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Basement Makeover Ideas to be More Functional Room

Wanting to have a wonderful and cozy basement for your use is what most people want but cannot afford. The cost of the basement can be the deciding factor that stops many people from having their own private sanctuary when it comes to their home’s basement. But you do not need to despair, as there are various basement makeover ideas that will suit your needs. A basement can be a great living space for your family. It can also be used for recreational activities and can even hold a home office or game room for your family to enjoy. Here are some basement makeover ideas that you might want to consider.

Home Office

The first idea that you can apply to makeover your basement is turning this room to become a home office. Maybe you need a quiet room to do your homework and then use the basement for the home office is a good idea. All you have to do is just change the paint of the basement wall to a bright one and installing a proper lighting fixture. Complete it with the work desk and office chair for more comfort. You can also add some cabinets for the storage idea. If you want to take a rest for a while during work time, you can put on a simple day bed or sofa.


Decorating a basement by adding a workspace will be a brilliant idea for you to try. With this design, it will focus your work without anyone’s interference. Don’t forget to add table and window lighting to provide the right lighting. A small sofa equipped with pillow covers and an ottoman coffee table will give an attractive appearance to this home office. Wooden table and small sofa from decoist.


The combination of brick walls and white paint will create the perfect contrast to your basement home office. Ceiling lighting and table lamps will focus your work. This daybed complete with pillows and blankets complements the decoration of the room. Open shelf stacks and a yellow ottoman in yellow will be the perfect focal point of the room. Don’t forget to add rugs throughout the room to create a warm impression on your feet. Basement home office with a daybed from decoist.


The touch of this bright nuance will make the display look airy. Combined with a large window on one wall will create a natural impression on this basement workspace. Complete the decor with minimalist L-shaped sofas, pillows, blankets, ottoman coffee tables, and carpets throughout the room. You can add standing book storage to provide a clean room and avoid clutter. Bright nuance on basement home office from decoist.

Entertainment Room

Do you need a place in your home to do your hobby? You can utilize your basement to make it happen. You can change your basement to become an entertainment room. You can makeover the basement for a billiard room, gym, home theater, home bar, or another entertainment room according to your passion.


Relieve fatigue on your busy day decorating the basement with additional billiard games you can try. This decor is very inviting as it will make your basement look elegant in a warm rustic design. Dark wood furniture and brown carpets throughout this room complement a warm decor. Billiard games on the basement from hgtv.


Adding a game of billiards in the basement makes the perfect look to any room décor. The wooden frame gives it a rustic touch. You can also add a rock-pile bar and theater to complement the décor of the room. The classic chandelier and ceiling lighting create a dramatic look into the room. some of these classic chairs create the perfect look. Wooden billiard table on the basement from hgtv.


This basement theater room will do a great job of getting your mood back after a long day of work. You can watch your favorite films with your family or friends. The theater is equipped with a brown L-shaped sofa and an ottoman coffee table. This ceiling lighting will give the room a dramatic impression. The carpet throughout this room will give a warm feeling. Basement theater room from hgtv.


The basement decoration for the entertainment room will give you the perfect look for you to try. Equipped with white nuances and wooden floors, it will give the impression of a spacious and warm room. A bar table with red subway tiles will create the perfect focal point of the room. An L-shaped sofa equipped with a wooden coffee table will complete the decor look of the room. Basement entertainment room from hgtv.

Play Room for Kids

If you want to provide a place for kids playing, makeover your basement into a playroom. You can complete the basement with some toys or with other types of children’s games. Paint and decorate the basement with a cheerful vibe to attract your kid’s interest. It can be the solution if your children need to play outdoor but the weather is not supported and your children will play safely and comfortably.


This kid-friendly basement will make a cheerful look because it uses bright yellow and white wall paint. You can add built-in storage which is equipped with several colorful baskets so that it will make the perfect focal point of the room. This nude striped rug throughout the room gives a warm and cozy feeling to your feet. Bright yellow playroom kids basement from decoist.


This brightly colored rug will make your room look bright and will make a focal point in a child’s basement room. The white nuances and wooden floors will also give the illusion of a spacious room and a warm impression. This built-in storage will tidy up your décor so that it will make your room decor tidy and free from clutter. Colorful rug on playroom kids basement from decoist.

Basement Room for A Family

A family room can be easily fitted into your basement makeover ideas, making your basement a great place to hang out with the family. You can also set up a sound system and television so you can continue to entertain friends and family. You can choose from many different styles of furniture including tables, couches, chairs, bean bags, and even love seats. Installing windows and apply bright paint will make your family room more comfortable.


This living room is added to the basement of your home for the perfect look. Using white tones will give a bright room. You can also combine it with a wooden floor for the perfect contrast. This white L-shaped sofa is equipped with cushions and a contemporary coffee table to provide comfort when you gather with your family in this basement. This window will give you a natural feeling into the room. White nuance family room from mymove.

When you start your basement makeover ideas, you may be amazed at the many possibilities that lie ahead. The basement is a blank canvas waiting for you to layer your basement makeover ideas on top of it.