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Laundry Room Storage Ideas to Keep It Neat

Do you have trouble finding things in your laundry room at home? If so, there are some simple solutions for this type of clutter problem. The first thing to figure out is what sort of “stuff” you have that you just can’t seem to get to anywhere. Then, it’s time to think about the various ways in which you might use laundry room storage.

Most people use their laundry room storage to keep their home looking neat and uncluttered. The possibilities are endless. You can have baskets, shelving for hanging clothes, or you can install a cabinet with many drawers inside. You can even install racks to put your folded laundry on for easy finding. There are lots of options out there, and the following are just a few suggestions.

Maximize the Wall Space

Maximizing the wall space in the laundry room is a good idea. You can maximize the wall by installing some hooks. The hooks are very functional to hang your items and even your ironing board. Besides, saving the floor this storage idea is simple but practical and functional.


This DIY idea is another clever way to save space and prevent your big ironing board from getting in the way of your laundry room. Apply to the wall of the washing machine to save space in your laundry decor. This way you can maximize space without requiring a lot of space in the laundry room. DIY hook storage from womansday.


You can add space-saving storage by using these hooks. The added rattan wicker basket will add to the style of your laundry room, as well as hide dirty clothes so that it will create a spacious decoration. The hook is very functional for hanging your things and even your ironing board. Hook storage and rattan wicker from womansday.


If you have some sort of hallway that leads to the laundry room, maximize your space by removing potentially large furniture and replacing it with hooks. It keeps items off the floor and easily accessible for you and your family. This is also a very easy organizing step that can be accomplished. Hook storage on laundry room from homebnc.


The ironing board is sometimes quite difficult to store because it is quite large. Reusing the corner of the laundry room to store the ironing board will create a tidy space. You can keep your iron and flower vase neat. Adding a hook to hang an ironing board is a great idea. Ironing board storage from homebnc.

Add Basket for the Extra Storage

Adding baskets for the laundry room storage idea is such a good deal. They come in various sizes and materials. You can choose one that suitable for your laundry room design. If your laundry room is applying a rustic or farmhouse style, choose the wicker basket from rattan material. But if you like a minimalist one, the plastic basket can be your choice.


Uses additional storage on the stacked rack to accommodate laundry baskets for easy loading and unloading. This keeps the laundry from sticking to the floor and can be sorted in place. If your laundry room applies a minimalist style, a plastic basket can be your choice. Combined with several other ornaments to give the perfect decoration to your laundry room. Stacked plastic Basketfrom homebnc.6

If you are not a fan of cabinets, you can remove the door and install a curtain rod. Added to this wicker basket will give you extra storage for your laundry money. Using a farmhouse-style laundry room will enhance your decor. You can also add a wire basket for extra storage in your laundry room. Wicker basket and wire basket from homebnc.


Your laundry room is the ideal place to have fun with its sleek new design. Adding a wire basket will provide storage that you can easily do in the laundry room. Add an accent to any of your walls using the wallpaper to create a textured look with a subway tile pattern in a peel & stick backsplash cut. Play around with contrasting elements and don’t be afraid to pair wood with metal to create an added addition to your hanger outfit. Wire basket storage from homebnc.

Install Cabinet and Floating Shelves

Another laundry room storage often used is cabinets and floating shelves. If you need more storage for your laundry room, you can combine that storage and install them together. Install the cabinets and give space in between for the floating shelves. By installing them together allows you to have more storage that is practical and saves space.


Laundry room storage using floating shelves and cabinets provides the perfect solution for small spaces. You can combine the storage and put it together. You can make it yourself by providing budget-efficient decorations. Save some towels and other supplies to make it easier for you to pick up the items you want to need. Floating shelves and cabinets storage from thriftydecorchick.


Adds storage cabinets and floating shelves and attaches them side by side to make it easier for you to store things. You can use open shelves made of wood blocks as this will give it an attractive and sturdy rustic look. Putting them together allows you to save more comfortably and save space. Wooden block open shelves from homestoriesatoz.


Combining a cupboard and floating shelf in the laundry room is a brilliant idea for you to try. Install cabinets and make room in between for floating shelves. Putting them together allows you to save more conveniently and save space. You can also add some extra storage, such as wire baskets and cloth baskets. Combined with a gray and white room, it will give the room a minimalist appearance. White floating shelves and cabinet from homestoriesatoz.

Having a neat laundry room is a big job that should be done. No matter what your laundry room style, how big or small your laundry room is, having laundry room storage is a great idea! Apply those ideas above and make your laundry room still neat and organize.

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