Bedroom Ideas

Create Elegant Bedroom with Wallpaper Ideas

When it comes to elegant bedroom decor, you can never go wrong with wallpaper ideas. There are so many options available for choosing from these days. With all the choices out there, it can be difficult to make a choice but luckily, this article will help you with that. You see, there are actually a lot of factors to take into consideration before you make any decisions at all when it comes to the bedroom decoration. You have to choose the wallpaper that suitable for your taste and bedroom style. In order to be able to make the best decision, you need to be well-informed so here are some ideas to get you started:

Classic Wallpaper

Choosing the right kind of wallpaper can actually say a lot about your taste. You see, wallpaper is essentially the base of your wall decoration so it is best if you choose something that not only suits your taste but also compliments your wall’s overall theme. When it comes to elegant bedroom decor, the types of wallpapers you use should all have a classical design. The classic wallpaper comes in a classic pattern. For the color, you can use a gold or beige color to strengthen the elegant vibe.


Cover the walls with pastel floral wallpaper, which is a warm gesture in areas with high humidity. Using a beige base color is the perfect color look. Pairing with rugs throughout the room will bring out a warm feeling and provide the perfect contrast to this classic bedroom. Don’t forget to add antique lighting on the bed and a table lamp beside the bed to give your room a natural impression. Pastel floral wallpaper from elledecor.


The sweet purple color wallpaper will overwhelm the eyes, especially if you choose classic and casual patterns. In this classic bedroom, the wallpaper warms up the cool tones and gives a nice balance. Don’t forget to add an antique chandelier to create dramatic lighting in this classic bedroom. The carpet throughout this room will give a warm impression throughout the room. Purple wallpaper with a classic pattern from decoist.

Modern Wallpaper

And for those of you who are interested in modern nuance, modern wallpaper can be your option. The geometric pattern and herringbone pattern are good ideas. This pattern is suitable for those of you who are obsessed with symmetry and an attractive look. You can play it with more color or go minimalist for a simple.


The contrast between contemporary furniture with blue and white striped wallpaper and hanging paintings will create a great juxtaposition in this modern bedroom. Add a wooden bedside table complete with table lamps and flowers in a vase to wrap things up. This classic bed will complement your modern oyster bedroom décor. Blue and white striped wallpaper from elledecor.


The geometric wallpaper like in this modern bedroom keeps everything sweet and airy. For a similar look, try a colorful wallpaper but give it a modern twist and rich materials to add character. This modern furniture and navy headboard make it feel like the perfect mix of elegant and trendy. The bedside table which is equipped with book storage will also give a neat and elegant look to the space. Geometric bedroom wallpaper from elledecor.

Wall Mural Wallpaper

If you are interested in the painting art, the wall mural wallpaper can be tried to make your bedroom looks elegant. The theme of the wall mural wallpaper can be adjusted according to your taste. If you like a feminine look, the big floral theme can be your option. You can also choose a theme of landscape, sea-side inspired wallpaper, forest, etc.


Bedroom wall decoration with wall mural wallpaper will give a brilliant idea for you to try in this modern bedroom. Using a seaside-themed will give the room a natural impression. Don’t forget to incorporate a natural touch into the room with the concrete floor and some green plants to give the room a natural impression. Seaside-themed wall mural wallpaper  from digsdigs.



The misty forest and lake wall mural makes your bedroom more relaxing and you will feel like you are sleeping outdoors. You can use wallpaper for a stylish look. This white painted wooden floor will provide a contrasting look. This wallpaper will become the focal point of the room so that it becomes a stylish decoration. Placing a wall hanging on the floor will also provide an attractive decoration. Misty forest and lake wall mural from digsdigs.

Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is the timeless wallpaper that you can use to make your bedroom looks elegant to the max. It comes in various colors and sizes of the flower. To look classy, the black and white color is a great idea. The floral wallpaper design combines with a muted combination of black and white colors will make your bedroom look classy and elegant at the same time. If you want a bedroom that has a soft nuance, you can use a pastel color for the floral wallpaper and bedroom color scheme.


Classic designs are popping up everywhere. In this modern bedroom, digital flower wallpaper softens up an edgy bedroom. White furniture will also give the room a stunning appearance and it’s worth trying. This white nuance will also give a roomy and spacious impression. Don’t forget to complete the look with carpets throughout the room for a warm impression on your feet. This round framed mirror will complement the decor of the room. Digital flower wallpaper from homedesignlover.


A guest bedroom with pink and green wallpaper makes this shabby chic bedroom lively and exciting and will make a stunning room decor to try. This classic shaby style furniture will complete the look making it the perfect decoration. Combining the nuances of a clean, white room will ensure that the wallpaper remains the center of attention. Lily pad bedroom wallpaper from homedesignlover.


This bedroom looks so elegant and sharp with a touch of wallpaper black and white nuance. Applying the white floral pattern against a black background creates a striking accent wall that’s sure to bring drama and interest to the classic bedroom. The black furniture will also give you an interesting appearance. This wallpaper will give the bedroom a fresh and natural look. Don’t forget to add a drum pendant lamp to emit the perfect light. Bold white floral pattern wallpaper from homedesignlover.

3D Effect Wallpaper

Add a 3D effect wallpaper to your bedroom and see how it can bring different nuance to your room. It can bring, stunning, spectacular, sophisticated, majesty look and surely will enhance the elegance of bedroom decor. You can choose any kind of theme that you like.


Your modern bedroom may be more attractive with 3D walls that will provide the perfect decoration. Using dimensional flower motifs will give a stunning look and you can combine it with wooden floors in this modern bedroom. This bedside table lamp with gold accents will add glamor to the room and will provide dramatic lighting. 3D white flower wallpaper from idealhome.

Bedroom wallpapers are another important element of bedroom decor. Wallpaper designs come in various sizes and colors so make sure to choose something that can easily complement the bedroom interior design you have chosen.