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Easy Ways to Bring a Natural Touch for Modern Home Decor

There are many kinds of home decor that are popular for several years. From the farmhouse, rustic, vintage, Scandinavian, minimalist, and of course modern home decor. And the modern home decor is the latest trend when it comes to designing homes.

Mostly, modern people, rather choose a modern home decor for their home decor style. But along with the development of home decor interiors, bringing a touch of nature into modern home decor is in great demand by many home decor lovers. It is because many people need a fresh nuance in their home. And if you want to make your home look more beautiful, you should try to decorate it with a natural touch. If you are thinking of decorating your home with a natural touch, here are some ways that can help you:

Use Natural Element that Matches with Your Interior

In this modern home decor, you do not have to worry about using wood or vinyl material as they tend to give you an old-fashioned and outdated feel. You can use wood or vinyl for your flooring idea in your modern home decor. The use of natural elements such as wood and vinyl will easily fit into your modern interior design. And surely you will get a matching look between modern and natural touch at the same time.


Cover your wooden chair with soft and soft pillows so that it becomes a comfortable sitting area to use all day long. In this modern living room, you can also use a vinyl floor which has a soft texture for your feet, this floor is also not easily slippery when exposed to water so it is safe for those of you who have children at home. Vinyl flooring from elledecor.


Not only with plants in order to bring natural nuances into the room. You can also use furniture with a touch of teak wood, for example on a corner table in the living room. Wood accent touches can also be applied to the floor. That way your modern house will get a feel of nature in a simple way. Teak wood furniture ideas from elledecor.


Or you can try combining wood accents with green plants in one room, which will certainly strengthen the natural impression of your home. For example, by using a wooden block table and also green plants that you place on the table using a vase. The combination of these two elements makes your home even more natural. The combination of wood accents with greenery from elledecor.

Wood Furniture in Every Room

The first thing that you need to do in order to achieve natural touch is by choosing the right furniture that made from natural material. For this, you can go for natural items made from wood. Examples of this type of item are tables, chairs, lamps, and so on. Since these items are made from wood, you can decorate your modern decor using this natural touch. You should look for pieces that have smooth finishing touch and that are very durable. Then fill every room in your home with wooden furniture and it can bring warm nuance.


You can apply wooden furniture to your modern kitchen with ease. You can use wood accents for the backsplash and hanging cabinets in your kitchen. Choose plywood in bright colors to make it easier to combine with other interiors around it. For room lighting, you can use sunlight and rope hanging lamps. Plywood backsplash and floating cabinet from home-designing.


Modern style with wooden furniture will never fail to decorate your minimalist kitchen. What is needed when using wooden furniture is enough sunlight into the room, for this light idea you can use a transparent glass window that is large enough. Do not forget to decorate it with greenery which is placed on the table bag. Modern kitchen style with wooden furniture from home-designing.

Freshen Up with House Plant

The third thing you can do is to add plants to your home. You can easily achieve this by placing plants in your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and even in your bathroom. Or you can place it in some open space in your home. It is important that you use plants that have striking, soothing characteristics, and easy maintenance. You can use evergreens and tropical plants for this purpose.


Green plants are a decoration for the living room that gives a fresh and environmentally friendly impression. You can put it in an empty floor area. You can choose several different types of plants to make them appear cooler. This rattan pot on the table is an additional fresh accent that you can apply perfectly. Green plants with different types are different from thespruce.


Place a palm tree with a clay pot behind the sofa so that it doesn’t interfere with your space when you are in this living room. You can apply this tree two on the right and left side of the sofa, do regular maintenance so that this tree can grow and develop properly. The palm tree behind the sofa from thespruce.


Green plants placed on the table and on the floor area can be a cool decoration for the living room as a whole. You can trim this greenery when they get too dense and interfere with your space. Other decorations that you can apply in this room are several different painting frames. The combination of ornamental plants with painting frames from thespruce.

Let the Natural Sunlight Into Your Room

The last easy way that you can do to bring a natural into your modern home decor is by letting the natural sunlight into your room. This is the easiest, cheapest, but often forgotten by people when decorating their home. However, sunlight is the natural element that actually needed. The natural sunlight that comes to your home will make any room come alive, create a pop of color to your furnishing, and surely become healthier. Because it can avoid humidity. All you have to do is just installing a lot of windows or make a sunroof in your home. If more sunlight comes to your modern home decor, the more natural and comfortable it will be.


An easy way to enter sunlight into the room is to use a transparent glass window, in the morning before noon you can open the window curtain as wide as it is. This incoming sunlight can help the room feel brighter and more spacious. Apart from that this light also avoids the living room which is moldy and causes discomfort. Transparent glass window from housebeautiful.


Instead of using walls with glass windows that are large enough, for a more natural look, you can use wooden window frames that are repainted in white. The similarity of window frames with wall paint in this living room brings a more elegant atmosphere to the room. Wooden frame window ideas from housebeautiful.

By using these ways you will have excellent modern home decor with a natural touch. Your home decor will always look elegant and charming.