Laundry Room Ideas

Inspiring Small Laundry Room Design Ideas

One of the important rooms in every house is the laundry room. This is the urgent room to help you to maintain your dirty and clean clothes. You can do some activities, such as washing your clothes, drying your clothes, and even you fold your clothes in that room. So, design it to become functional, practical, and interesting is a good idea, especially for the small laundry room.

Having a small laundry room can be more challenging to keep it practical, functional, neat, but can look interesting at the same time. To solve those problems, you have to think carefully about designing your small laundry room because you have to deal with the limited space. Bellow, we have some ideas for small laundry room design ideas. Keep reading this article and find some ideas.

Make it Practical yet Functional

Even though just have a small space, it is very important to have a practical but functional laundry room design. Refers to that, you have to make your small laundry room as practical and functional as you can to save space. For example, if you use a washing and drying machine at the same time, you can stack them together. Or if you put them in a row, you can install a wooden plank on it that can be used as a place to fold and iron clothes. Installing a folding drying rack also can be the solution to make your small laundry room more practical yet functional.


Apply wood dryer on top of the washing machine as a storage idea that saves space effectively and efficiently. You can add galvanized baskets to organize all your washing needs according to their needs. Floating wooden racks are additional storage ideas that you can try. Wooden dryer above the washing machine which is equipped with a storage basket from homebnc.


The wooden planks that are placed on top of the washing machine are an area that you can use to fold clean clothes. Rattan woven baskets on wooden boards are additional storage ideas that you can try. The floating cabinet is big storage that you must have to keep your laundry room tidier. A wooden plank above the washing machine to fold clothes from homebnc.


Install a floating cabinet above the washing machine as a storage idea that can make the laundry room decoration tidier and more organized. This built-in stainless steel rack allows you to hang your clothes hanger. This washing machine is also equipped with a drying area and folding clothes so it is very practical and simple. Floating cabinet with built-in stainless steel rack from homebnc.

Apply a Bright Color Scheme

Remember that your small laundry room needs bright and light nuance. You can apply white color paint to the wall and cabinet. The white color paint will bring a bright nuance and make your small laundry room more comfortable. Don’t forget to add a large window or use a transparent roof to let the direct sun come to your laundry room. The sunlight will make your small laundry room looks bright and your clothes dry at the same time.


If you have a laundry room with a small room, then using white shades with transparent glass windows is the right and suitable decoration idea. This window will help sunlight into the room, making this room appear wider and avoid moisture. Laundry room with white nuances and transparent glass windows from elledecor.


The interior of the laundry room, which has a dominant light gray color, will look brighter and wider. Instead of using a wall with large glass windows. You can add greenery around the windows for natural decoration. Large glass windows with ornate greenery from elledecor.

Proper Storage Space

Providing a proper storage space is recommended to make the small laundry room still neat and organized. You can choose to use cabinets or floating shelves for storage ideas. Install them above the washing machine to save space and make it easy to store or reach your laundry supplies.


Make the most of your small laundry room by using only the interior items that are needed. Avoid using excess furniture so as not to interfere with your space, floating small cabinets are a smart storage idea that doesn’t take up floor space. You can store all your washing needs in this white cabinet. Floating white cabinet storage from elledecor.


If the wall above the washing machine still looks empty then you can install a driftwood rack here. You can use it to store some storage baskets as a storage helper so that all items can be stored according to their functions and benefits. Repaint these shelves in a color that matches the feel of this laundry room. Floating wooden rack storage from elledecor.


The wall-mounted wooden rack in this laundry room looks modern and minimalist. Place clean towels on this shelf in a neat layout. On this shelf, you can also display several ornaments to enhance the appearance of the laundry room decor. Wall-mounted wooden rack from elledecor.

Look Attractive with Decorative Items

Make your small laundry room as interesting as you can. Even though you just have a small laundry room it doesn’t mean you can’t make it look attractive. Decorate this space with wall decoration, greenery, flower vase, and so on that can make your small laundry room looks interesting.


Complete the look of your plain gray wood wall with a painting for a beautiful artistic style. Besides that, small plants in white ceramic pots are also decorative items that can refresh the surrounding space well. You can place the plant pots directly on the storage rack. Painting and small plant decor from homebnc.


Greens combined with flowers in a cool vase filled with water will work well in a small laundry room decor. Both will provide their own color that makes the room look brighter. Place this plant in an area that people frequent. The combination of greenery and flowers in a vase filled with water from homebnc.

You don’t have to be worried if your laundry room is small. You can create your own sanctuary place with those ideas above. Have a nice to try.