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Bathroom Tile Ideas to Renovation Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom renovation ideas, don’t forget to pay attention to the bathroom tiles. One of the most exciting parts of a bathroom renovation is picking the right bathroom tiles. Whether you go option for classic, minimalist, or modern tiles, it will give different effects to your whole bathroom decor. So, you have to pick wisely.

Bathroom tile ideas are plentiful when you start looking into decorating your bathroom. There are literally dozens of different tile styles that you could choose from. And most of them are really great options for small bathrooms. But some of them are better suited to certain rooms or others are simply better suited for certain individuals. It helps to know exactly what you hope to accomplish in your bathroom before you start thinking about what types of tiles are available. Take a look at some bathroom tile ideas below.

Look Classic in Subway Tiles

If you like a timeless bathroom style, the subway tiles are the answer. This kind of tile will bring a classic look. Usually, it comes in white and black colors. You can apply the tile to your bathroom walls. And for the floor, you can combine it with a concrete floor to get a rustic vibe in a modern way.


To design this classic bathroom, you can start with wall decorations. This black subway tile creates a charming classic impression. To emphasize the classic style in this bathroom, you can combine the subway tile with several vintage interiors such as rugs, wooden benches, and wall scones lighting. Concrete floors are the most appropriate combination. Black subway tile from digsdigs.


Apply striking colors to your bathroom decor with gold on the mirror frame, faucet, and cabinet holder. The white subway tile on the bathroom wall is a neutral color that gives a more elegant impression. Bring a farmhouse touch with the herringbone wooden floor. White subway tile combined with a touch of gold from digsdigs.

Go Minimalist with Grey Tiles

This the right solution for those of you who are the person that interested in minimalism. The grey tiles can be your option if you want to renovation your bathroom. The grayscale will bring cleanliness, simplicity, but looks elegant. Apply the grey tiles for the wall and you can combine it with white color for the sink or bathtub to avoid a boring look.

Stylish-and-space-savvy-small-bathroom-in-gray (1)

Gray with white is a color combination that brings a more modern and minimalist bathroom decoration. Apply gray on the tile and white in the bathroom interior. If you have a narrow bathroom space then a floating sink is a smart idea. Gray tile bathroom with white interior from decoist.


Using two different types of tiles in bathroom decor will never fail. The gray tile on the wall with the hexagon tile on the floor is a minimalist mix, try your bathtub and toilet in white to neutralize your bathroom decor. Gray tile combination with white hexagon tile from decoist.

Modern with Herringbone Tiles

Give a modern nuance to your bathroom by installing herringbone tiles. This tile comes in various shapes and colors. For the calm nuance you can choose white colors but if you want an elegant and sharp look, the bold herringbone tiles are a good idea. The use of herringbone tiles will give a texture to your bathroom.


Green is a fresh color that never gets boring. Herringbone tile with a smooth and shiny texture adds a modern and contemporary style to your bathroom decor. Another interior that you must have is a freestanding bathtub and portable white sink. With this bathroom decoration idea, you will feel more comfortable to use. Sleek and bold color herringbone tile from digsdigs.


If you have a white floor and bathroom interior, then the green herringbone on the walls is the right and appropriate decoration idea. You can take advantage of this herringbone wall for smart built-in storage. Provide sufficient lighting to support your activities at night in this bathroom. Green herringbone walls with built-in rack storage from digsdigs.

Try Terrazzo Tiles

Looking for something unique tiles but looks so beautiful? The terrazzo tiles are a good idea. Terrazzo comes in extraordinary style. The terrazzo will add visuals interest and color to your bathroom. It will make your bathroom renovation looks more attractive. This tile also easy to be mix and match with other colors. From pastel colors to bold colors.


You can get the aesthetic value of bathroom decorations easily on colorful wall designs. Terrazzo tile is the perfect choice for wall and floor designs. Create a charming impression with a wooden deck bathtub that presents a natural feel. Colorful terrazzo tile with deck bathtub ideas from shelterness.

Natural with Wooden Tile Look

Bringing the natural color for the bathroom decoration doesn’t mean you have to use natural material for the tile ideas. Instead of using a wood plank for the bathroom flooring, you can use tiles that look like wood. The features of a wooden tile look will save your bathroom from mold and bacteria but can give a warm and natural feel at the same time.


A natural touch is always a must-have accent in every style of your home decor. For example, wooden tiles with light brown colors are applied to contemporary bathrooms. In this bathroom, you can use a glass divider as a divider which gives an illustration that the room looks wider and cleaner. Natural wooden tile with light brown color from digsdigs.

Stylish with Hexagon Tiles

Another bathroom tile that you can pick for your bathroom renovation is hexagon tiles. The geometric shape of the tiles will make your bathroom looks stylish and dynamic. This also comes in various sizes and colors. If your want to add color to your bathroom decor, you can choose colorful hexagon tiles.


Hexagon tile is one of the favorite interior choices in modern bathroom decoration. You can choose this hexagon tile with a bold color like dark blue. Add a doormat and two types of green plants as a fresh decoration. With this, the white bathroom decor will look more colorful. Blue hexagon tile from digsdigs.


Finally, don’t be afraid to try different colored tiles. A bathroom can be made to look really different depending on the different colors that are used. For example, if you’re working with white tiles, then you might want to try a taupe, or even a light blue or grey for a modern look. You can use almost any color and texture for your bathroom, so be adventurous!

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