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Functional Furniture to Make the Most of Small Apartment Balcony

Having the right apartment balcony furniture ideas will definitely add value to your home. For sure, your guests will have a lot of fun when they visit you and even spend some time on your balcony. And this is also the best place for having intimate moments with your spouse or significant other.

This idea also can be applied to the small apartment balcony. Having a small balcony in your apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a comfortable outdoor space. By decorating it well and put functional furniture you can make it happen. If you still wondering about the functional furniture that can create a comfortable feels in the small apartment balcony, here are some ideas below.

Foldable Table

Even though your apartment balcony is small, you can still function in this space for breakfast. You can install a foldable table. This table can be folded out easily if you want to use it and after use. Surely it can save space. Just complete this table with foldable chairs to save space and make it the most of your small apartment balcony.


This wall-mounted folding pallet table greatly saves on balcony decoration as it does not take up much floor space. You can add a ceramic vase to the table as a fresh and natural decoration, pair it with a folding dining chair covered with blue tufted pillows. This dining chair will be more comfortable to use throughout the day. Wall-mounted pallet table and folding chair from digsdigs.



Bring a natural feel to your balcony décor with unpainted wooden pallet chairs and dining tables. You can fold this chair up after using it to get more free space on the balcony. There’s nothing wrong with adding fresh accents like greenery around this folding furniture for an eye-popping view. Wooden pallet dining tables and chairs from digsdigs.

Swing Chair

Make your small balcony looks fantastic and more comfortable by adding a swing chair. This furniture looks unique and suitable to be installed for small spaces. You can choose the swing chair from rattan or ropes materials. If you want to create a boho vibe in your apartment balcony, you can pick the swing chair from ropes material. But if you want a natural touch, the rattan swing chair is a good idea. You can enjoy your day with this chair while reading your book or just for relaxing.


If you need a cool and comfortable lounging area, then you can try a private wicker swing in the corner of the balcony decoration. You can cover this swing with a few cushions for a soft and comfortable sitting area. With this swing, you can enjoy the outdoor air freely. Rattan wicker swings at the corner of the balcony from theunstitchd.


You can hang the bamboo rattan swing with a chain on the ceiling to make it stronger when used throughout the day. Use a long chain so that the swing is lower and easier to use, the pillow becomes a seat that you can use to make it more soft and comfortable. Use this swing to read a book during the day. Bamboo rattan swing from theunstitchd.

Bistro Dining Set

Don’t be confused about decorating a small balcony in your apartment. Why you don’t utilize this space for a dining area while enjoying the surrounding? I think is a great idea, especially for those of you who are a new couple. You can dine on the balcony with your loved one. All you have to do is just put a bistro dining set on your small balcony. Why should those dining set furniture? Because that kind of dining set is very practical, simple, not take up too much space and it comes in various designs and durable. You can choose a bistro chair that can be folded and with wood or metal material to get good durability.


If you have a balcony with limited space, then using a folding dining table is a smart furniture idea that you can try. Add a plaid tablecloth to add color and make the balcony decoration more elegant. Repaint it with black to make it look newer and less shabby. Dining table folding set from digsdigs.


So that you can eat a meal in the balcony area, then adding an iron set dining table is an idea that you can try right now. You can choose folding furniture to save more space on the balcony decoration. This metal furniture can be folded when not in use and then leaned against the wall area. Iron dining table with folding chairs from digsdigs.

Balcony Bar Set

Do you have a hobby to drink in the bar? Now you don’t need to go to the bar because you can have your own bar. You can utilize your small apartment balcony for a bar area. Just buy a balcony bar set and you are ready to use it. But you have to make sure to buy the small and simple balcony bar set. Choose wood material for more durability and looks elegant.


In order for your balcony decoration to be more complete and perfect, then you can put a small bar in the corner of the room. Add a hanging glass shelf above this bar to put some of the glasses you have so they don’t fall and break easily. Green plants and flowers are suitable decorations to be placed in any room and in any style. Small bar decor with floating glass shelves from digsdigs.

Loveseat Outdoor Sofa

Enjoy your afternoon on the small apartment balcony with a loveseat outdoor sofa. This sofa will fit with your small space but able to provide a comfortable feel. Complete the loveseat outdoor sofa with some throw pillows and you can add a rug underneath. The simple coffee table can be your choice to complete the sofa. To get a romantic nuance, place some candles or lanterns.


The floor sofa covered with white cloth becomes a comfortable and warm sitting area when used at night. To add a more dramatic atmosphere, you can add a few candle holders and bulb lighting as a combination of lighting that will work well. This glass vase filled with flowers makes a beautiful balcony decoration. Floor sofa covered with white fabric from digsdigs.


In order for your relaxing event to be more comfortable throughout the day, adding a corner sofa is an idea that you can try. Throw colorful pillows for maximum body warmth. This candle holder on a small round table provides a warm light and makes you more relaxed. Bulb lighting that is wrapped around the fence is the main lighting that you must have. Corner sofa with colorful pillows from digsdigs.

Wooden Plant Stand

Getting fresh air on the small balcony is very important. Therefore, you need some house plants to freshen up your balcony. Since the balcony is small, you need a plant stand to place your potted plants. For the natural look, the wooden plant stand is highly recommended. You can place this furniture at the corner of your balcony. Arrange your potted plant on the wooden plant stand and beautify your small apartment balcony.


There is nothing wrong with adding green plant decorations to your small balcony decorations. In order not to take up a lot of space on the balcony floor, you can use a wooden ladder that is placed in the corner of the room and hang some green plants regularly. You can try a few floor vases. Ladder wood plant from digsdigs.

By using that functional furniture above you can have a comfortable small apartment balcony decor. Even though the space is small but you can still make it the most with the right and functional furniture.

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