Kitchen Ideas

Simple Tips to Decorate the Open Kitchen Ideas for An Airy Cooking Space

Kitchen design is a big deal because not everyone has the same ideas for function and appeal. The first step should be to set a budget and stick with it. This will keep the plan from going over budget and possibly bankrupting you. Then you can move forward with the ideas that are most appealing to you.

For simple kitchen design ideas, the open kitchen can be your option. This kind of kitchen overs a simplicity but very functional. Besides that, these kitchen ideas will create an airy cooking space. Usually, this kitchen design comes with the dining room or living room combo design. Here are some simple tips to decorate the open kitchen ideas for an airy cooking space.

Choose a Simple Color Palette

The first thing that you can do to decorate the open kitchen is applying a simple color palette. Such as white, neutral color, monochrome color, and another bright color. The simple color palette creates a bright, bigger, and airy. Don’t add any color to your open kitchen because it will make your kitchen looks cramped.


To create an open kitchen decoration that looks spacious and airy, you can use all white nuances in this kitchen. Combined with one of the marble walls will make it look more attractive and elegant. You can also apply marble countertops because they are low maintenance. Don’t forget to add a pendant chandelier over the kitchen island for the perfect lighting. All white nuances open kitchen from thespruce.


If you like open kitchen designs, you can use monochromatic nuances for a stylish and minimalist look. Another brilliant idea that makes this open concept space work is the dark wood accents on the kitchen countertops and walls. They will match well with stylish living room furniture. The concrete floor will give an industrial feel to this open kitchen. Monochromatic nuance open kitchen from thespruce.


The combination of white and wood features will give your open kitchen a stunning appearance. Concrete floors and metal pendant chandeliers will give this kitchen an industrial vibe so that it will make your kitchen even more perfect. Wishbone wooden chairs and wooden cabinets will also be the focal point of the room because they will vibrate the rustic impression in your kitchen. Neutral open kitchen from thespruce.

Look Neat with Smart Storage

When deciding to adopt an open-plan kitchen, smart storage must be considered. You can custom the kitchen cabinet that looks seamlessly blend with other room decorations. In this case, if your open kitchen merges with the living room or dining room area. The seamless smart storage will trick the eye but really work well to hide your kitchen appliances.


This smart storage in a tool-less cabinet will fool your eyes. This open kitchen decor will create an attractive room appearance. You can also add lighting under the cabinets to complete this kitchen look. You can run an open kitchen design with a combination of a minimalist living room and large windows because it will give a spacious and spacious look. Smart storage with tool-less cabinet from thespruce.


This open storage idea using a handleless cabinet will fool the illusion of your eyes. This design will make the appearance of your minimalist kitchen more attractive and will become the focal point of the room. Using a black and white color scheme makes this kitchen even more stylish. Combined with a herringbone pattern wooden floor will also create a warm impression in this open kitchen. Black handleless cabinet from thearchitecturedesigns.


Having a minimalist open kitchen design applying smart storage is a must-try. You can use an oak wood cabinet without handles that will fool the eye but actually hides your kitchen utensils really well. Combined with the brown and beige kitchen nuances, this will give a calm and warm impression. This open shelf will make your kitchen decor tidier. Oak wood cabinet without handles from thearchitecturedesigns.

Think Carefully with The Layout

It is because the open kitchen merges with other rooms, you have to think carefully about the layout. You have to think about where your family or guests seat while you are cooking. Keep away them from your work zone but you can still close enough to get into a conversation with them. For example, you can set your breakfast bar or dining table away from the stove but close enough to socialize.


You also have to pay attention to the open kitchen layout because adding too many furnishings will make your kitchen claustrophobic and look cramped. Using multi-functional features on the kitchen island you can also make it a bar to eat food easily. Don’t forget to add some high chairs to make a comfortable impression in your kitchen. Kitchen island with bar from thespruce.


Applying a breakfast bar not far from the stove will make it easier for you to prepare your food. With this design, you will make your open kitchen look functional because it uses the kitchen island as a breakfast bar. Adding this tall antique chair will make the room look more comfortable.  Open kitchen design from thespruce.

Make a Statement with The Backsplash

To define and give a statement between the other rooms, you can make your backsplash tile different from the other kitchen tiles. Such as tiles for the countertop or kitchen island. You can use patterned tiles, from modern to classic. It will give a focal point in your airy cooking space.


Using a backsplash with French patterned tiles will make a kitchen look interesting for you to try. Applying this backsplash will create a focal point for your airy cooking space. Combined with white nuances and wooden floors, it will create a spacious and warm impression on your kitchen. Backsplash with French patterned tiles from thespruce.


Using this geometric tile backsplash will give an eye-catching look for you to try out. Combined with white tones and blue cabinets, this provides the perfect contrast. The wooden floors will also give this open kitchen a natural touch. Antique brass pendant lights and ceiling lights will provide the perfect lighting for your kitchen. Geometric tile backsplash from thespruce.

With the variety of open kitchen ideas available today, the possibilities are virtually endless. If you have an unusually large kitchen area or you just want more space, consider one of these open kitchen ideas. No matter how big or how small your kitchen is, there is definitely a unique way to open up your kitchen and make it more functional. And with a little bit of creativity, you can make your kitchen look amazing as well.