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Rustic Veranda Home Decoration Ideas for More Inviting

Rustic style decor is very popular in southwestern decorating, and the rustic veranda can help to add the look and feel of this type of decor. A rustic veranda can be a simple structure that is designed to frame a view or to offer a great view out your window. Verandas are commonly seen in Mexican homes and they have gained popularity as a rustic element in the western design as well. You can create a rustic veranda or you can purchase an existing rustic veranda that you can customize to fit the style of your home. Either way, this is a fantastic addition to increase the beauty and uniqueness of your exterior design.

There are many different types of verandas that can be used. Most are built from wood and have a very open, free-form feel. Some look more like a canopy, while others are more like a gazebo. They can be tall and free or short and enclosed. Some can be placed in the middle of a garden like a pagoda or they can be used in the corner of a patio or in front of a small alcove. Many people like to place a veranda at the end of their patio so that they can enjoy the scenery while they sit on their patio. To make your rustic veranda more inviting, there are some ways that you can do it. Take a look at some ideas below.

Double the Doormats for Rustic Veranda to Get a Charm Look

The simple way to decorate your rustic veranda looks charming, you can add doormats. The double doormats are good ideas. Layering two doormats will allow you to give color, texture, and pattern to your veranda. You can place the patterned doormats at the bottom and for the top, you can pick the jute doormats to strengthen the rustic vibe.


An easy way to greet your guests in a friendly and warm manner is to put a doormat at the door before entering the house. You can use two doormats with different materials and patterns. The combination of this plaid doormat with burlap mat provides a beautiful color contrast, besides that the burlap mat also emphasizes the warm and natural rustic home decor. Combination of the plaid mat with burlap doormat from homebnc.


This carved burlap mat has an interesting texture that gives a different feel to your rustic veranda style. Cover this carved doormat with another dark doormat. A warm welcome to guests who come should still be done by adding a wooden sign that reads WELCOME, pairing this board with a large flower pot for a more beautiful display. A carved burlap mat equipped with a sign from a wooden board from homebnc.

Go to the Thrift Shop for Unique Pieces

To complete the rustic veranda decoration, go to the local thrift shop and looking for something unique to be placed in your veranda. Think out of the box to use unique items for your rustic veranda decor. For example, you can pick a wire basket and antique milk cans. If you can find unused items around your home that identical to the rustic vibe such as former farm, garden tools, and basket are all great finds.


The vintage baskets in this decoration can be reused as additional items that can emphasize the rustic style in your home. You can use this basket as a container for several pumpkins. Other accents you can add are galvanized pots and sign-in wooden planks. Vintage basket equipped with wooden sign in from homedit.


You can use an iron basket as a container for your potted plants, this container provides its own vintage rustic feel. Place the shell directly on a round pallet table. Other accessories that you can use for the veranda decor are candle holders that can help the feel of this rustic veranda house warmer and brighter. Iron basket as a container for potted plants from homedit.


Reuse unused water cans as flower pots for rustic Veranda decorations. You can add some garden tools as additional ornaments that can enhance this decoration, don’t forget to combine this water can pot with pots and other types of flowers to make this home decoration more colorful. Reuse water can pot from homedit.

Use Repurposed Wood to Create Hanging Chalkboard Art

Rustic decoration will not complete without chalkboard art. To save your budget and get a rustic nuance, you can make the chalkboard from repurposed wood. Add the chalkboard with rope then hang it on your veranda. You can write the chalkboard with some words or design it with your own custom content with a fun message.


If you are using a black chalkboard then you can white chalk to be the perfect combination. Put what you think on this chalkboard as a welcome accent for the guests who come to your house. This white chalk will look more contrasting when used, the green garland equipped with string lights is a beautiful and elegant addition. A chalkboard equipped with garland and string light from diyncrafts.


Hang your chalkboard art on one of the outdoor walls to beautify Veranda’s rustic home decor. You can hang it with a strong rope, not forgetting to add a shabby wooden bench under it. The red brick walls add a natural accent that gives an industrial impression. Hanging chalkboard art on a shabby wooden bench from homebnc.

Add Plants with Rustic Planter

Don’t forget to add plants to your veranda decoration. The plants will freshen up your outdoor space. For the planter ideas, you can choose the rustic planters. Such as crates, metal buckets, unused watering can, old drawers, etc.


This small galvanized bucket is perfect for reuse for a lush green potted plant. This pot will be an accent that refreshes the atmosphere around it, don’t forget to add other accents that emphasize rustic decorations, such as pumpkins and candle holders. Small bucket galvanized pots with accent pumpkins from homebnc.


You can reuse the metal bucket as a potted plant to decorate a rustic Veranda home for a fresher look. You can hack this bucket to give air to your greenery, place this galvanized bucket pot at the door as a fresh welcome for the guests or family who come. Galvanized bucket pot from homebnc.


Not only using the floor area to put galvanized pots, this time you can hang it on a wall that is still empty and plain. This galvanized pot is very cheap because it only uses used goods. Use the vines to decorate the walls prettier. Hanging pot galvanized on the wall from homebnc.

You will have a wonderful rustic feel in your home when you incorporate a rustic veranda into your design plans. You do not need to purchase all of the outdoor living furniture separately. In fact, you can create an amazing outdoor space without even purchasing anything at all. Just use your imagination and creativity to create a beautiful retreat that you can retreat to