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Living Room Color Scheme Ideas for Each Style

When decorating a new house or remodeling an old home, many homeowners face the dilemma of how to decorate a living room color scheme. There are so many living room color scheme ideas for every style of home. There are also so many living room color scheme ideas for every type of furniture. The first question everyone asks is what color to use for their walls and furniture. Today there are more options than ever before.

Your living room should reflect your personal style. Before making any decisions, you need to think about how bright or how soft your favorite color is. You also need to consider what your budget is and whether you have a large or small budget. You can create the perfect color palette by combining colors that complement each other. For example, pale yellow and pale blue would be a great combination for a modern rustic space, whereas white and teal would look good in a mid-century style. Here are some living room scheme ideas for each style.

Contemporary Living Room

When choosing contemporary living room colors, it is important that you try to incorporate colors that compliment each other. You can do this in many ways: soft match colors together (and don’t be afraid to mix them up too) with softer pastel colors or bright, stimulating colors like red and orange. Also, try to use light colors on the walls near the sofa or chairs so they are easier to see. You can also try a bold color for the contemporary living room. Colors like dark blue and gray can be your choice.


The beige color scheme in a contemporary living room will bring a warm and cozy feeling to the room. Wooden floors and wooden coffee tables will also bring a warm feeling into the room. This matching sofa and floor-to-ceiling curtains will complement your contemporary living room. This bamboo curtain will also attract the attention of many people. Beige color scheme in a contemporary living room from hgtv.


A contemporary living room with a dusky blue color scheme will add warmth to the room. Using wood wall panels painted black and paired with the classic blue checkered sofa and tree trunk coffee table will be the perfect focal point. Don’t forget to add a geometric patterned rug to add texture and warmth to the room. Dusky blue color scheme from housebeautiful.


The red color scheme in a contemporary living room makes for a bold décor for you to try. With a combination of a pink L-shaped sofa complemented by red, blue, and white pillows, it will make an attractive room decoration. This coffee table from rattan will make the perfect focal point of a room. Pairing with a blue sofa and patterned brown carpet will also create a stunning living room look. Red color scheme in the contemporary living room from housebeautiful.

Monochromatic Living Room

There are a few different ways you can go about designing your living room with this style. You can do everything in one color (monochromatic) or mix and match various colors. This depends on whether you want a bold color scheme or a calmer color scheme where the colors don’t clash too much. If you think you might want to try a lot of colors, then you might want to look into the wonderful world of complementary colors which are created by mixing complementary colors. With this type of color scheme, all the colors will blend together nicely so that it looks like one huge color. These are some good ideas for you to get started with, so have fun!


A contemporary living room with a monochromatic scheme will blend well so that it looks like one huge color. With white walls, black furniture, and abstract paintings, it will make the perfect contrast to your living room. Unique floor lamps and large windows will also provide extra lighting in your living room. A large rug under the sofa will also give a warm look to the room. Contemporary living room with a monochromatic scheme from decoist.


Applying a monochromatic color scheme in this modern living room will create a warm and airy impression for you to try. The white tones on the walls combined with the gray sofa and gray curtains from floor to ceiling create the perfect contrast. A large patterned rug under the sofa will also bring a warm feeling to the room. The right lighting on the metal floor lamps and large windows will give the illusion of the perfect space. Gray L-shaped sofa from decoist.


Shades of white combined with black furniture create the perfect monochromatic contrast. The brown carpet and built-in wall fireplace will add a warm feel to the room. This abstract painting above the fireplace will be the focal point of an interesting room. A white chair and three modern coffee tables make for attractive room decor. Black and white abstract painting from decoist.

Modern Rustic Living Room

When choosing rustic living room color scheme ideas, keep in mind what colors you like most. Whether you choose a combination of white and cream color for the calm nuance or a vivid combination of red, black, and brown, you will create a wonderful ambiance in your rustic style home. Adding handmade baskets, decorative wooden planters, and rustic lamps will help to complete the atmosphere. Look for rustic accent throw pillows and neutral colored rug. This is a wonderful way to bring the southwest into your own home!


The idea of decorating a modern rustic living room by applying an international color scheme will enhance the appearance of the room. Using oak wood wall panels complete with high curtains and an L-shaped sofa in beige will create a matching color nuance in this living room. A beige square coffee table and brown carpet will also complement the look of this living room. Beige color scheme modern rustic living room from home-designing.


This brown wooden floor and ceiling will create a warm atmosphere in your country-style home. Adding a chandelier right above the coffee table will provide the perfect lighting for you to try. The tufted beige sofa and wooden chairs also provide the perfect decoration for the room. The large windows in this room will let the sunlight in by themselves and will make your room bright. Brown wooden floor and ceiling from decorilla.

Mid-Century Living Room

Mid-Century living room color scheme ideas can be used to add a fresh and vibrant dimension to your home. Many people are looking for ideas that will enable them to redecorate their living rooms and create a welcoming and warm ambiance within the home. You might consider decorating with mid-century modern color palettes, ranging from vibrant hues to pretty pastels. The bright color combine with neutral color will bring a warm look. Or you can use a pastel color and combine it with a bold one. Such as apple green and teal. Your living room becomes fresher.


Mid-century living room color scheme ideas can be used to add a fresh dimension to this living room. You can use neutral shades in your room and you can combine them with wooden floors to create a warm impression in the room. Brown leather armchairs, gray sofas, contemporary coffee tables, and patterned rugs will rock this mid-century guest décor. Mid-century living room from decoist.


The beauty of mint is that it is so versatile. They really do beautify a minimalist living room, but they will also easily bring out the best of a vibrant, colorful living room. A wooden console table, wooden coffee table, and wooden floor will add a warm impression to the room. This apple green wall tone will give a room a fresh look. Apple green color  scheme Mid-century living room from decoist

By applying the right living room color scheme based on each style, you will get beautiful living room decor. Make sure that your furniture color and decorative items are matched with the whole color scheme of your room.

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