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Small Garden Ideas for The Limited Outdoor Space

Small garden ideas for the limited space can be created through proper planning and designing of one’s lawn or garden. There are different types of small spaces and these include balconies, porches, and decks. Since a garden can be created in small areas, it can also be created by incorporating the use of creative designs. It is also beneficial to have small garden ideas because you will be able to save money that would otherwise be spent on expensive landscaping services. Aside from this, you will also be able to maximize your backyard space. To create a beautiful and cozy small garden, here are some small garden ideas that you may try:

Potted Plant is A Good Idea

Use small garden planters. When planning your small garden design, one of the easiest ways to save space is by using small garden pots. With small planters, you can use less materials and it will still look great. Aside from this, small pots will make your gardening more organized and less clutter-free. You can place the potted plants in your garden then arrange them neatly.


The use of a nice little garden with a bunch of potted flowers, a few stones, and a wall fence would look really cool. Using these terracotta pots will create an interesting decoration in your small garden. a few flowers in bloom will create a dazzling look. Combined with green leaves to add a fresh touch to the room. Terracotta potted flowers from balconygardenweb.


Designing a small garden is not a difficult job. One way is to arrange your favorite plants in this small garden. This way, the potted plants will be neatly arranged and make your garden look elegant. Using a small pot will make your room decor even more attractive. Terracotta pots with several blooming flower plants will make your garden decoration even more stunning. Adding a wooden fence equipped with vines will create privacy in your small garden. Some terracotta pots from balconygardenweb.



I love the creativity here in creating a small garden that is beautiful and seems natural. Using blue ceramic pots, you can create even better stunning garden decorations. Planting various types of plants will give a natural impression to the room and make your small garden even more charming. You can arrange it in your garden so that it will create an attractive garden for you to try. Blue ceramic pots from familyhandyman.

Go Vertical

In designing the small garden go vertically is a great idea. Besides will save space the vertical garden design will make your outdoor space looks simple but fresh. You can apply a hanging rack for the planter holder, pallet planter, ladder planter, etc. Or, vines can be your option for the vertical garden in your small space. The lush plant will bring a shady impression to your small garden.


Adding a pop of color to the front porch with DIY vertical plants will look great. Using an old staircase will add charm to your garden. This is an easy project with inexpensive materials. Hang a few terracotta pots to complete your décor. DIY vertical plants with old ladders from thegardenglove.


This vertical herb garden trellis wall is perfect for adding a little shade to the windows. This is a simple project that anyone can do with a regular trellis from a home improvement store and a few terracotta pots. A vertical garden design will make your outdoor space look simple yet fresh.
Vertical planter with terracota poted from thegardenglove.


In this simple modern DIY vertical wall garden, you can use a pouch fabric as your garden planter. This way it will be easier for you to grow a wide variety of vegetables in your small garden. You can make it yourself so that your garden decorations are not too cared for. Pouch fabric planter from thegardenglove.

Looks Attractive with Garden Pathway

Even though it is a small garden, you can make it look attractive with a garden pathway idea. You don’t need to spend much budget to make the pathway. Just use natural materials such as stones or wood and then arrange them to the garden. You can surround the pathway with green grass and some plants to get a beautiful look.


This garden path idea uses wooden pallets that are laid out one by one. To do this, you need to place wooden pallets firmly along the desired path. The gaps also allow plants to grow in between to create a more earthy feel for the walkway or path. Combining with green plants will create a natural impression in your garden. Pallet walkway from balconygardenweb.


This garden path is a little tricky to build but perfect for lawns and sloping gardens as it uses natural stone as steps in the stairway. This path uses large flagstones as steps and stone steps to create the next level of each rung. Combined with some green grass to give your garden a natural impression. Stone step path from balconygardenweb.

Make it Multi-Purpose

You can also make your small garden a multi-purpose space. You can have a relax in your garden while dining or just chat with your friend or loved one. All you have to do is just make a seating area with simple furniture but functional. You can use furniture that durable so it is less maintenance.


Small garden decoration ideas by adding folding table furniture will save your garden, so it will give a wide and airy look. Applying a folding chair will also create a spacious room. Complete your balcony decoration with string lights and some other green plants to create a natural and natural impression in your garden. Folding table furniture from shelterness.


All you need to do to make room for a small garden is to create a seating area with simple but functional furniture. A set of tables and chairs to enjoy the air in a small garden will provide multi-use functionality. Equipped with three chairs, it will give a comfortable impression to your small garden. Don’t forget to add greenery to make your garden feel natural. Seating area on the small garden from themicrogardener.

Be creative with your garden layout and design. There are several small garden ideas that you can try. Just be sure that you still get the beauty and features that you want in your garden. The more that you explore, the more ideas you’ll get which can help you create the perfect little garden that you can show off to your friends and family!