold on the pendant lights from decoist.

Let the Natural Lighting to Your Kitchen

Besides the bright color, installing windows for the small apartment kitchen design also important. Let the natural lighting through your window and the light will illuminate the visual of your small kitchen. Your small kitchen becomes larger than the real size it is. You can add indoor plants near the kitchen window to freshen up your kitchen.


Glass windows are really needed in all rooms of your house, including the kitchen of this apartment. Tall glass windows are an area of choice that can freely enter sunlight into the room. Open the blinds during the day to maximize sunlight. Green plants become windowsill that refreshes the room perfectly. Tall glass windows for small apartment kitchens from decoist.


Changing the function of a wall with glass windows is a smart idea to make kitchen decorations feel brighter and more open. Put a vase of flowers on the window sill as a lovely decoration and bring this kitchen décor more feminine. You can put other flower vases on a wooden countertop. Put in an industrial lamp with a long string as the main light at night. Change the function of the wall into a glass window from decoist.

Get Organized Inside Your Cabinet

Providing proper and enough storage for the kitchen will be the answer to get a neat kitchen design in your small apartment. In this case, you can organize the kitchen cabinet with some racks inside. By installing some racks inside the cabinet, it will allow you to store and arrange neatly your kitchenware, plates, bowls, cups, and another kitchen utensil.



The pull-out iron shelf in the kitchen cabinet provides additional storage that is more effective and efficient when used. When you are going to store or collect goods, you just have to pull this iron rack outwards. Place cooking utensils such as pans and Teflon on this rack, because this rack will be stronger than the wooden racks you usually use. The advantage of this shelf is that it makes your kitchen decor tidier and more organized. Kitchen cabinet equipped with a pull-out metal shelf from loveproperty.


You can put vertical racks made of iron in the lowest kitchen cabinet. Use this rack to store the pot according to its size. With this shelf, it makes it easy for you to classify cooking utensils according to their functions and needs. Take advantage of the rest of this cabinet to store ceramic bowls in a stack. Vertical metal shelf in the bottom of the kitchen cabinet from loveproperty.

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Melamine wood cabinets will do more storage when equipped with stainless steel shelves in it. The stainless steel shelf will make it easier for you when storing, this shelf does not take up much space because it can be closed when not in use. Tiered stainless steel shelves are highly recommended for minimalist small kitchen apartments. Tiered pull-out stainless steel racks from loveproperty.

Think Vertically with Floating Shelves

When decorating a limited space, think vertically is such a good deal. This idea will maximize the space and make the most out of the tiny space in your small apartment. You can install some floating shelves in your kitchen and provide extra storage for your cooking space. The open shelving above the stove will free up tons of space, surely.

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Floating shelves are storage that doesn’t take up a lot of space, so it is perfect for limited kitchen decorations. Floating shelves made of wood will be sturdier when equipped with iron supports that are painted black. Apply this shelf under the kitchen cabinet for a more minimalist look. Place plates and bowls that are used frequently on this shelf so that they are easier to use and need. Wooden floating shelf with iron supports from apartmenttherapy.

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Instead of wooden floating shelves with iron material that is sturdier and not easily porous. This iron material will last longer when exposed to water. To match the color tone in this kitchen, you can paint this floating shelf in matte black. Large glass windows also help visual lighting in the kitchen decor of your small apartment so that this room is protected from damp and uncomfortable rooms. Black iron floating shelf from apartmenttherapy.

Those are some ideas for small apartment kitchen design ideas. You can those ideas for your apartment kitchen. Whatever you decide, remember that your kitchen decor ideas should be unique and that you will have fun with them. It may take a bit of trial and error, but it will be worth it in the end. The most important thing to remember when decorating an apartment is to enjoy yourself! If you have fun with it, then it will show. Don’t stress out if you are not immediately successful when you choose your apartment kitchen decor ideas.